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 Tips and Pointers on Blogher for Newbies Blogher13

Blogher Tips

Blogher13 Newbies need help!

I was a Blogher Newbie at Blogher,  Were you?

For all of you who not bloggers or not attending Blogher12–Blogher12 was the largest blogging conference all year and this year it was in NYC with 5000+Attendees! Blogher13 will be in Chicago, July 25-27, 2013.

I went to Blogher12 this year in NYC!!  I was very excited to attend,  but there was a great deal I don’t know…but I am fantastic at gathering information.
Blog NOTE:  These are tips, not Facts!  Verify ALL information yourself.  Not responsible for incorrect or untimely information.    


  • You can save a great deal of money at Blogher by eating in the Expo Hall or at Blogher Parties or Private Parties.
  • If you really MUST purchase food, then hit a local deli or Starbucks for inexpensive items.
  • Want the whole city experience?  Have one or two 4 or 5 star restaurants scoped out and go eat LUNCH at those (lunch is usually 1/2 of a dinner in any big City)


  • Parking at the host hotel is often expensive but convenient.  (For example, at Blogher2012 parking at the Hilton was $51/night + taxes + upcharge for longer vehicles)
  • Discount Parking can be found around most large  cities with coupons and Group ons.  For example, at Blogher2012 you could check out these sites for discounts: or Depending on where you park, it can be as cheap as $20/day. Just grab a cab back to the hotel or walk! Groupons could be had for $16 all-inclusive within the same block as the hotel.
  • If you are lucky you can find parking in the street. In many cities, you can find apps that will help you out with this information.  For example, at Blogher12 there was an app that will told you whether or not you can park in a specific spot

CHILDREN and Families

IMO, Blogher is no place for your family and especially CHILDREN.  You will be so tired just trying to juggle your Blogher schedule, you will find NO TIME for them and always feel guilty!  My advice is …if you can’t bear to leave them at home, don’t come.  That’s just me.  Remember, Blogher is a WORK related activity.

That being said I brought my adult son, his girlfriend and my adult daughter.  They were all extremely helpful.  I bought them expo passes and they ate and partied for free.  My son parked and got the car, got us all ice every morning, and planned their agenda for the day.  My son’s girlfriend did my hair everyday and consulted on my outfits.  My daughter (who had spent the summer in the city) helped with subway directions and general city knowledge.  This worked out perfectly!


  • Determine check out Times, plan flights accordingly.  Ask for late checkout?
  • Hotel internet–Has been free from Blogher the last few conferences.  However, it is horrendously BAD.  Would suggest a mifi or cell connection for Ipad.
  • You do not need to stay at the Host hotel.  The room dropoffs are not worth it..they are usually one small item.  It is however extremely convenient for dropping off items in your room.

Your Devices

  • Quite a few people seemed like they were just bringing their Ipads/Smartphones.  I brought my laptop too, as I drove.  If I flew, I would not have.
  • There was quite n a bit of discussion on which Ipad keyboard/case combination was the best–ClamShell seems to be a favorite but rings in at a high price tag.
  • Extra Power?  Zaagsparq for 4 extra charges to your phone, and can charge Ipads as well,  Also, Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger


stuff to bring to blogher

  • Business Cards–200 to 400
  • Many suggested small Labels with your information on it for the cards in booths so you don’t have to keep filling out.  Name, address, email, twitter handle, and website.  I did not do this or find it necessary.
  • Bandaids–For blisters from walking
  • Umbrella–for walking to private parties
  • Wine/Alcohol/Beverages for your Room.  I brought a case of Diet Coke (Big money Saver)
  • Extra suitcase for swag (you might want to consider getting a credit card that lets you check an extra bag for free)
  • Camera, video camera, smart phone, CHARGERS


Many many many people talk about shoes and say “Go Comfortable”.  I brought 10 pairs of shoes (yes I drove) and just kept mixing them up.  I had both low and high shoes.

You will see every single style of dress! Wear what you want.  I always prefer to be dressed up.

BLOGHER PARTY TIPS (With an expo pass or an official pass you may attend all parties)

This was the 2012 official Party Plan:


  • Veterans suggest a Wednesday arrival to get settled in, make some appointments for Thursday, and sightsee
  • Bring an Extra Bag for SWAG.  Or leave it for the Hotel Staff.  Or place it in the Swag Exchange Room. Or Bring it to the Chief Blonde’s Room!
  • Most large cities have car services and shuttles from the Airports For example, at Blogher12–  from LGA $29, From JFK $40,  Carmel Car.  Groupons are available!
  • Shuttle —  For example, at Blogher12 Smart shuttle is $15 each way from LGA, Super Shuttle, Air Link,  (shuttles are cheaper but take longer)
  • Cabs are everywhere to save your aching feet, but pair up as they are expensive
  • Don’t be afraid of the subway.  In most cities,  it’s safe, cheap and easy.  Apps are readily available to give you detailed instructions on lines and transfers.

PRIVATE PARTIES (Most require an invite)

These are SOME of the Parties that were available at Blogher 12, just to give you an idea.

  • StyleSuite
  • BoomBoxNetwork @BOOMBoxNetwork
  • PoiseSuite
  • Social Soiree @SocialSoiree
  • Getting Gorgeous  @GetGorgEvents
  • Sweet Suite (Babies may attend)
  • Pants Party
  • Drinks with MomCentral Wednesday night
  • #TweetSuite  Follow tag
  • Highlights Party
  • McDonald’s Breakfast
  • Iconix Brands at the Sheraton
  • SocialLuxe
  • National Geographic
  • Lands End Event
  • SheHeard Breakfast
  • Disney Movie Premiere and after Party
  • StumbleUpon Walking Tour


Blogger over 45

Some bloggers over 45 experienced frustration because they felt “Left Out”.  I did not/would not experience this.  I approached the conference like that I belonged and I was an even better sponsor choice because my target audience is Women with all the $$!  IMO, Life is about attitude.  Blogher IS NOT a mommy conference unless you make it into one in your mind.  The following parties/sessions/informaton was available specifically for Bloggers over 45:

  • Poise Party
  • Boom Box Network Party
  • Blogher Panel on Blogging into MidLife: The Tension Between the Online Spotlight and Offline Invisibility
HOT TIP:  Join our Bloggers 45 and over Facebook group!  



  • Sometimes you can get in by being someone’s +1
  • Put yourself on the waiting list, I got into many parties that way
  • The Blogher Parties are great fun!
  • Go stand outside if you didn’t get invited.  They will often let you in!


  • Get phone numbers of all the people you want to meet and friends ahead of time.
  • The Mom Spark Forum is useful for a bunch of different information on Blogher.
  • I joined this Facebook group (it had 660+ members before Blogher):
  • Many people are recommending COZI as the app to keep track of all the Blogher and private parties.   Blogher has their own app which is available closer to the event but you cannot schedule non-blogher events.
  • Have a Ticket that you need to sell?  Find someone to buy it (Facebook groups, #blogher12, Blogher forum–blogher12 group)  and then follow the directions here:
  • Expo tickets get  ticket holders into expo and all parties.  (Ticket includes admission to the Sponsor Expo Hall, official BlogHer Lounges and cocktail receptions. Meals, keynotes and break-out sessions are excluded with this pass.)– Cost for Blogher2012 $99


Check out the tourist attractions that are close to the hotel.  You may never pass this way again.  Some of the private parties consist of walking tours.  Great way to combine work with pleasure!


  • Comment below I will attempt to answer your questions!
  • Join a Blogher Facebook Group
  • can find out almost anything!

Watch for our entire series of Blogher Articles this upcoming Week!



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  1. says

    Agree with all of these except for the hotel WiFi, although I had to tweet to find out the password for BlogHer! I didn’t have any issues w/ the speed though on my Kindle Fire.

  2. says

    These are great tips! I haven’t made it to a blogging conference yet, but since I live in the Chicago area, I’m really hoping to go to BlogHer 13! This info will be handy!