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Makeup For Women over 45: Spring Looks, Paula’s Choice Review, Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2011

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Two of my Favorite Stars and Makeup for Women over 45–Looking Great!



Julianne-Moore_2 Julianne Moore, 50Julianne Moore lets her stunning red hair and porcelain skin take center stage, while her makeup plays a supporting role. She strategically uses makeup to subtly accentuate her eyes, lips and cheekbones, whether she’s using tones of coral, nude or mauve. Julianne has used sunscreen faithfully since her mid-twenties, and it shows in her glowing, radiant complexion. Redheads (whether natural or dyed), take note: This is how to do soft, defining makeup that doesn’t compete with your attention-getting hair color!GET THE LOOK: Use >Paula’s Choice Moisture Boost Daily Restoring Complex with SPF 20 ($20.95) to keep your skin radiant and protected like Julianne’s, and accentuate your cheekbones with Sonia Kashuk’s Beautifying Blush ($7.99) in Melon or Lily for a subtle, healthy glow.
Helen-Mirren_l Helen Mirren, 65Helen Mirren still knows how to turn heads at the age of 65. Her makeup (and age-appropriate hairstyle) plays up the features that keep her looking radiant without coming across as though she’s trying too hard. Helen uses blush on her cheeks to add a vibrant, healthy glow, and she keeps her eye makeup design minimal, but elegant, with the focus on eyeliner rather than lots of eyeshadow. She knows how to vamp things up with classic red lipstick and strategic shine on Oscar night, but she also plays around with other flattering lip colors for everyday wear.GET THE LOOK: Imitate Helen’s age-appropriate look by using Physicians Formula’s Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker ($6.95) and >Paula’s Choice Sheer Cream Lipstick SPF 15 ($10.95) in conjunction with >Paula’s Choice Long-Lasting Anti-Feather Lipliner ($7.95) to help keep your lipstick from traveling into lines around the mouth.

Julianne Moore
Helen Mirren

Paula Begoun, skin care expert and best-selling author of Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, has put together five of the Best Celebrity Makeup Looks and provided details on how to achieve the same glam looks at home.  Complete reviews of the makeup mentioned below, along with hundreds of other skincare and makeup reviews, are available at Paula’s site Beautypedia.com, which is now free.

Still Blonde smallChief Blonde Remarks: I was sent a Paula’s Choice Sheer Cream Lipstick SPF 15 ($10.95) in conjunction with Paula’s Choice Long-Lasting Anti-Feather Lipliner ($7.95) for review.  Helen Mirren is wearing these products in the picture above.  Makeup for Women over 45 is hard to find.   I adore Helen Mirren and have tried other products that she has worn in the past.  She always looks great, so I figure the products she uses MIGHT look great on me too!  I loved both the Lipstick and the lipliner.  I tried INVISIBLE color in the lipliner and it really  did keep the lipstick from breathing.  The Lipstick will be a favorite of mine.  It didn’t have a smelly scent–I am very allergic–and can’t really figure out why anyone would want fragrance in their lipstick anyway–so Paula’s choice Sheer Cream Lipstick worked excellent in that category for me!  It has a super creamy feel and stays on for a decent length of time.  I also love the packaging as it fits well in my lipstick holder that I carry with me EVERYWHERE!  I would have liked to try a darker shade–I reviewed  Sherbert–which for my uber light skin tone was just too light.  Guess I am going to have to go out and SPRING for the color that I see Helen wearing in the picture above!  As much as I liked this lipstick, I will!


Are you looking for a new lipstick?

Blog Note:  I was sent a product sample to try to complete this  Makeup for Women over 45 review.  No compensation was involved.

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Item #1–Valentine’s Day Gift Guide– Chris Drummond Beauty Review

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Chris Drummond

Christopher Drummond Gift Set for Women ($95, christopherdrummondbeauty.com)

What the Company says: Christopher Drummond Beauty, the all-natural, vegan, organic-based makeup line created by former model and professional makeup artist Christopher Drummond, recently introduced his new Gift Set for Women–it’s just right for Valentine’s Day!  A perfect gift for yourself or the woman who wants to try a few products at one time. This elegant gift set includes three (3) shades of the Veludo Velvet Foundation, the Saùde Pele Radiance Booster, Bronzer, the Silky Flat Top Brush and a bottle of the new Revitalizing Facial Serum.  $95.00

Available in Light, Medium and Dark gift sets.

Chief Blonde’s Remarks: I honestly could not tell any difference between this make-up and the bareMinerals that I use religiously.  That is a real compliment.  You would need to just about break my arm to  get me to switch from bareMinerals that’s how loyal I am  (see early blog post–Click here), however, I found these products by Christopher Drummond very comparable.  They are priced similar as well. So I asked,  “Why would I switch?”  Here’s what the company says is the differentiator between them and other Mineral Make-up:

You will see that Christopher Drummond Beauty isn’t really a mineral makeup – it is beyond mineral makeup. It’s a little-known truth that most mineral makeup actually contains the potentially toxic ingredients titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride and zinc oxide-all of which have been found to irritate the skin as opposed to enriching it. Christopher Drummond Beauty is the first and only line to go “beyond mineral makeup” by delivering a product free of those potentially harmful ingredients. While other traditional makeups often wreak havoc on women’s skin and bodies due to unnatural and unhealthy ingredients, Christopher Drummond Beauty allows every woman to be as beautiful as she can be by using all-natural products.
Well that had me Googling to check ingredients, and in fact, bareMinerals does contain these ingredients in some of their products. Hmmm….  not a chemist but it does make me wonder?  If avoidance of these particular chemicals matters to you, then by all means Still Blonde after all these YEARS! can recommend Christopher Drummond.  It had great coverage, long lasting power, and shades perfect for my skin.  

Here’s an article my Christopher Drummond that targets our Still Blonde Audience.

Makeup Tips For Women Over 30

By Christopher Drummond
January 8, 2009

Women over the age of 30 have their own unique challenges when it comes to make up and I am looking to address the following:

  • What colors are right for me i.e. how do women pick the right shades that compliment their eyes and skin tone?
  • Am I too old to wear trendy shades?
  • How do I apply eyeshadow, blush, foundation etc?
  • What are the key tools necessary to get the best evening look?
  • Solutions for common mistakes women over 30 make.
  • Are there any rules that women in their 30s, 40s, 50s+ should be following?”

I have been in the industry for over 14 years, and I get these questions all the time. The main thing to remember is that makeup should be fun–it is what you make it! Do not look to others for rules…if it feels good to you and makes you feel good about yourself, that is what’s important.

What rules do you use for women over 40?
I really dislike it when people who tell women over 40 “don’t wear shimmer!!” It’s hogwash. Of course women over 40 can wear shimmer. Just don’t overdo it–make sure the product is finely milled and is very high quality. Shimmer actually makes the skin look fresh and dewy, which is exactly what skin over 40 needs!!! It’s all about choosing a product that is right for you–not about adhering to “rules”. Don’t buy the cheap stuff–it will look like glitter, and that’s not cute. A Radiance Booster is a perfect example. It gives a golden glow to the skin without looking like you have anything on.

-What Colors Are Right For Me? Am I too old to wear trendy shades?
This is my most asked question. I give the same answer every time: what colors do you like? What colors are you passionate about? This is your starting point. Never wear something because someone tells you to. You need to be comfortable in it. If it is a color you are passionate about, and that you love, it will work–I guarantee. So, put away the “rules” about eye colors and what colors work best for whom. Let’s make makeup work for you by using colors that you like, that you are comfortable in–even if it’s blue!!! The key is to not overdo it. If you like blue, use a small amount as an eyeliner, not all over the eye. Or, use it as an accenting color. Be subtle, not brash (unless that’s the look you’re going for!!!)

-How do I apply eyeshadow, blush, foundation etc?
Keep it simple: Always use a base for the eyes. It brightens the eyes and gives longer life to your products. Then, take a bone or nude color all over the eyes. Take a darker color like brown or a shimmery dark color and blend it on the bottom half of the eye. The key is to blend makeup, don’t just place it on the skin. Blending it (applying a back and forth motion) makes it last longer, and look better. Then apply eyeliner and mascara, and that is a simple, glamorous look that is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • -Blush is simple: use a very small amount on the front of the cheek, and blend it out.
  • -Foundation: always use moisturizer first…then, apply a powder foundation. It will even out the skin tone, eradicate redness, while feeling like you have nothing on. Foundation should be a tad lighter than your skin tone. Dark foundation will age you, so when in doubt, go a little lighter, and you can always change the tone or color with bronzer.

What are the key tools necessary to get the best evening look?
Honestly, women have been about our raving Radiance boosters. It is an all-in-one product for eyes, lips, and face. It adds glamour and glow without looking like you have anything on. You simply dust it over your face with a brush, and you will take ten years off your face! It’s luxurious, glamorous and simple!

Solutions for common mistakes women over 30 make?
I think women are nervous with makeup after the age of 30. They lose their sense of adventure, and decide to go safe. This is fine, but remember: makeup is supposed to be fun-to accentuate who you are!!! I think the biggest mistake is that women over 30 and 40 go into “neutral” mode. Meaning, they only buy neutral colors. Some solutions to this are to buy a shimmery steel grey. This color looks good on ANYONE! Or a shimmery Bronze. Again, you can’t go wrong with this color, and it will add some adventure to your makeup wardrobe!

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