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Tired of Hot Flashes? Apply for the Replenish Research Study

[ 57 ] August 26, 2014 |

Replenish research study now open for application

Today’s discussion of the Replenish research study is brought to you by Replenish.

replenish Research Study

Ice cubes, fans, cranking the AC, sticking your face in the freezer… nothing seems to help when you are eager to cool down from your hot flashes. They come out of nowhere and occur multiple times a day, leaving you irritable and feeling frustrated. Sometimes, they even interrupt your night’s sleep!

If you wish there were a way to get your hot flashes under control, the Replenish Study might be right for you. This medical research study is evaluating an investigational medication to see if it may reduce the frequency of hot flashes and sweating associated with menopause. 

To qualify, you must be:

  • Female between the ages of 40 and 65
  • Have not had a hysterectomy
  • Suffer from several hot flashes a day 

Study Participants:

  • Receive study medication at no cost
  • Receive study-related medical exams (similar to an annual gynecologist visit) at no charge
  • Are not required to have insurance
  • May be reimbursed for time, travel and other expenses


To learn more about the Replenish Study and see if you qualify, visit or call 1-800-918-1468.

As well, feel free to ask Replenish Study questions below and a representative will address them.

5 Light Bladder Leakage Solutions, Helping You With Your Triggers!

[ 66 ] July 14, 2014 |

Are there really Light Bladder Leakage solutions?

Today’s discussion about 5 Light Bladder Leakage Solutions is part of a sponsored post for Socialstars and Poise Microliner. #PoisewithSAM Light Bladder Leakage Solutions Light Bladder Leakage Solutions #PoisewithSam

We’re baaaack…talking about Light Bladder Leakage again!

This is such an important topic for so many women.  Light bladder leakage (LBL) happens in 1/3 of all women, it’s very common. Just what exactly IS light bladder leakage? LBL is the a light uninvited urinary leakage that occurs with certain triggers.

Top 10 Light Bladder Leakage Triggers

Light Bladder Leakage Solutions Light Bladder Leakage Solutions #PoisewithSam   LBL can be triggered by a variety of things. Here’s the top 10 LBL Triggers:

  1. Changes from childbirth, pregnancy, hysterectomy or menopause
  2. Being overweight
  3. Medical complications
  4. Infections (bladder or urinary)
  5. Bladder irritants (eg. certain foods, etc)
  6. Coughing or laughing
  7. Sneezing
  8. Exercising or lifting
  9. Urge incontinence
  10. Mixed symptoms

So what Light Bladder Solutions do I have? How do I cope?

Light Bladder Leakage Solutions Light Bladder Leakage Solutions #PoisewithSam There are many solutions to light bladder leakage. Today I am going to offer you 5. For even more detail, head over to the Poise website for a full discussion of triggers, light bladder leakage solutions, and FAQs.

Top 5 Light Bladder Leakage Solutions

Light Bladder Leakage Solutions #PoisewithSam

  1. See your doctor–a doctor can help you establish your triggers, health issues etc.
  2. Exercise–one helpful way to reduce leaks is to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. You can do this with yoga, Pilates, tai chi, walking, and kegels.
  3. Lose weight–extra weight leads to a weak pelvic floor.
  4. Track you Triggers–to discover what may be triggering your LBL, look for patterns by tracking your food, drinks, and activities.
  5. Be proactive with LBL!–Carry LBL specific liners (like Poise Microliners) in your purse or athletic bag.  Consider packing a just-in-case tote of extra pants and underwear.

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Super Absorbant Materials Poise Micoliners #PoisewithSam

Do you have trouble with Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) caused by laughter? Read about my experience with that trigger in my previous post “Getting the Shot. Laughter as a Trigger!”   Do you know why it’s important to use a LBL specific liner like Poise’s Microliner? See my second article on “Super Absorbent Materials…Why Absorbency Matters

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Enjoy your Red Wine! Red Wine Cavity Fighter?

[ 8 ] June 23, 2014 |

Red Wine Show Promise as a Cavity Fighter

Red Wine Fighter

Add cavity fighting to red wine’s benefits?

Women over 45 (okay all WOMEN!) — Want ANOTHER reason to drink a nice glass of red wine with dinner or before bed?  According to latest reasearch, red wine, as well as grape seed extract, could potentially help prevent cavities. Will we be seeing a slew of natural products that ward off dental diseases with fewer side effects?

Research on red wine cavity fighter

American Chemical Society has reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, that research has suggested that polyphenols, grape seed extract and wine can slow bacterial growth.  M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas, Pharm.D and colleagues decided to test this research under realistic conditions for the first time.

They grew cultures of bacteria responsible for dental diseases as a biofilm. They dipped the biofilms for a couple of minutes in different liquids, including red wine, red wine without the alcohol, red wine spiked with grape seed extract, and water and 12 percent ethanol for comparison. Red wine with or without alcohol and wine with grape seed extract were the most effective at getting rid of the bacteria.

Changing your dental routine?

Well maybe I won’t drop toothpaste, flossing, and mouthwash just yet. However, why not add some red wine (with or without alcohol), or grapeseed extract to your routine.  It appears drinking the red wine isn’t necessary all you really need to do is dip your teeth in the red wine. 

Ummm….Who the heck is going to do just that?  I, for one, usually have a glass of red wine before bed each night for “medicinal purposes”.  Now with these new findings, I can also assert that my red wine is for “dental purposes” as well.  Who knows what benefits they’ll discover next?  ELATION!!!

The Chief Blonde DancingThis content was provided by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The Chief Blonde posted it for her readers enjoyment. The content is uncompensated and unsponsored. 

Super Absorbent Materials , Why Absorbency Matters…

[ 38 ] June 19, 2014 |

 What Super Absorbent Materials do you use?

Today’s discussion about Super Absorbent Materials with Poise Microliner is part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #PoisewithSAM

Super Absorbent Materials, Why Absorbency Matters   Poise Microliners #PoisewithSam


Do you think about absorbency much?

My daughter’s boyfriend came over last weekend and taught her how to hand wash her car “properly”. One element that he emphasized was the use of a microfiber cloth to dry the car, to eliminate water spots. He said that the super absorbent materials in a microfiber cloth really work to soak up all the final moisture.

That car washing lesson got me thinking about absorbency and it’s impact on my everyday life. How many wonderful things do I use each day, that make my life SOOOO much better because they are absorbent?
Super Absorbent Materials, Why Absorbency Matters   Poise Microliners #PoisewithSam

Absorbency at the Beach

For a moment, think of beach towels, when you run in from the ocean. Everyone fights over the most absorbent one, we all know JUST which beach towel that one is! Who wants to get the lousy beach towel that leaves you feeling damp everywhere?

Super Absorbent Materials, Why Absorbency Matters   Poise Microliners #PoisewithSam

Personal care require Super Absorbent Materials too!

Absorbency is important with my makeup and personal care routine as well–absorbent sponges for applying foundation, mistake correcting cotton swabs to fix manicure disasters, and soft gauze to protect cuts and scrapes.  All of these items would be rendered ineffective if they didn’t have their absorbency qualities.

As well, when it comes to Light Bladder Leakage products, absorbency is key. Light bladder leakage can be triggered by many things such as laughter, sports, sneezing, coughing, sickness, surgery, etc. Poise now makes the Poise Microliner utilizing SAM (Super Absorbent Materials). It’s their  thinnest liner available in the light incontinence category from Poise to manage Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) while letting you go about your day without feeling weighed down.

Super Absorbent Materials, Why Absorbency Matters   Poise Microliners #PoisewithSam

While in the package, the Poise Microliner is about as big as a silver dollar, so you can carry several in your tiniest handbag.  Unfolded, the Microliner is about the weight of a paper dollar and almost as thin. You will hardly notice the Microliner doing its job. The SAM (Super Absorbent Material) in Poise Microliner really seems to absorb wetness, neutralize odor, and you will really notice how dry you feel.

Super Absorbent Materials, Why Absorbency Matters   Poise Microliners #PoisewithSam

I like the Poise Microliner because it frees me from worrying about the triggers of LBL. Do you have trouble with Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) caused by laughter? Read about my experience with that trigger in my previous post “Getting the Shot. Laughter as a Trigger!”

If you want a little help with the LBL, the triggers that cause it, and the how the Poise Microliner you can visit thePoise website for answers.

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Watch the video we created About Super Absorbent Materials, Why Absorbency Matters

Getting the Shot. Laughter as a Trigger!

[ 34 ] May 21, 2014 |

When Taking Photos, Introduce Laughter

I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SAMInYourPants

Light Bladder Leakage Poise Getting the Shot #SAMInYourPants

As a lifestyle/fashion blogger, my husband takes a lot of pictures of me. Many of the shots, you never get to see. Thank goodness! One of his best techniques is to get me laughing like the shot above. This approach usually leads to a great relaxed shot like this:

Light Bladder Leakage Poise Getting the Shot  #SAMInYourPants

The Chief Blonde is wearing BB Dakota Tallis Knit Dress ($99, Sale $63),  Steven Allover Cutout Oxfords ($119), vintage navy hose, vintage filigree necklace 

Laughter is a trigger

You see, laughter is a trigger for me. It makes me goofy, relaxed and allows me to pose more naturally. Laughter helps me to be less inhibited and as a result enables us to get a great shot.

Laughter, unfortunately, also is a trigger for light bladder leakage for myself and many other women, especially those over 45. I get irritated at having to change my underwear several times a day and never being able to wear the same pair of pants twice! You know how it goes, one minute you are laughing your butt off with your family and the next minute you realize that all that laughter has triggered leakage.

Light Bladder Leakage Poise Getting the Shot #SAMInYourPants


Time to discuss this important topic — Light Bladder Leakage

I put off writing this post, as I was unsure how to tackle it. I found it pretty embarrassing to discuss my issues with you. Then I realized, maybe by discussing the topic, I could help others. Once I turned the focus off of myself, discussing this issue became much easier. Light bladder leakage is so real for so many woman yet, not surprisingly many women won’t or don’t talk about it…ever. I’ll bet YOU or someone you know has experienced light bladder leakage over the course of their life, right?  

Laughter Protection

Light Bladder Leakage Poise Getting the Shot #SAMInYourPants

I have recently discovered the Poise Microliner. It’s the thinnest liner available in the light incontinence category but seems to be just what I need, as a women over 45, when the giggles hit. I found that the super absorbent material (SAM) that the liner is made from was adequate to save my delicate lingerie and pants or tights from unfortunate leakage. Poise Microliner is so small that it will fit right in your pocket, backpack or even tiny evening bag.


Now that I have tried the Poise Microliner, Poise and I would like to offer you an exclusive sample! Head over to the Poise website and get your free sample of the Poise Microliner! See if Poise Microliner can get you laughing again and help you get the SHOT!