IHOP Signature Pancakes

55th Birthday — Summer IHOP Signature Pancakes!

IHOP provided the Chief Blonde with a promotional item so she could visit IHOP to try their Summer IHOP Signature Pancakes for their 55th Birthday!

Ihop 55 birthday

IHOPS Signature Summer Pancakes include: TOP ROW:  Tiramisu Pancakes; BOTTOM ROW:  Jelly Donut Pancakes and  Banana Graham Nut Pancakes
still blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks: 

Check out IHOPS summer signature pancakes

Recently, I visited IHOP to celebrate their 55th birthday!  I visited the store in Brighton, MI. I hadn’t been in an IHOP for a number of years and was pretty shocked at how great everything was and the prices were incredible!  We checked out the menu for IHOP’s newest, most creative summer signature pancakes available in restaurants for a limited time. Tasty pancake flavors include Tiramisu, Jelly Donut  and Banana Graham.

ihops summer signature Pancakes

I took my Mom and Dad and we chowed down on these beauties:

ihop summer signature pancakes jelly donut

 My Dad had the Jelly Donut Pancakes ($4.99)  and some hash browns.

IHOP 55th birthday signature Pancakes

I had the Bacon and Eggs Combo and the Tiramisu Pancakes ($6.99 for ALL!)

IHOP Ham and Egg Melt

 My Mom had the Ham and Egg Melt ($5.99).

We all agreed that that the summer signature pancakes were excellent!  My dad told me several times afterwards how much he enjoyed himself.  I was pleased to see the restaurant so clean and the waitress was super sweet and patient with us.  Based on my very pleasant experience, I will be visiting IHOP again very soon.  Highly recommend.

The three new signature pancakes are:

  •   Jelly Donut Pancakes – Fluffy buttermilk pancakes filled with layers of luscious raspberry jelly then topped with glaze, more raspberry jelly and powdered sugar.
  • Tiramisu Pancakes – Buttermilk pancakes and sweet mocha cream topped with a drizzle of chocolate, whipped topping and a dusting of cocoa powder.
  • Banana Graham Nut Pancakes – Sliced fresh bananas grilled inside buttermilk pancakes layered with marshmallow cream, graham cracker crumbs and crushed honey-roasted pecans then topped with cinnamon cream cheese.

 Can’t Wait to Win it?

Find your closest IHop locations and go there to get these delicious treats! Visit their website for constantly updated menu items.  “Like” them On Facebook and “Follow” them on Twitter.

UPDATE: the Ihop Signature Pancakes Giveaway is over. The Rafflecopter entry device has been removed and had 5816 entries. See Giveaway Winners. 

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