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Favorite Pink Jackets For Spring + $25 IHop Gift Card Giveaway

[ 149 ] January 22, 2015 |

The Chief Blonde’s Favorite Pink Jackets!

Favorite Winter-into-Spring Pink Coats

Pink Jackets Winter Nordstrom

Look 1 (Quinn–$240), Look 2 (North Face Hyline $199), Look 3 (North Face Moss Bud Jacket $149), Look 4 (North Face Thermoball $199)

While the ground hog will be looking for his shadow in the next few weeks, there is still a lot of winter left. These “think spring” pink winter jackets above are just the right shade to get you through the rest of winter. I have recently discovered North Face (What? Am I the last one on the planet?) and am in LOVE! I have the longer car coat verison of the Thermoball, it weighs about 2 oz and is soooo warm.

Favorite Fun Pink Jackets

Pink Jackets Fun Nordstrom

Look 1 (Columbia Whirlybird $200) Look 2 (Collection B Angel Hair $68, Sale $40) Look 3 (Top Shop Polka Dot $170) Look 4 (Kate Spade New York Talia $698)

Sometimes pink jackets and coats are all about fun and you can’t deny that these fit the bill. I don’t know if I would look adorable in look 2 & 3 or just like a giant stuffed toy? What do you think?

Favorite Everyday Pink Jackets

Pink Jackets  Nordstrom

Look 1 ( J.O.A Single Button Car Coat $128), Look 2 (Topshop Tailored Peplum $90), Look 3 (Mural Boyfriend Blazer $74), Look 4 (Ralph Lauren Peplum Jacket $150)

Just throw these everyday pink jackets on when you want to feel soft and feminine or scream pink, whichever is the case. I know I would feel happy all day in these shades.

Favorite Pink Moto Jackets

Pink Jackets moto

Look 1 (Chelsea28 Pink Leather Jacket $198), Look 2 (Ace Delivery Moto $128), Look 3 (Kohls Apt. 9 Motor Jacket, Sale $28)

I just adore the cut of a moto jacket. I have about 5 and still can’t get enough. I just ordered the Look 3 above from Kohl’s and can’t wait to get it and style it for an outfit post!

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Pink Jacket of the Moment!

Rag & Bone Pink Devoe Coat

 Rag & Bone Devoe Coat ($795)

Yes, it’s insanely expensive. No, I don’t need it. No, it’s not the most expensive coat I have ever bought (went crazy in Vegas once and bought a Max Mara). But…isn’t it just so pretty? Would I wear it everyday and never take it off? Quite possibly, but I do love my Janska’s too, so I’d have to swap out with them.

Are you eyeing a PINK jacket?

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Carefree RV Resorts, Vacation Home Dreams Become Reality!

[ 0 ] January 18, 2015 |

Carefree RV Resorts : It’s all about the Lifestyle

Carefree RVResorts sponsored this discussion and now they are giving you the option to come and visit, try a Park Model Home and perhaps to purchase an affordable vacation home for yourself! 

Carefree RV Resorts

Can you feel it? The warmth of the sun, the sand in your toes, the sea breeze whipping through your hair? If I never saw another drop of snow, I truly would not care. Not much gets me down but snow is not my friend. Sometimes, I just dream about Walt and I getting away from it all …and buying our own little place in the sun. That’s why Carefree RV Resorts intrigues me, especially the resorts in Florida.

What is Carefree RV resorts?

Carefree RV Resorts

Carefree RV Resorts is a family of 101 RV parks and manufactured home communities across the United States and Canada. Carefree offers a wide selection of new and used Park Model homes for sale in their RV Resorts, and mobile homes in their mobile home communities.

I am amazed that I can make my dream of a vacation home a reality for under $50,000! Plus, waterfront views are a reality. With 34 RV Resorts in Florida, Carefree RV Resorts have something to suit any budget or need. They have homes ranging from under 20K for pre-owned to 50K for brand new, fully customized homes. There is an additional lot rent paid either seasonally or annually. That seems really affordable to me!

Some of the destinations in Florida that interested me include Daytona Beach, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, Key Largo and Sarasota.

What is a Park Model Home in the Carefree RV Resorts?

Carefree RV Resorts park Model

A Carefree Park Model home is a smaller, single-wide home that is considered a recreational vehicle. Park Models are designed for placement in RV resorts, campgrounds, or locations where smaller trailers are an acceptable living environment.

A typical Park Model is a single structure and is shorter and narrower than a Manufactured Home. They typically have one bedroom, one bath, an eat-in kitchen and living room. Park Models are typically eight to thirteen feet wide and have one or two bedrooms. They are under 500 sq ft.

Isn’t that adorable? Couldn’t you just see you and your husband hanging out and enjoying your own Park Model? Not quite sure it’s for you? KEEP READING!!

Carefree RV Resorts : It’s not just a vacation home but a lifestyle too!

Carefree RV Resorts

When I go to a vacation home, yes I like to relax, but I like to be active too and try new things. The lifestyle is really what sets Carefree RV Resorts apart. For those in or nearing retirement, this is their time to do the things they’ve always wanted to do: learn how to play the guitar, join the pickleball team, finally take a class on using your new iPad! This year, Carefree RV Resorts and Communities is launching their lifestyle program which offers a range of social, mental, and physical activities and programs that keep their residents hearts, bodies and minds active. Cool! Sounds like I wouldn’t be without lots of stuff to do!

You stay–they pay? Free 4 night stay + $1500 cash


Carefree RV Resorts feels there is no better time to consider buying a vacation home in Florida, and to help with the fun and relaxation, as well as to make it even more affordable, Carefree is now offering your audience their very own passport to paradise.

The “Passport to Paradise” offer 

With the help of a Carefree sales advisor, your visit will be planned at prime Florida destinations based on your interests and preferences. They’ll select properties that have everything you are looking for to preview during your personalized visit. Accommodations include up to 4 nights for 2 guests in a Carefree Resort Home. Flexible dates. Subject to availability. Arrive by car or RV and simply commit to a guided tour of the Carefree property of your choice. Availability varies by property. Plan your visit before April 30, 2015. Every home buyer will receive a $1,500 check within 15 days after close of their resort home.

For more information call Sheri at 855-999-9812

I have always wanted a Passport to Paradise. I can’t wait to give them a call and go check out the Park Model Homes and the Carefree RV Resorts with Walt. It seems to me that at Carefree RV Resorts, we will be able to live the carefree life that we have always dreamed of at an affordable price! I am looking forward to visiting for that free 4 night stay in Florida.


$65 William Helburn: Seventh and Madison Fashion Book Giveaway

[ 95 ] January 15, 2015 |


William Helburn Seventh and Madison

WILLIAM HELBURN: SEVENTH AND MADISON($65.00 hardcover, 9780500517659) captures striking fashion and advertising images by the go-to photographer for many of the top agencies in New York during the 1950s and 60s Advertising Revolution.

The reason I wanted to review this book was because the topic is about ’50s and ’60s advertising. I believe this era of advertising is among some of the best this country has ever seen. I  eagerly devoured Helburn’s body of work.

As well as cars and cosmetics, Helburn shot Coca-Cola, Canada Dry, whiskeys, clothing lines, airlines, jewelry, cigars and cigarettes, and any number of other products. He worked with the top models of the day, from Dovima and Dorian Leigh to Jean Patchett and Barbara Mullen to Jean Shrimpton and Lauren Hutton.

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$65 Brand new coffee table size WILLIAM HELBURN: SEVENTH AND MADISON

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New Years Resolution: Clean Bathroom (on a Schedule)

[ 23 ] January 12, 2015 |

Bathroom Cleaning: Just-in-time or a Certain Time?

For the blog post, Clean Bathroom, I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Scrubbing Bubbles®. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Clean Bathroom Scrubbing Bubbles

I must admit since I started blogging 5 years ago, my house cleaning routine has suffered. I enjoy blogging much more than house cleaning (WHO LIKES HOUSECLEANING ANYWAY?) In my original plan for my life, I had a maid. Right now, that’s not working out.

Apparently, I am not alone. A recent survey by Scrubbing Bubbles “Behind Closed Bathroom Doors” on bathroom cleaning habits, indicates that boomers like me clean their bathrooms less frequently than younger Americans. Maybe we Boomers have just figured out what’s important? Surprisingly, according to the survey most Americans do clean their bathroom at least once a month and two-thirds clean their bathroom every week.

Big Confession Time: I clean my bathrooms as needed. Now that’s fine for the bathrooms that only get used when guests are here, I just clean those right before the guests come over. But our bathroom at the back door and my master bath? I really think I could stand to get myself back on a regular schedule versus the glancing at my husband’s sink and having an “OMGoodness” moment. With 83% of Americans spending 30 minutes or less cleaning a bathroom, I still am going to have to find some help along the way.

Baby Boomers: Who Cleans the Mess?

The Baby Boomer Generation (of which I am one) are those people born from 1946-1964. When it comes to bathroom cleaning 56% of Boomer women claim to be the sole cleaners of the home with 65% of Boomer women claiming to be the sole cleaners of the bathroom. In our home this is definitely true, how about yours?

Scrubbing Bubbles Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner Resolution

Clean Bathroom Scrubbing Bubbles

If I want to stick to my New Year’s Resolution to have a clean bathroom and attain this via a regular cleaning schedule, doesn’t it just make sense to use a cleaning product that cleans, disinfects, and works on it’s own as effectively as possible? Scrubbing Bubbles® Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria with a fast-acting formula that tackles soap scum in your shower and messes in your sink.

before during after Clean Bathroom Scrubbing Bubbles

Before and after cleaning with Scrubbing Bubbles® Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner

I love how Scrubbing Bubbles Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner leaves everything so shiny. Usually, when I want to get my shower door area really clean, I have my husband take the door off so I can get out all the scum. Or when I clean my bathroom faucets, I usually need to get out a toothbrush to get the soap and grime off that collects around the edge.

before during after Clean Bathroom Scrubbing Bubbles

Before and after cleaning with Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner (Recently rebranded Scrubbing Bubbles® Multi Surface Bathroom Cleaner)

I found with Scrubbing Bubbles, the product foams as it expands into corners and grooves tackling the soap scum, dirt, and killing viruses and bacteria. With Scrubbing Bubbles 40 years of experience behind their products, I have a lot of confidence that I can keep my resolution to clean on a schedule.

Clean Bathroom Scrubbing Bubbles

If I can get a complete deep clean in the bathroom, the first time I clean, I think I will stick with resolution! No more Just-in-Time cleaning for me!

Learn More about Clean Bathrooms

Visit Scrubbing Bubbles website for more products and facts.

Do you have any cleaning resolutions for the New Year?