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Review: Golla Bags of Finland For Generation Mobile

[ 0 ] June 17, 2011 |

Ride the New Wave of Technology and Fashion with Golla Bags

Golla Bags

Golla’s new Spring collection brings fresh colors and many new styles of bags for the latest gadgets.

New Slim Laptop Bags and Sleeves Protect Your Laptop and Tablet

Golla Bags--10.1 elo TabletGolla Slim Sleeve

The newest novelties in Golla’s Collection for  2011 are a new vertical Slim Laptop Bag with top handles and a shoulder strap. This new Slim Laptop Bag protects your laptop or netbook from 11.6” up to 16”. ( G1178 Slim Cover ELO 10.1″ 32.99 USD)  The Golla Laptop Sleeves in a horizontal design are made for your tablet, netbook or laptop from 10.2” up to 17.3”. Golla’s bags and sleeves are slim and lightweight so you can take them with you wherever you go. (G1162 Slim Sleeve DIP 10.2″ 29.99 USD)

Golla Camera Bags Come in New Sizes and Fresh Designs

Golla Bags--Digi Bag Camera

Golla extends its range of bags for cameras by adding a new extra small size for compact digital cameras. The Camera Bag S is a perfect fit for mirrorless compact cameras with some accessories. Semi-professional SLR and DSLR cameras are well protected in the Camera Bags M and L. Golla also offers colorful camera straps in four designs. For the smaller compact digital cameras, Golla’s range presents three sizes of Digi Bags. ($14.90–16.90 USD)

Perfect Style and Security for Your Phone

Golla Phone Pocket

Golla’s collection has a wide selection of bags that fit all kind of mobile phones and smartphones. This year, Golla also features a special range of products dedicated to the iPhone. Choose from simple Mobile Bags, slim Phone Pockets, practical Phone Wallets, protective Hard Covers, and multifunctional Smart Bags. ( Phone Pocket IDA XL 14.90 USD)


Still Blonde smallChief Blonde Remarks: Still Blonde after all these YEARS was lucky enough to see these bags debuted at the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas.  Hands down this was my favorite booth for design, so it was no surprise that the bags also are a brilliant design–so very Euro, without all the fussiness that we tend to include  in our bag Design in the US.  Simple, clean, and ubercool, the bright colors appeal to any generation, we Women over 45 like the crisp neons as much as anyone.  (See the Bright Pink Golla Slim Sleeve featured in this Outfit Post).  I particularly like the padding and Gen Mob Motif used inside  the Slim cover, this would make any Apple Ipad lover shudder in delight!  Surprisingly, my favorite bag that I sampled was the Phone Pocket.  This adorable little pocket protects your phone without all the bulk so many phone covers have and yet it can be used for ID and a bit of cash as well.  If you want Mobile Bags, with a clean bright design that will protect and enhance your electronics, Golla deserves to be your BAG!  Highly recommend. Perfect for Dads and Grads!

Golla Collection 2011 is available in stores worldwide starting from April. Golla is the original brand to specialize in fashionable bags for gadgets. Golla bags are known for their wide array of colors, funky prints and incredible quality. See the whole collection at  Purchase Golla at and other major retailers.

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2011 CES Fashionware Fashion Show–Living in Digital Times

[ 2 ] April 30, 2011 |

Electronics and Fashion–Who Knew?

2011 CES Fashionwear Fashion Show

During the 2011 CES, in Las Vegas in January, 2011, one of the best events that Still Blonde after all these YEARS went to was the CES Fashionware Fashion Show which featured a showcase of wearable technologies including solar powered backpacks, sophisticated mobile phones and netbooks, and fashion powered by light or movement, climate changing gear, and more.  Women over 45 were not featured in the show which was a disappointment , the focus of the show was Tech Fashions for Moms.

Various types of “Moms” were featured during the fashion, such as Blogger Mom, Day Mom, and Green Mom.  I am already campaigning for next year, for Women Over 45 to be featured such as “Senior Mom” or “Still Blonde” Mom–What do you think? Here’s a few shots of the model Moms on the runway!

Greenware Mom 2011 CES Fashionware Fashion Show(Above) Green Ware Mom with her Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack, Piezing Jacket for collecting kinetic energy and Lenovo IdeaPad.

Blogger Ware Mom 2011 CES Fashionware Fashion ShowBlogger Ware Mom with her Looxie easy to wear video camera, Kamerflage Thunder Cloud and Lightening Bolt Dress and A Fibanacci Scarf.  I’d like to say for the record that this is exactly what I wear when I blog each day…

Party Ware Mom 2011 CES Fashionware Fashion Show

I have to say that Partyware Mom was my favorite in a Snapfish Charm Bracelet and Miura Scarf.

Evening Ware Mom 2011 CES Fashionware Fashion Show

Evening Ware Mom was just plain ridiculous in a self inflating dress which made the model look like she had a big bulbous butt instead of the insect wings that the dress was supposed to inspire.  Just silly!

The CES Fashionware show took place at Las Vegas Fashionshow Mall.  The runway pops right out of the ground.  One minute it’s just part of the mall as you can see in the shot below, the next minute it raises up and there is a runway, podium and stage.

FashionWare Stage 2011 CES fashionware show

Here’s a shot of the Chief Blonde enjoying the 2011 CES Fashionware show!


Finally, you really should know that in addition to the fashion, wine and high tech–the food was excellent!  Shh!  Don’t tell everyone or all the bloggers will be here next year!  Of course, if I am modeling then you won’t want to MISS it!

Photo credit: W. Zurek, Chief Technical editor

To see the full CES Fashionware fashion show, visit : For video clips visit:

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