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Contacting and Pitching to PR (Public Relation) Firms and Companies  can be Tricky

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Here are 3 example Pitch Letters that you can use when pitching to PR companies.  These template will  help you better formulate a template for your own letters:

Example Pitch Letter #1 –Pitching for an Event

Hello   xxxx,
My name is xxx, and I am the owner/author of the blog, ” xxxx ” (http://www.yoururl.com/ ). I would love to partner with you for a huge blogging event in xxx, the “Name of the Event” !  My blog averages around xxx daily views during events.
The event will run from xxxxx to xxxx , and will feature all things for xxxx!  One lucky Winner will receive my giveaway package, and I believe this would be another great way to showcase your shop and products. I would also welcome the opportunity to do an additional Product Review and/or Pre-Event Giveaway as well, if interested.
In exchange for partnering with me for the xxxxxx , I would offer your shop PR in the form of a Sponsor Spotlight post, Facebook status updates, and tweets – all with do-follow links from now through the end of the event.  Mandatory visits to your Facebook page and or website is required in the event.
Thank you for your time and consideration.  I hope to be working with you soon!

Kindest Regards,
Your Name
Your Email

Your Website
Your Facebook
Any other Social sites you want to list

Note how this letter provides  an introduction to the contest, some statistics about your blog, some details about your blog, what you can/will do for them in return for featuring their product,  your contact information.

Example Pitch/Template Letter #2 –Pitching for an Product/Event (could be in response to a Press Release they sent to you)

Hello xxx! 
We are pleased that you visited  xxxx–your blog!   Our audience (say something great about your audience) We’d love to consider featuring xxxx–their product.
With our blog’s audience consisting of  xxxx-something great about your audience, you can be sure they would like xxxx about your product.    We require a sample to comment/review products.  A favorite from your line is  xxx
My giveaway/review process works like this:  xxxx .   My current stats are:  xxxx.  When you do a giveaway/review with an approved product with us, when can offer you xxxx.  Here is an example of  a successful Giveaway we have done in the past:  (provide url). 
Samples may be sent to:
(Provide address and sizes, colors, etc preferred)
Next include any particulars/limitations:  Sponsors must ship all products to winners; review samples are not returned; please forward us information, images and links that are important to you that we highlight;  what happen if you choose to reject a sample, etc. 
Note how the above letter contains such items as:  recognizes that they have been to your blog and are interested in you and your readers;  gives them details on your readers and why they would respond to  the the contacts product; tells them your sampling requirements;  and let’s them know your favorites from the line;  detail  your site stats; let them know what they can expect from your giveaway process and even give them an example;  you tell them where a sample can be sent to and what sizes/colors/etc are needed;  and finally  let them know your particulars–things you won’t compromise on.

Example  Template Pitch Letter #3 – The Found Source (via another blogger/Facebook/conference etc)


I am a product reviewer at xxxx  (URL ). I came across your information/product at XXXX and would be interested in reviewing xxxx.    I am always on the lookout for products/services  that would be a good fit for my  readers, (describe audience)  who are looking  for products   that are xxxxxx.  I think xxxx  would be a wonderful product for my readers as  as it seems to be focused on those same qualities.   Also, it seems xxxx offers a variety of choices (or whatever they do offer)  that you simply cannot  find in XXXXX>

 I look forward to discussing the opportunity for a review and/or giveaway  with you!

Thank you.

Note how the above letter is almost more of an introduction then a pitch.  It’s a letter which tests interest and is often very effective with busy PR reps who ofter read very little of the pitch letters you send them!  As you will soon learn.

What you  NEED to know about pitch letters:

  • Often, you must follow up a week or two later, with a quick “We have not heard back from our response to your Press Release.  Please advise”.
  • Don’t expect to hear back from everyone.  I would say I hear back from about 1/2 of the people I pitch to after two rounds of emails.  I actually put a giveaway review together with about 1/10.  Don’t take it personally.  Your requirements are not always theirs and visa versa!
  • I have found that I have  a much better response from company reps than PR reps.
  • Constantly revise your pitch letter to incorporate questions that are being asked.
  • Don’t back down from your principles to satisfy a PR agent.  Remember, YOU are recommending their product to YOUR readers.  The sample they are providing is not worth compromising your principles.  It amazing how when you state your position in a friendly business like tone  (“In order to write a review of your product a sample is required”), many of them cave in with the reasonableness of your request!
  • If you have a media kit, include a link to it!

What’s does your preferred pitch letter look like?  What other elements do you include?

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  1. bonnie holt says

    Thank you so much for these letters i have been trying to figure out a new pitch letter and if I should have a couple . Awesome information I will pass this on

  2. says

    Great tips, but as a blogger who prides herself in reviews, it kinda unleashes a dragon that should be tamed. There are far too many product review bloggers and too few who write real, quality reviews. Many are just in it for the free product. In fact, I had to create a presentation to a company that was JADED by a blogger (one or more) who misrepresented their capabilities in offering a benefit in exchange for a product review and giveaway. I was able to resurrect the company from the I HATE BLOGGERS graveyard. I feel like if a blogger is truly interested in partnering with a company they will do more than just slightly alter the above “pitches” in an effort to snag FREE product. At some point one must be selective in the pitches and products they would like to review ensuring it is a product that identifies with readers of said blog.

  3. says

    This is a good post for beginners, with a place to start. I find myself changing my letters constantly to improve. I have a several different templates saved for different products or brands I may be pitching too.