Silly Characters and Blogher Fashion! What Should I wear?

Blogher Fashion or any Convention: What should I wear?


Disclosure:  “Silly Characters and Style” was inspired by my trip to Blogher13, which was uncompensated by any sponsor.  I did receive some swag from the event and if I talk about any of that below I will note it. I am a participant in the Verizon Voices Boomer program and  I have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.  

What I wore to Blogher2013

Blogher13 Still Blonde after all these YEARS Pillsbury

The Chief Blonde’s Blogher Style is  a green cardigan ( Loft), pink Camisole (Meijers),  Pink and cream Tulle skirt (Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s), Dr. Scholl’s Wedges (c/o Famoust Footwear) .  Picture taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera. 

Yes, that’s me with the Pillsbury Doughboy!  We are standing outside of the Folger’s Recharge Lounge at Blogher2013 Expo Hall.  The booth was pretty fun because Pillsbury was featuring their new mix for baking doughnuts, you could recharge your electronic devices, grab some Folger’s coffe, and SIT DOWN!  My Samsung Galaxy Camera from Verizon made it super simple to take crazy shots like this, crop them, and upload to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Blogher2013 Optimus Primus Still blonde after all these YEARS

Wearing  white jean Jacket (Loft), Necklace (Loft), black and blue camisole (LOFT), yellow belt (LOFT), Lola Skinny Jean (Monroe and Main $59, also shown here), Leather Rhinestone cuff (Monroe and Main).   

 The Chief Blonde high-fives Optimus Primus at the Universal Studios Booth at Blogher2013.  Some of the fun at Blogher2013 is talking to the reps and seeing what kind of  “treats” the booths are handing out.  Universal Studios had the coolest transformer pins. My Samsung Galaxy Camera had no trouble capturing all the bright colors in the expo Hall at Blogher13, even with no flash.

blogher2013 Chucky Cheese Still blonde after all these YEARS

Chucky Cheese was just cruising the exhibition hall and there was no way I was going to miss that picture.

Austenland Blogher2013 Still Blonde after all these YEARS

The Chief Blonde Blogher Fashion is a Gold Sequin Jacket, off white/gold embellished camisole, off white/gold thread skirt all by Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s. Shoes J.Crew ($79 off Ebay!)


Ever heard of the phone app “SnapChat”?  Snapchat is an app where you can take a photo or 15 second  video and then send it to someone and it will only last for 15 seconds..then’s gone forever.  This was a great scene to Snapchat to my daughter via my Verizon provided DROID Motorola RAZR MAXX HD phone.  I am a Jane Austen nut!!  This shot with Colin Firth and the movie Austenland shown at Blogher2013 was right up my alley.

Verizon at Blogher

Verizon had a booth at Blogher2013! They gave away a device every hour.  I don’t know how I missed taking a picture of the booth.  Are you in the midst of back to school shopping or already thinking ahead to selecting holiday gifts? You may want to check out the VerizonTech Pinterest Board.  Many of these devices were featured at Blogher2013. The board showcases the latest innovative devices and accessories from Verizon that are sure to help get kids back in the learning spirit or provide you with fun gift ideas.  Be sure to repin your favorites to your wish lists and tech boards! Happy Pinning!

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