3M Mobile Projector: Entertaining Bedridden Family Member

3M Mobile Projector

 Bring the Fun to Sick Family Members with a 3M Projector Entertaining Bedridden Loved Ones?  Bring the Family Fun to Them with 3M Mobile Projectors No Need for Sick Family Members to Miss the Memories! My mom has been sick.  Really Sick.  Like she can't get off the couch sick...and she is … [Read more...]

Waterpik Ultra Water flosser Review, Alternative Dental Floss Method

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

WaterPik Ultra Water Flosser, LESS PAIN ..MORE GAIN Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser  --Are your Teeth or Gums Irritated? My husband gets food caught under a crown in his tooth constantly.  I have several teeth that have a wide gap where food just LOVES to collect!  Sound familar? I know its  a … [Read more...]

Isafe Waist Pack Reveiw

I-safe Waist Pack

Isafe Waist Pack-- Women over 45, Safety and Personal Protection! ISafe Wasit Pack (MSRP $39.99) Blog Note:  This ISafe Waist Pack Giveaway is Part of the Turning Leaves Giveaway Hop hosted by Simply Stacie & Sassy Mama in LA.  Turning Leaves Foundation’s mission is to provide support to … [Read more...]

Tru Protection iphone 4 Cover Air Jacket Review


Tru Protection iphone 4  Air Jacket designed by Heather Brown   Heather Brown Inspired Designs for Tru Protection ($54.95)  These Tru Protection Iphone 4 Air Jacket Phone cases arrived at my house with no solicitation from me that I can find evidence of nor did any PR rep contact me.  I … [Read more...]