Easiest Turkey Recipe Ever Ever

 Easiest Turkey Recipe!  Short of Buying it at the Store–this is it!

Easiest Turkey Recipe Ever ever

Simplest Turkey Recipe for the BUSY cook

Are you befuddled by Thanksgiving? Does preparing the Turkey and all the other food make you WEEP? Here’s my solution for a worry free Thanksgiving.  It really works.  You won’t believe how easy this recipe for “Easiest Turkey Recipe Ever” is…you will be using it every week.

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Easiest Turkey Recipe Ever Ever
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Easiest Turkey Recipe Ever! The Brother Version
Recipe type: Entree
Serves: lots
  • One BIG ole Turkey, large enough to feed your Crowd.
  1. Invite your gourmet foodie brother over (a gourmet sister or mother will work as well)
  2. Let them bring all the spices, brine, etc.
  3. Let them make the turkey with all their Foodie knowledge
  4. Praise them continuously while you make the other food. Tell them how glad you are that they are making the "Difficult Turkey".
  5. Bask in the glory of a wonderful meal because you just made the Easiest Turkey Ever Ever.


The Chief Blonde and her brother prepare the easiest turkey recipe ever ever

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  1. Steph says

    Here is a turkey recipe my 90 year old Grandmother gave me :

    15 lb turkey
    1 package pop corn kernels

    Fill cavity of turkey with pop corn kernels. Bake at 375. You know the turkey is done when pop corn blows out the a$$!

    She is a soft spoken, southern belle type of woman. But she does love a “bad” joke!! She gets all tickled like a little kids when she tells these types of jokes. when she told this one, she was laughing so hard, she had years stemming down her face!! I love my Grandmommy!!!