Shaping up in Motown with Monroe and Main + $185 Giveaway

Monroe and Main Shapewear Women over 45 Still Blonde after all these YEARS Motown Museum

Crusin' Motown with Great Spring Looks This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic Recently my girlfriend came to visit me for the first time in Michigan from Switzerland. Her name is Lynda and she has been like a sister to me through … [Read more...]

Lighten up for Spring! Janska LapWrap and Gilda Vest

Janska Lapwrap Shelley Zurek the Chief Blonde Janska Ambassador

Wrap up and get out for spring with Janska. A beautiful Sunday! Janska's first ambassador, Shelley Zurek, the Chief Blonde, was provided this Janska Gilda Vest in Teal ($119) and the Janska signature LapWrap in Black ($65). She is also wearing: 1st photo: Carissa Rose Shirt dress (similar), … [Read more...]

Visit Capri: Milly for DesigNation, Kohl’s Sneak Peek

Milly for DesigNation Kohls Jumpsuit Shelley Zurek Women over 45

Look who’s modeling Milly for DesigNation... The Chief Blonde is wearing Milly Jumpsuit for DesigNation from Kohls c/o ($78), Silk Land Jacket from consignment store ($12), Nine West Pumps (similar), Pink Tourmaline necklace and earrings, the Chief Blonde's own (similar)  The exciting Milly for … [Read more...]

MOZO Shoes, The Picnic Collection Limited Edition Shoes

Mozo the Picnic Collection Maven Pink Shelley Zurek Chief Blonde

The Perfect Shoes for Mother's Day from Mozo Shoes The Picnic Collection Top Photo: The New Picnic Collection from MOZO Shoes;   2nd photo left--Shoes: The Sport c/o (Teal Harvest Collection, $85), the Chief Blonde is wearing Daisy skinny jeans from Sam's Club ($19.99), Dana Buchman … [Read more...]

Jackets for a Northern Spring, Janska Durango

Janska Durango jacket Still Blonde after all these Years Women over 45

Warm Up the Chilly Spring Days and Nights Finally, it's 52 degrees outside!! Janska's first ambassador, Shelley Zurek , the Chief Blonde, was provided this Janska Durango Jacket  in Check ($195). In this photo, she is also wearing Kohls Simply Vera Leather gloves, Bally High Oxfords (similar), … [Read more...]

1970s Jumpsuits and Fashion? Still Relevant?

1970s Jumpsuit celebrity Still Blonde after all these Years graphic pants Farrah Hair 3

 That 70s Show, can women of all ages wear 1970s Fashion? Ahh...the 70s...When hair was fluffy, pants were belled and flared, polyester was a blessed material, "going braless" was adopted by many, and loud was okay! In truth, not much to be nostalgic about or for. If you lived, or look back at … [Read more...]

Jumpsuits For Spring with Kohls


One Jumpsuit Design, Two Patterns The Chief Blonde is wearing the same style of AB Studio Jumpsuit ($64.00, Clearance $26)  c/o Kohls in two different colors/patterns  Chevron or Black.  Photo One: 3/4 sleeve Denim Jacket the Loft (similar), Simply Vera Pumps slingbacks (similar), Mexican silver … [Read more...]

Palazzo Pants Are the New Jeans! Monroe and Main for Spring

Monroe and Main Plazzo Pants Shelley Zurek Still Blonde after all these YEARS

Palazzo Pants, the wear anywhere pants The pant for any age -- Palazzo pants What are palazzo pants? They are long women's trousers cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist. Palazzo pants for women first became a popular trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I … [Read more...]