HAIRSTYLES: Great Hairstyles for Women over 45! November edition 45+

Timeless Hairstyles for Women 45

and over!


Beautiful Jane!
Always lovely Jane Seymour (58), is an artist, actress, jewelry designer, rug designer, dancer–what will she add to her list next?  Oh yeah,  and she has really fantastic hair!
Does she look younger in every DVD? Denise Austin,  52, gives us all hope we can get our 18 year old body back!  5′ 4″, 112 pounds (I’m 5′ 4″…got a ways to go…).  She sure isn’t eating Twinkies or worrying about Microsoft 7! She supposedly only works out 30 minutes per day and never skips a meal. Anyway, her hair always looks Malibu Barbie great!


Beautiful Blythe!   Actress Blythe Danner (66),  mother to Gwyneth Paltrow,  shows why she deserved her Tony and Emmy while she rocks an overall gray bronze look!
Markie Post Hairstyles women over 45
Remember Christine from Night Court?
Markie Post (59), who played Christine on the TV show Night Court looks just gorgeous in her swingy streaky do!


Love Her Or Hate Her, She’s got Great Hair!
Sarah Palin, Alaska’s former governor, John McCain’s former running mate, author of the new book “Going Rogue” published by HarperCollins sports fantastic auburn locks.
Olympia Dukakis,  Happy Life, Happy Hair
Academy Award Winner Olympia Dukakis, 78,   married for 48 years (CONGRATULATIONS!) to Louis Zorich changes her hair often.  She always keeps it soft and up-to-date.
Terri Brumit Hairstyles Women over 45
Terri Brumit, a lifelong blonde,  has been featured elsewhere in our blog (click here), she is the wife of retired Special Forces veteran.  She writes, sings and publishes “hero” music.  You can hear her music at Terri Brumit
Soft and Simple!
Julie Andrews (74–really???) , with a face like hers who cares about the hair?  She is always elegant and royal.
Whitney Houston Hairstyles Women over 45
Isn’t Whitney Gorgeous?
Whitney Houston’s (46) comeback is nothing short of amazing!  Could it be her great hair?  Styled by Tiffanie Dixon and utilizing hair products by White Sands Products.
A Truly Classic Beauty
Diane Sawyer (63), long time “Good Morning America” Host will be leaving  in January to host “World News”. We hope she is taking her stylist with her…
Perhaps the Most Famous Blonde of All?
Well, Maybe–Maybe not?  But at Oscar award winning actress Goldie Hawn (65) certainly still know how to GLOW!
Every Man’s Fantasy–A lady in a Toolbelt
In her younger days, Jaime Lee Curtis (51), was every man’s secret desired Hottie.  While by her own choice, she has decided to go grey, no one can deny she has retained her Hottie status. She is an inspiration to women over 45 everywhere!
The Wild Man Tamer
Famous movie actress Annette Bening (51) and known for catching, taming and marrying elusive Playboy Warren Beatty.  Her hair changes often, long or short, dark or light, she works all the styles to perfection!
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