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Best Julia Child Book You Have Ever Heard?

[ 18 ] August 3, 2014 |

Seeking the Best Julia Child Biography?

This Best Julia Child Book post is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

Best Julia Child Book

The Chief Blonde choses the best Julia Child Books: Provence, 1970; My Life In France; As Always, Julia; Julia Child, A Life; Julie & Julia; 

Julia Child, can you ever get enough?

I am a fan of Julia Child. Julia was an American chef, author, and television personality. Actually, if I had to choose a real life person who is my hero, Julia Child would rank high in my order. She lived to be 91, and virtually everyone who met her said she was a joy to be around (but tough) and had a personality of eternal sunshine. I have made it one of my bucket list items to study her life through studying her autobiographies, biographies, videos and any other material that I can unearth.

My favorite Julie Child books include:

I have read all of the above, cover to cover, savoring each as I read each chapter. I would never allow myself more than one chapter a day as I felt like if I finished the book, I would no longer have Julia in my thoughts. Crazy, right? Deep book readers can relate, I am sure!

How I read now, Audiobooks via Audible. **EXCLUSIVE COUPON**

Being a blogger, I am soooo busy that I don’t really read now as much as I would like. As a result,  I have taken up listening to Audiobooks in the car. What a wonderful solution to my reading dilemma, but going to the library is a hassle and all those audio CDs always skip. Also, I never return the Audiobooks on time so I always have tons of late fees. However, I discovered Audible! Audible is an Amazon company with over 100,000 audible programs that can you can download and  play on over 500 devices, including my Note 3! It was super simple to sign up for Audible. I found 5 great exclusive coupon on Check out these 3 great exclusive Audible Promo Codes that I found on

  • Try Audible for free for 30 days
  • Download a free audiobook
  • Get your first 3 months membership for $7.49 a month

Now I can discover more of the best Julia Child books!

Best Julia Child Biography

I found over 26 Julia Child related books on Audible. With my exclusive code for Audible, I signed up for a free month of Audible and I downloaded my free audiobook. I choose a Julia Child biography by Noel Fitch “Appetite for Life“. The book would have been $34 normally, as a member I would have paid $25 for this 24 hours of audio programming BUT with the Audible Promo code, I got it free! Whoot!  Next, I am going to listen to A Covert Affair (about Julia’s  experiences as a member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in the Far East during World War II.), followed by Dearie and then A Chef’s Table.

It’s so fun to have the book with me, on my phone, anywhere I am. I feel like I have my old friend Julia back and a great way to listen to all the titles about her I still want to read.  I highly recommend Audible!


UWaterG5 Waterproof MP3 Player

[ 188 ] May 1, 2014 |

UWater – The Ultimate Active Lifestyle Companion

Fitness Technologies Uwater g5

still blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks:

The UWaterG5 by Fitness Technologies is designed for active lifestyles, this 4GB micro-sized MP3/FM entertainer (the smallest you have ever seen) clips onto goggles or fastens onto headband, armband, or belt for swim-anywhere, go-anywhere, sweat anywhere listening pleasure. End forever the boredom of lap swimming or just enjoy the novelty of hearing music, audio books, talk radio, news, sports in the water, on the beach, while surfing, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, exercising showering, outdoors walking, running, any activity!

Walt (my handsome husband) tried this out in the shower.  When he first put the headphones on, he laughed at how little the UWATERG5 is and said, “Well I don’t expect much.”  Once he came out of the shower, he was throughly impressed.  He remarked on the volume, ease of use, and the sound quality.  He felt the earphones were excellent and that it would perform very well in a swimming situation.


UWater offers the world’s smallest action audio gear that goes from sand to surf!  Designed to go anywhere, weighing just one ounce, the UWater G5 is a 4GB 100% waterproof MP3/FM player that can be attached to goggles, a headband, armband, swimsuit, wetsuit or belt so that you can play your favorite  songs or listen to audio books while out enjoying your favorite water sports – which of course includes lounging poolside or even swimming laps!  UWater G5  is available for $60

Uwater g5 size


UPDATE: THE UwaterG5 Waterproof MP3 Player Giveaway is over.  The Rafflecopter entry device has been removed and had 3441 entries.  See Giveaway Winners. 

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Peeps Cookbook Review with Peeps Candy

[ 253 ] March 23, 2013 |

Cook and Craft yourself some PEEPS

Peeps Cookbook

 Peeps Cook and Craft Book ($12.95) and Peeps Chocolate Mousse Milk Chocolate Dipped box of 24 ($36)  


still blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks: With spring just around the corner, all my blogger friends and I put together the Spring Fling Blog Pop Event!  This wonderful Giveaway from PEEPS (Just Born)  is just one of the many you will find over the next few weeks.  Enter this Giveaway and then head to all the other Giveaways on the Linky linked below.

Peeps truly has an PEEPStastical lineup for 2013.  You can’t believe all the choices of wonderful candy for stuffing your Easter baskets (and yourself!).  Here’s just a few selections from their online store Peep and Company.  The Store was  previously featured on our blog in July of last year.

Peeps Easter Lineup 2013


Peeps Chocolate Mousse Bunnies 24/8ct ($36),  Peeps Dark Chocolate Covered Chics ($22), Peepsters Milk Chocolate(4$), PEEPS® 1CT Giant White Bunny Box of 24 ($21.50), Peeps Rainbow Pops ($2.75), Peeps Milk Chocolate Dipped Chicks  ($36)

I can tell you that you will love the Peeps Craft and Recipe book.  It has ideas galore for using your Peeps in creative fun ways (prior to eating them of course.  Here’s a sample of Recipes and Crafts:

  • S’more Peeps
  • PeepSicles
  • Peeps in a Blanket
  • Peepinata (a Peeps Pinata!)
  • Peeps Spring Table Centerpiece

Once my crafty daughter gets home from college, I will have her craft a fun centerpiece for our Easter celebration and include pictures here!  Have some Peeps fun yourself this Easter (and enter this great giveaway too!)

Laugh with your PEEPS!

I think you’ll want to check out Peeps Latest Commercial for Easter and LAUGH as the older brother rattles off hilarious uses for PEEPS and the younger brother just keeps eating!

Can’t Wait to Win it?

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Promo code:  BLONDE
Valid:  3/1 – 3/31/13
Offer:  20% off online orders

Psst….Right now you get a Free 8.5″ Plush Bunny with every $50 order!

Plush Bunny


The Giveaway is open to US ONLY, 18years +.  Ends April 4, 2013



UPDATE:  The Peeps Giveaway Is over.  The Rafflecopter has been deleted and had 3796 entries. See Giveaway Winners.

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Cooking Light the New Way to Cook Light Cookbook Review

[ 160 ] January 24, 2013 |

 Cooking Light The New Way to Cook Light

Cooking Light the New Way to Cook Light

Cooking Light the New way to Cook Light Cookbook (MSRP $34.95)

still blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks: Cooking Light The New Way to Cook Light Cookbook is just pure eye candy.  There are 400 incredible recipes, many with full color pictures, and full nutritional information for each recipe.  It’s “fresh food & bold flavors for today’s home cook”.

The Cooking Light Cookbook has 14 chapters and each recipe has a very detailed directions with many helpful tips.  This oversized hardback edition is worthy of your coffee table in its heft and lovely page paper quality.  I love to just browse cookbooks and this one is one of the best I have ever seen for that purpose.  However, the succulent recipes make you want to bust out your spatula and Kitchen aid, such that you can fire up the oven and make meals.

Several of the Recipes that I have my eye are on in the Cooking Light The New Way to Cook Light Cookbook include:

  • Gnocchi with Shrimp, Asparagus, and Pesto
  • Old-Fashioned Chicken Potpie
  • Wild Mushroom with Truffle Oil
  • Multigrain Pilaf with Sunflower Seed
  • Tortilla Meatball Soup
  • Easy French Toast Casserole
  • Margarita Ice-Cream Sandwiches
All the Recipes in the book are based on Nine Simple Principles
1. Embrace new variety
2. Cook more often
3. Eat more whole foods
4. Favor the healthy fats
5. Eat less meat, more plants
6. Cook seasonally and when possible locally
7. Learn new techniques
8. Buy the best ingredients you can afford
9. Cook and eat mindfully and responsibly

Can’t Wait to Win it?

Buy Cooking Light the New way to Cook Light Cookbook at, iBookstore and wherever books are sold. Also, available for Kindle.


Giveaway ENDs 1-30 at 11:59 EST


4 Winners will win a copy of Cooking Light the New way to Cook Light Cookbook (MSRP $34.95)

UPDATE: The Cooking Light Giveaway is OVER.  The contest had 1604 entries.  See Giveaway Winners. 

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