Where to find Christmas Wedding Shoes? Wedding Shoes? Christmas Shoes?

 Holiday Shopping for Christmas Wedding Shoes on eBay

Christmas Wedding Shoes INTERACTIVE Image–Hover over Pictures to see Shoe name and Links to eBay

Christmas Wedding and Everyone needs new Shoes!

Small Version

Our Handsome Second Son and his Fiance!

Our second son is getting married in a mere few weeks!  Eek! So many details have yet to be worked out.  Walt needs a new suit, my daughter just decided on her dress, I am wearing this lovely number from Monroe and Main.  But it seems like all of a sudden, EVERYONE needs shoes.

Where do you find 10 pairs of Christmas Wedding Shoes or Wedding Shoes or Christmas Shoes?

I have a list of 10 people who need shoes.  I am sure not going to spend all day at the mall looking for shoes for others..Ugh.  I have an addiction  talent for picking out shoes (for myself).  Hmmm..Where could I go to find everyone’s shoes in one place in the size and color they need with my BUDGET in mind?

EBay!  A great Place to make a Holiday Gift List

Women over 45, remember when you were little and the department stores would send out those great big catalogs? I would spend hours flipping through them and circling things for Christmas.  Well on eBay, you can have the exact same experience except…and this is a big one..they have a search function and filters that cut your search time to next to nothing.  You can also make a Watch List of all your favorites!  Think of the gas, time and hassle you’ll save not driving around.  Simply let the UPS person just show up with all those eBay boxes right at your door.

I adore eBay and I shop on the site regularly.  I get about half of my gifts on eBay throughout the year and it’s particularly great at the Holidays.  I cannot tell you how fabulous it is for buying NEW gifts for Christmas  as well as collectibles.   With my mission of 10 pairs of Christmas Wedding shoes in mind ,  I set down to choose shoes for 10 people and I did it one hour.  One Hour…all done, in the right color, right size and under budget.  Want to see what I choose?

Holiday Gift List:  10 Christmas Wedding Shoes for Him and Her

Badgley Mischka Rachel Christmas Wedding Shoes

REHEARSAL DINNER  FOR THE BRIDE:Pretty Pink Badgley Mischkas.

Could you just Die?

Mens Tuxedo shoe Jordan Christmas Wedding shoes



Leather Oxfords Mens Christmas Wedding SHoes


Suede Leather oxford Men's Christmas Wedding Shoes


DKNY Womens Christmas Wedding Shoes


Silver Flats Sonja Christmas Wedding Shoes


Simply Vera Black wOMENS Christmas Wedding shoes


Black Danskos MOM Christmas Wedding Shoes


Black Oxfords Mens Christmas Wedding Shoes

DISTINGUISHED FATHER OF THE GROOM OXFORDS:  Handsome and available in Extra Wide!

J Crew Mary Janes Christmas Wedding shoes



 Make your own Christmas/Holiday Gift List with eBay

Check out the eBay Holiday Gift Guide for your shopping this holiday season. You can also check out the eBay mobile app, like I did.  It works right on your phone or iPad making it so easy to shop anywhere/anytime.  The filtering on the app is really superior so you can zero right in on what you want to add to your list.  The best part is the app is FREE!

How will you use eBay this year in your Holiday Shopping Plan?  Will you be buying Christmas Shoes? HMMM???

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of eBay. I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


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  1. says

    Congrats! I probably haven’t been using Ebay as much as I used to. LOL…it’s because I just bought Rue 365 and now I feel like I have to buy off of them to make use of what I bought. That first image is very cool though!

  2. says

    I really really like the silver flats! I may have to see if they have my size for the holidays. I love heels but find that too many days/nights in heels and my back is sore for weeks.

    I haven’t been using ebay or really anything online but now will have to start looking again. You always find the best things.

  3. says

    I’m definitely going to be using eBay for shopping this year. While your Christmas shoe options are awesome (especially those gold jcrew ones), I admittedly have my eye on a new iPad. :)

  4. says

    I am back because I was told that the post was interactive which I didn’t notice last night when I commented. How cool is that! I absolutely love that you not only can click on each image and it takes you to the item for sale but when you hover over it you can get a full description.

  5. says

    That’s one handsome young man! and lovely young woman. Lucky you! What a festive time, too! I find Ebay overwhelming, but have from time to time discovered something fabulous. I haven’t got the knack of filtering well, so my results are too broad. I’d love to see you blog a how-to on narrowing results!

  6. says

    I love those black suede and leather wingtips for the DJ son, the pink DKNY shoes, the gold J Crew ones… and of course the ones you picked for the rehearsal dinner for the bride! Beautiful!

    I’m trying not to buy too much stuff for myself this holiday season (holding out for giftcards and stuff haha), and it sounds like all I’m going to have to buy for are the kids this year. I am going to do gifts for them a little different, and may search eBay for some fun stockings to stuff with lots of little things.

  7. says

    I think I’ll be using eBay to find some unusual Christmas gifts for my family. I don’t like to go the traditional route of buying something that every retailer has on the shelves. The great thing about eBay is that I will be able to sift through a number of options to find something truly great. Not sure about buying shoes, but of course, if I find a pair I can’t live without… well, I might just splurge on a for-me-gift. – Katy

  8. says

    Very clever solution by using Ebay. My husband buys things on there all the time. I’ve used them in the past to pick up extra gifts for the holidays. I may use them for crochet items

  9. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought shoes online, or on ebay for that matter. I might give it a try, eventually though. I use to buy supplies for my etsy shop from ebay but don’t shop there much anymore. Maybe I’ll look into some new books for my 5-year old.

  10. says

    Your son is quite handsome! I just ordered my wedding shoes…a beautiful low heel from Aerosole on line. After going through one child’s wedding, I wanted something with comfort. Our rehearsal dinner is a Texas BBQ..thank goodness, no fancy shoe needed. Enjoyed the post!