Cootie Catcher Valentine Day Craft, Martha Stewart Crafts

Cootie Catcher Valentine — Let your Love Choose the Message!

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Cootie Catcher

Cootie Catcher Valentine  –When you just can’t decide what sentiment to share!  

Bring your Childhood Back with a Cootie Catcher Valentine

When making Valentine’s Day crafts, I thought back to some of the games I enjoyed from my childhood. The one that stuck out the most was the cootie catcher, or paper fortune teller game. When it came to cootie catchers, making them was half of the fun because you make up the end results for your friends!

Valentine’s Day Crafts with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Crafts is hands down my favorite craft supply company. The variety of products that they carry for everyday occasions, as well as holidays, helps me complete my projects with ease. For this project, I used:

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentines Package

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Products Including Cupid Stickers and Heart Stamps

Being a paper crafter, I have used punches for years and have found none that are as great in quality as the ones carried by Martha Stewart Crafts. They don’t bend my paper and have handles in all the appropriate places so I know exactly how much pressure is required. Standard cootie catchers are not very exciting, so I decided to jazz them up a bit by making them Valentine’s Day themed.

Cootie Catcher Instructions

#1. Fold a piece of 8 ½ x 11” paper over to make a square. Cut off the excess strip using scissors.

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Cootie Catcher

Cut Paper

#2 Unfold the square and refold it the opposite direction, following the diagram below.

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Cootie Catcher

Fold Paper 

#3 Fold all four corners of the paper in toward the center.

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Cootie Catcher

Fold Corners

#4 Flip the paper over and fold all four corners into the center again.

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Cootie Catcher

Fold Opposite

#5 Stamp the insides of the cootie catcher. Since mine is Valentine’s Day themed, I used heart stamps. You can also choose to number this area or to add other text, depending on what theme you are using.

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Cootie Catcher


#6 Lift up the flaps and write down the ending fortune. Fold the cootie catcher together and start decorating it. I decided to use a punch to give the ends some texture.

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Cootie Catcher

Finish Cootie Catcher

#7 Use stickers to add the final touches to the outside.

Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Cootie Catcher

If you made a cootie catcher as part of your Valentine’s Day crafts, what messages would you put on the inside?


Amanda Long Midwestern MomsCootie Catcher Valentine Day Craft was a guest post from Amanda Long, who blogs about food, crafts, and family at Midwestern Moms.  When she isn’t busy caring for her 3-year old daughter, she enjoys reading, crocheting, and browsing the Internet for new project inspiration.


Blog Note:  The Chief Blonde was uncompensated for this post. She did receive products to review


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    That is such a super cute craft!! Perfect for Valentine’s. I’ve been trying to find ideas for crafts with the kids…and I know they’d love this. Thanks for sharing!