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Beauty Patch ? Change your Life? Really? RB-X

[ 14 ] April 9, 2014 |

80 percent of women feel anxious about the way they look!


 Women were asked to try the RB-X beauty patch and video their experiences

I found this message, created by Dove, to be compelling. I wasn’t compensated to post this, I just feel strongly that it’s a great campaign to remind women that YOU can find your own beauty. It’s been there all the time! Watch this touching short Dove: Patches video

THE DOVE: Patch Experiment

Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke

Dove developed a beauty patch called the RB-X Beauty Patch and asked women to try it. Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke (Ph.D., Counseling Psychology) guided the experiment. Dr. Kearney-Cooke is also a New York Times best-selling author. She has a thirty year career which encompasses conducting scientific research around women’s body image and self-esteem.

Participants were encouraged by Dr. Kearney-Cooke  to wear a custom-made “beauty patch” for two weeks. The patch was supposed to help them feel more beautiful. Each women was to keep a video diary for two weeks.

Beauty Patch Results?

 All the women agreed that wearing the “beauty patch” helped to improve their self-esteem and to change their personal lives in ways that they had not imagined.

So WHAT did the Dove: Patches contain?


The “beauty patch” contained nothing. The women utilized the power of believing to feel more beautiful.

“When a woman feels beautiful, she radiates happiness and confidence, which inspires her life in a significant way,” said Dr. Kearney-Cooke. “These women, like so many others, struggle to recognize their own beauty and it severely affects their daily lives. This ground-breaking experiment was designed to illustrate that beauty is a state of mind and that the power to feel beautiful comes from within.”

A Beautiful State of Mind — Today interviews Participants

There has been a lot of mockery of this campaign saying the women were tricked…see what four of the participants have to say about the Dove patch.

Self Esteem: The greatest gift a parent can give

I always believe my parents gave me a healthy dose of self esteem. I am so very blessed, I know. I would say I have less trouble recognizing my own beauty than some of my blogger friends. I am not talking only about outer beauty but beauty of the soul and character. Believe in your own beauty, believe you can bring that beauty to others. You are worthy. You matter.

If your parents didn’t impart this message to you, consider giving yourself a “beauty patch” today.  As Glinda from the Wizard of Oz told Dorothy:

You’ve always had the power

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Cost to fix my saggy neck? breasts? Plastic Surgery Costs 2014

[ 23 ] March 31, 2014 |

Sometimes I photoshop my neck…and other confessions

This Plastic Surgery Costs 2014 is brought to you in conjunction with Dr. Kaplan’s Buildmybod to help you find costs of plastic surgery procedures in your area of the country.

Photoshopped neck Plastic surgery costs 2014

The Chief Blonde and her Neck:  Top Right: Photoshopped;  Middle Left: The neck of yesteryear; Middle Right: The neck scarf;Bottom Right: The hand block

The Saggy Neck — Is plastic surgery the answer?

I used to have a long and graceful neck. In fact, at times, I felt my neck was too long. I actually stopped obsessing about that when I met ballet dancers and realized a long neck can be an asset (alas, it didn’t make me the Swan Queen…)

The Swan queen gif

However, as I often model fashion on this blog, I have to shift through countless pictures of myself. Many times, if not outloud, than in my head, I think “Egads…whose NECK is that?”  when choosing images to post. I resort to various techniques to camouflage my neck including PicMonkey airbrushing, scarves, and the famous “block the neck with the hand” pose.

Sometimes, I wonder–if I had the money or was willing to spend the money– is plastic surgery the answer? That always leads me to think about what plastic surgery procedures actually cost.

Plastic Surgery Costs for 2014

Anyone who is toying with the idea of plastic surgery will want to check the new website called - the only place to get real time procedure pricing including all the extras like the operating room, etc. I find the blog especially useful as it details many procedures with pictures, costs, and aspects to consider.

Plastic surgery pricing can be very difficult to understand because there are so many factors involved such as the surgeon’s fee, OR fees, anesthesia fees, cost of implants (if any), post-op garments, cosmetic insurance, etc. Those factors are hard to include as a menu on a website but BuildMyBod’s patented system allows a plastic surgeon to enter fees for each procedure and take into account all of those variables. For example, OR/anesthesia fees depend on how long the operation is. The BuildMyBod system can alter the costs instantaneously to correspond to the procedure or procedures to give an accurate estimate.

  ~Dr. Kaplan, Founder, Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery in San Francisco

 This comprehensive infographic summarizes Plastic Surgery Costs 2014 across the country

Plastic Surgery Costs 2014

For further discussion and analysis of the data for these Plastic Surgery Costs 2014, read Dr. Kaplan’s article: 2014 Annual Plastic Surgery Pricing Report Unveiled

Do you worry about your neck?

Oops! Is That Pee? — 4 Types of Urinary Incontinence

[ 28 ] March 12, 2014 |

Loss of Bladder Control — Dealing with the Leaks

Full disclosure: For this article on the 4 types of Urinary Incontinence, I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network campaign for Depend. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Depend and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

types of incontinence

What is Urinary Incontinence?

When you lose control of your bladder that’s defined as urinary incontinence. Essentially, you can’t always control when you need to urinate. Incontinence occurs if the urine leaves the bladder and urethra without warning. Did you know that approximately 25 million people nationwide are affected? Also, according to Depend, an adult personal incontinence product company, bladder leakage is most common in people over 50 years old, like me. But it can also affect younger people, especially women who have given birth. Men can experience urinary incontinence as well.

What are the 4 types of Urinary Incontinence?

  • Stress Incontinence–Loss of urine when you place pressure or ‘stress’ on your bladder. Leakage when you sneeze, cough, laugh, exercise, or lift heavy items. Causes may include: physical changes from childbirth, pregnancy, menopause, being overweight
  • Urge Incontinence–Sudden, intense urge to urinate – often followed by involuntary loss of urine. Sudden or frequent emptying of bladder; getting up two or more times per night to urinate. Causes may include: bladder or urinary tract infections, bladder irritants, stroke, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis
  • Overflow Incontinence–Frequent or constant dribble of urine. Feeling your bladder is never empty; sometimes only a weak stream of urine. Causes may include: damaged bladder, blocked urethra, diabetes
  • Functional Incontinence– Inability to reach bathroom in time. Physical or psychological impairment where you cannot reach the bathroom in time. Causes may include: mobility limitations, pain with movement, medications, arthritis

~Source, DEPEND

A personal story

Types of incontinence Bladder control

When I was little, my mom always used to ask all of us before we went anywhere “Did everyone go to the bathroom?” or more explicitly “Did everyone go pee?” It was, to say the very least…annoying, yet quite effective in avoiding accidents.

As I have rounded the corner to the age of 50 and passed it, I began to experience certain accidents during certain situations, especially in situations where I hadn’t emptied my bladder! I could no longer hold my urine in situations of laughing, coughing, or exercise. Yes, I was experiencing occasional leakage. I suffer from stress incontinence as defined above. Now THIS is certainly annoying!

I found that I could no longer travel “lightly”. I had to have a pair of pants/tights/bottoms for everyday and a few just- in-case pairs, as well. Bringing two pairs of underwear for each day of the trip became second nature. Traveling with a carry-on for a week in the winter became very difficult.

A night with my friends, coupled with a bottle of wine and much laughter, must also now include frequent trips to the bathroom because laughter is surely a situation which can lead to me experiencing bladder weakness. I bet many of you can relate to that!

When walking with my husband around our neighborhood, several times I have forgotten my mother’s warning (“Make sure you go to the bathroom”), and had to cut through the woods behind our house to get home quickly. I had leakage issues with each step and it became intolerable to keep walking.

Real People have Bladder Control Issues

Is this hard for me to reveal these VERY PERSONAL details to you? Actually…yes it is. I put off writing this post for some time because quite frankly, I wondered if you would laugh at me or make fun or me. But after visiting the Depend website  and realizing there are products available to deal with life’s embarrassing situations if my condition worsens, I felt, perhaps, my honesty might help you or someone you love.

I am a real person, I have a real story. Depend brand created “Real PeopleReal Stories” Videos to show real people with bladder control issues in a series of inspirational videos.You can hear their stories as they discuss how the discreet fit of Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection helped them to regain a sense of normalcy that helps give them the freedom and confidence they need every day.

Watch this video hear the story of Linda, a pilot:

Mar Jennings weighs in

Top lifestyle expert Mar Jennings shares one of his bladder control tips:

If you experience bladder control issues, there are products available that provide a discreet and comfortable fit, like Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection, which features more Lycra strands, to help give you the freedom and confidence you need to be active every day.

Watch this video to get a quick look at the Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection to see what Mar is talking about.


I feel that the new Depend Underwear with new fit-flex protection design fits close to the body without excess bagging. The flex Lycra strands seem like they would enable a more active lifestyles avoiding the crinkle sound and stiff feel that other brands experience. Truly, when I looked at and tried on the product (for review purposes), I felt like it was just underwear with a some extra protection. No big deal. And that’s the point isn’t it? People with the different types of urinary incontinence issues just want to find a product that helps them with their bladder control issues and makes their issues less of a deal!

Would you like to try a Sample?

Depend underwear with new flex-fit protection

Would you like to see how the Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection works for your active lifestyle and under your clothes? Perhaps a loved one could use an incontinence product to help them discreetly manage this common condition? Depend wants to challenge men and women to try on their product for a weekend and see how it addresses incontinence issues.

Click >>>HERE <<< to request a FREE SAMPLE!

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift? Cost of Buttock enhancement?

[ 9 ] February 27, 2014 |

How much to define your derriere?

This “Costs of Cosmetic Procedure” series is provided to my readers for their information. The Chief Blonde was provided a promotional item. 

Cost of brazilian Butt Lift

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift

One of my favorite advertising campaigns was by Tiffany’s. They featured beautiful jewelry and also noted the price. It made me realize that Tiffany had items that even I could afford.

I have always been curious about plastic surgery costs as well. Haven’t you? To bring you more knowledge about plastic surgery costs, I am working with Jonathan Kaplan, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco to share costs of various cosmetic procedures. The first procedure I will highlight is the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift using Fat Injections*

      • Total MD fees: $6550
      • Total OR time: 4.0 hours
      • Total OR/anesthesia cost: $2880
      • Total implant costs: $0
      • Total garment costs: $300
      • Total cosmetic insurance costs:$300
      • Total estimate: $10030

* Prices provided by Jonathan Kaplan, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon via an article “Brazilian Butt Lift Cost” on his website “Build My Bod” are for the San Francisco area. Prices will vary across the country. 

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A familiar name for a buttock enhancement or a butt lift is Brazilian Butt Lift. This buttock enhancing originated in Brazil, thus the name. According to a recent study, Brazil is second only to the US in terms of cosmetic procedures. In a recent article by Jonathan Kaplan, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco, he indicates:

It’s not clear if the Brazilian butt lift referred to a specific technique in Brazil, similar to how it’s not clear if the butt lift was meant to be a specific technique here in the US.

According to Dr. Kaplan, the Brazilian Butt Lift can be divided into 2 categories – a lift or enlargement. When it comes to a lift, these patients are unhappy with excess skin that has a significant sag. For patients concerned about a deflated buttock, enlargement is appropriate, usually accomplished implants or injections.

Before and After Pictures of Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures

Costs of Brazilian Butt lift

Are you interested to see Before and After pictures of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure? In his article “The Brazilian Butt Lift — to lift or inflate?”, Dr. Kaplan provides detailed pictures of what can be accomplished. I think it’s best to view the pictures on his site as I don’t usually feature exposed buttocks on my site.

Important Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Considerations


While there is nothing wrong with having an idea of what your cosmetic procedure may cost, always remember to keep this in mind:

  1. Price should not be your main consideration when choosing a surgeon for your cosmetic procedure
  2. Your plastic surgeon should be a board certified plastic surgeon. They will evaluate your buttock shape and discuss the best technique for you.
  3. You need to confirm you are a candidate for surgery
  4. Consider all risks before proceeding
  5. Make sure your procedure is done in an accredited facility, not a hotel room, beauty shop or party setting

Blog Note: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on my blog.  You should consult your physician before committing to any medical procedure. 

Workout Videos Power Boxing, 21 Day Body Makeover, Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout

[ 138 ] February 7, 2014 |

3 New Workout Videos to help you with your Resolutions!

Blog Note: We were provided Video review samples for this post
Acacia Videos
still blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks: Happy Valentine’s Day! MamaNYC is baaack .

Check out what’s new from Acacia

Just in time for New Year’s fitness resolution season, award-winning fitness DVD distributor Acacia offers workouts from diverse disciplines to help exercisers fulfill any fitness goal – no matter how ambitious.

Some of the season’s finest workouts include:

Everyday Workout for Everyday WomanLisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman, an inspiring and accessible workout for people like her who dislike working out but want to remain healthy and active as they age;.  What I like is Lisa is there working with her trainer. Looking fit but normal and encouraging me to get off my butt!

Lisa Whelchel, The Facts of Life star and Survivor: Philippines fan favorite says:

 “I’m an everyday woman when it comes to fitness. I know exercise is key for my health and well-being, but I don’t always enjoy doing it. And as a busy working mom, I have a hard time fitting workouts into my schedule. But I’ve learned that having fun with exercise can make all the difference. So I’ve teamed up with trainer Janice Clark to demonstrate two safe, sane, and effective workouts for women of all shapes and sizes.” Lisa adds, “If you’re an everyday woman like me who isn’t looking for rock hard abs but wants to be healthier, stronger, more energetic, and have a looser waistband, follow us and have some fun!”

($16.99 DVD Single, Approx. 44 min., plus bonus)

POWER bOXING WORKOUTPower Boxing Workout with Marlen Esparza, Olympic Medalist America’s first female medalist in Olympic boxing, reigning seven-time USA Boxing National Champion, and motivational speaker Marlen Esparza debuts 4 high-intensity workouts. Ranked #1 in the United States, bronze medalist Marlen shares the unique workout routine that gets her into fighting shape to win competitions all over the world. Given the health and cardiovascular benefits of boxing training, whether you are a boxing fan or a newcomer, Marlen’s new workouts will help you get a fit, lean and strong physique. She is also one of the select few that currently live and train at the U.S. Olympic Center in Colorado Springs in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games.

For me this video is a probably to intense, but anyone is a little more active will definitely enjoy Marlen’s expertise and intensity!

($16.99 DVD Single, Approx. 55 min., plus bonus)


21 dAY Body MakeoverEscape Your Shape: 21-Day Body Makeover, the revolutionary fitness system designed specifically for your body shape. The world’s only patented system based on the bestselling book of the same name by creator Edward Jackowski, PhD,Escape your Shape: 21-Day Body Makeover features a series of exercises specifically designed to efficiently target trouble spots for each body type, including three body types: hourglass, ruler, and spoon. By doing the correct two, 20-minute circuit workouts designed for each shape, you’ll lose fat and inches where you need to. So break out of that exercise rut and finally get the body you’ve always wanted and deserve! ($16.99; 120 minutes)

I loved this.  So many exercise videos do not compensate for the fact that some women have large chests!  The hour glass video is just right for me!


Please visit to watch clips from each workout.

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed.  The contest had 1972 entries.  See Giveaway Winners

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