HAIRSTYLES: Great Hairstyles for Women over 45! November edition 45+


Timeless Hairstyles for Women 45 and over! Beautiful Jane! Always lovely Jane Seymour (58), is an artist, actress, jewelry designer, rug designer, dancer--what will she add to her list next?  Oh yeah,  and she has really fantastic hair! Does she look younger in every DVD? Denise … [Read more...]

HAIRSTYLES: Great Hairstyles for Women over 45! October edition 45+


Hairstyles for Women over 45!  You can still look Great! Comedienne Chonda Pierce rocks a choppy cut Christian comedy star, Chonda Pierce,  has some of the funniest Youtube videos out there and yet remains "Clean"  while doing it.  Her hair, whether short or long, always looks fashionable and … [Read more...]