Super Bowl Manicures — 6 Football Ravens 49ers Nail Treatments

Super Bowl Manicures — 49ers or Ravens, Which Team NAILS it?

super bowl Manicures Nail Treatments Ravens 49ers

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Take a look through these Footballtastic Super Bowl Manicures and How-tos, and decide which team gets your vote!


49ers  Halftime Moon Mani

Super Bowl Halftime Moon Mani Nail Treatment

Super Bowl Manicures Halftime Moon Mani: Steal the spotlight during the Super Bowl Halftime Show! To create, paint your nails either red for the 49ers or purple for the Ravens.  Let dry. Next cover the bottom half of each nail with a hole reinforcer or a half-circle of tape, making certain that a semi-circle of paper/tape protrudes from the bottom of each nail. Add a coat of a metallic gold polish over the paper/tape covering and the rest of the nail, and then take off the paper/tape covering and let dry. Finally, apply a  clear topcoat. (Photo: by permission of  Custom Nail Solutions)


Ravens Two-Point Conversion Tape Mani

Super Bowl Two Point Tape Naii Treatments

Super Bowl Manicures — Two-Point Conversion Tape Mani: Sport your Teams colors as they zigzag down the field.  To start, paint your nails metallic gold. Let dry. Next, place thin strips of tape on the first nail in a fun zigzag pattern. For each nail, paint a coat of purple for the Ravens or red for the 49ers over the entire nail and tape strips, and then immediately remove the strips of tape and let dry. Add a final clear topcoat . (Photo: by permission of  Custom Nail Solutions)


 49ers Touchdown Two Tone Nail treatment

Super Bowl Manicure Touchdown Two Tone Nail treatment

Super Bowl Manicures Touchdown Two-Tone Mani:  You know your team will WIN when you are sporting this Two-tone manicures. Create by  painting your nails 49ers red or Ravens purple. Let dry. Then place tape one millimeter from the tip of your nail and add a stripe of your team’s second color (metallic gold for 49ers, white or metallic gold for Ravens) over nail tip and edge of the tape. Take the tape off and let dry.  Don’t forget to add a topcoat of clear polish. (Photo: by permission of  Custom Nail Solutions)


Ravens Super Bowl Sideways French Mani:

Super Bowl Manicure Sideways Nail Treatment

Super Bowl Sideways French Mani:  Go French in a whole new way with this Super Bowl Sideways French Manicure. Can you imagine how cool this will be with your Super Bowl party attire?  Create this style by first  painting  your nails either Ravens purple  (like the Mani above)  or red for the 49ers and let dry. Then add a stripe of metallic gold on either the right side or left side of each nail. Let your nails dry, then add a final clear topcoat. Voilà! Your nails are ready for the big game! (Photo: by permission of  Custom Nail Solutions)


 49ers Line of Scrimmage Striped Mani

Super Bowl Manicures Line Of Scrimmage Striped Nail Treament

Line of Scrimmage Striped Mani: This Super Bowl Manicure will turn heads at you Superbowl party.  Start out by painting your nails a solid coat of either red for the 49ers (like the Mani above)  or purple for the Ravens and let dry completely. Next apply  thin horizontal gold stripes from the top of the nails to the bottom by lightly swiping shiny gold polish across the width of each nail. Let dry and DON’T FORGET to  add a topcoat. (Photo: by permission of  Custom Nail Solutions)


 Ravens Fan-tastic Mani

Super Bowl Manicures Fan-tastic Mani Nail Treatment

Fan-tastic Mani: When you are looking for that simple but sure Super Bowl Manicure, show your Raven or 49ers support by painting your nails a solid color of one of your team’s. Ravens’ fans should go for solid purple, black or white.  While  49ers fans,  want to feature a solic  red or gold.  Adding a clear topcoat will make nails shine! (Photo: by permission of  Custom Nail Solutions)


All nails photos are courtesy of  Katie Saxton from Custom Nail Solutions.  Katie Saxton is the founder of Custom Nail Solutions  and a renowned blogger and regular contributor to TV, radio, print  and online media, on topics of nail beauty, nail care and trends. Custom Nail Solutions is a revolutionary artificial nail product offering custom nails that uniquely fit only your nail beds, are reusable, chemical-free and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. You can have lovely, natural looking salon-style nails on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

Blog Note: The Chief Blonde was not compensated for this post.  She thought you would love these specially designed Super Bowl Manicures to try for the BIG GAME!!

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  1. Karen Glatt says

    Football season is starting up and painting my nails to go with my team sounds like so much fun. I like to take a look at the colors for the Seattle Seahawks and paint my nails their colors! These manicures all look so gorgeous!!