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ULINX Magnetic Jewelry –Discover the Magnetic Appeal


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This Bracelet is the “Still Blonde”, designed in the ULINX app

ULINX Magnetic Jewelry–Now you can design your own with the ULINX NEW APP

stillblonde3 smallSee the Nifty ULinx Bracelet above?  Isn’t it divine?  I designed it myself on the ULINX Modular Jewelry website with their new Design Your OwnApp. I even named it–the STILL BLONDE!  Shhhh…don’t tell anyone but it’s more fun than…PINTEREST!  I am not kidding, I had a riot changing the colors and shapes of my bracelet on the design app. I had 5 different bracelet configurations to choose from and 32 different shapes coupled with a variety of colors.  Well, you know me I am all about pink!

Ulinx App

ULINX App for Designing your Bracelet or you can choose a pre-design!

You can event look at your Bracelet in 3D and NAME it before you buy it.  You can send the link to anyone for their viewing or approval.  Also, you can even share your design with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Still Blonde by Ulinx

I know in your head, you have one question–I did. Are the magnets STRONG enough to hold the bracelet together?  The answer is ..absolutely! Each link is magnetized, and although its quickly reconfigurable, it also stays put once its on your wrist.  It’s the perfect thing to play with in a doctor’s office, on a plane, or anywhere you have to wait. You simply just re-arrange the beads and shapes to reconfigure.  LOVE, ADORE, and HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Can’t wait to win it? BUY IT!

Configure and buy your own at ULINX


Giveaway Runs from March 21 through March 27 at 11:59 PM.


$70 Design Your Own ULINX Magnetic Jewelry BRACELET

Blog Note: This ULINX Giveaway has ended.  The Giveaway had 1625 Entries. See the Giveaway Winner! The Chief Blonde was provided a review sample.  She was not compensated for this post but was provided a review sample.

Still blonde after all these YEARS



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  1. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the Beverly. One, because that was my Aunt’s name :-) and two I love the way red and black look together!