Paula Young Wispy Waves Wigs Review – Breast Cancer Awareness

Paula Young “Wispy Waves” Wigs with 4 interchangeable Headbands!

Wigs for Women over 45

Paula Young’s new Wispy Waves Interchangeable Headbands is a cute  5” long wavy-haired wig paired with one of four interchangeable headbands attached with Velcro®.  The headbands colors are Tortoise, red, navy and for a limited time–PINK.  The headbands can  can be removed easily to create a whole new look.  Paula Young  will also make a donation to help fund breast cancer research when you purchase The Wispy Waves Interchangeable Headbands.  (Also, they donate when you buy one of their  Think Pink Wigs , that we featured in this post:

Still Blonde smallThe Wispy Waves wig (or maybe I should say “Fall” ) is surprisingly cute.  I have a ton of hair, so a wig for me seemed a little..well redundant, until I put it on.  Wow,  I really really liked it.  So I wore it to dinner with 5 of my girlfriends.  The color matched so exactly, that everyone thought it was real.  The styling is fun and different.  While I have never been a headband girl, this look really worked for me with the extra volume beyond the headband.  Once I revealed to my girlfriends that it was a wig, they were shocked and oh so interested.  They wanted to know how it attached (with the headbands and secured with combs in the front and back), how I got the color so exact (the wigs comes in 24 color choices),  and why I didn’t cut my hair like that!  Highly recommend. I even wrote a review for the website, I thought it was that cute.

Still Blonde after All these YEars Paula young WigThe Chief Blonde in her Paula Young Wispy Waves!


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