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Win It For a Survivor Giveaway Shoe Dazzle, Motives, Project Iris, 2 Books

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Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways — A Yearly Feature To Highlight Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Research

Blog Note:  Please enter for yourself as a survivor or anyone that you know that has been affected by Breast Cancer!  We will gladly donate your winning to a survivor or someone who has been affected by Breast Cancer if you want us to…Just let us know!  


SHoe Dazzle 150..motives 150..Project Iris 150


Win it for A Survivor!

We have five awesome Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways for you today, as a Special Halloween Treat!  We want you to enter these giveaways to Win it for a Survivor of breast cancer that you know or a loved one who has been affected by breast cancer or you can donate it to another person that we choose!  Whether you are a Women over 45 or one of our younger friends, we are sure you’ll want to support this cause!  Here’s a quick summary of the Giveaways:

  • One  $40 Shoe Credit to ShoeDazzle.
  • Two  t-shirts provided by Project Iris.
  • Three  tubes of Motives® Collagen Core Lipstick in “Inspired” –3 tubes
  • One  book on BBCA2 Gene Mutation by Veronica Neave called Pieces of Me. (Advance Copy)
  • One book by Gina M. Maisano entitled Finding your Way Back to Life (and Love) after Breast Cancer.

I would like to take a moment to highlight what each of these companies/books is doing to highlight the Pink Cause via their Breast Cancer Awareness efforts and Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways!  If you are not a survivor yourself, we encourage you to win this for someone you love who has had breast cancer  or has been affected by Breast cancer.  Want to donate it to a worthy entrant?  Let us know!

Shoe Dazzle

Powerful Pink–ShoeDazzle

Love Pink?  Support Pink?  ShoeDazzle’s Powerful Pink Campaign supports Breast Cancer Awareness with a special Shoe Collection.  This October 2011, footwear aficionados will  spread their own brand of awareness about breast cancer for this year’s  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month through a purchase at  ShoeDazzle’s  Powerful Pink collection.  You’ll note that the color of pink used in this collection is very powerful and it highlights a specially designed scarf and clutch bag.  This is the 3rd year that ShoeDazzle is supporting Breast Cancer Awarenss with 10% of sales from the Powerful Pink collection being earmarked for the  Susan G. Komen for the Cure.   ShoeDazzle has pledged  a minimum donation of $10,000.

In addition to the specially designed accessories, ShoeDazzle has created three  pink and powerful shoes – a “Stephanie” sky-high pump and returning  “Beth” bootie, each named after a ShoeDazzle client who eas a breast cancer survivor, and a casual sneaker called the “Zoom” casual sneaker! Each $39.95, and sold exclusively at ShoeDazzle is an e-commerce leader in cause related marketing. offers monthly shoe, jewelry, handbag and accessory selections for those who adore a variety of fun forefront fashion , most priced at $39.95.

stillblonde3 smallThe Chief Blonde Remarks: Still Blonde after all these YEARS featured ShoeDazzle’s Breast Cancer Awareness efforts last year as well.  There is nothing like a good bright pink to make people stop and pause and take note.  I am sure that’s ShoeDazzle’s philosophy.  I adore business model, you will love shopping there.  The selection is endless, they pick out your selections every month and allow you to choose an alternate based on style and color.  The ShoeDazzle facebook Page is super active as well,  and you can request that certain styles be added to your showroom right on the wall.  ShoeDazzle is  the most personal LARGE company that I have ever encountered on Facebook.  They are just as active and BOLD with their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns.  You will certainly want to step out in these fashions and know that your purchases help in the fight!


GO PINK!  Motives® by Loren Ridinger

Motives® by Loren Ridinger wants to inspire women, the world over, to get routine mammograms and perform a regular breast self exam, thereby increasing the chance of early detection.    Via an online promotion,  Motives will feature two of their best and newest  Motives lipsticks– Motives® Mineral Lipstick in Brilliant and  Motives® Collagen Core Lipstick in Inspired.     Run over to Motives® today, because they are donating $1.00 for every lipstick  sold in these colors from October 5 – October 31 to Breast Cancer Awareness!

We will be giving away a Motives® Mineral Collagen Core Lipstick in Inspired to three lucky winners.  Inspired is a pearlized vibrant sheer pink lipstick.  Hydrolyzed collagen in the core of Motives® Mineral Collagen Core Lipstick helps softens  lips thereby enhancing fullness and volume, also the core aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Motives® Mineral Collagen Core Lipstick is that one  lipstick that you will always have with you because it provides collegen and  color  in one tube, for softer and more luxurious looking lips.  ( $22.50 and is available for purchase at )

stillblonde3 smallThe Chief Blonde Remarks: I was fortunate enough to be sent samples of both the Motives® Mineral Lipstick in Brilliant and  Motives® Collagen Core Lipstick in Inspired.  I am really adoring the Inspired.  It makes my slightly vintage lips all soft and supple.  The color is just right for my skin–which isn’t easy for a pale skinned wonder like myself.  The lipstick seems to have a cinnamon smell–not sure–but whatever it is, I LIKEY.  I am sure that Motives will be a popular choice by those who buy products to support Breast Cancer.  I see myself as a continued fan!

 Project Iris contributes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Project Iris


Project Iris is a  cause conscious women’s apparel line. They are doing an exclusive breast-cancer awareness shirt for the month of October where 10% of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Project Iris purpose is to provide women who like fashion a way to contribute through their purchases to causes that affect other women. The long term  vision is for Project Iris to be  a world-changing group of purchasers that makes a  impact on causes through every purchase on world hunger, malnutrition and health.

stillblonde3 smallThe Chief Blonde Remarks:  The Project Iris Pink Ribbon Shirt is not just a nice shirt–it’s a REALLY nice shirt!  How often can you combine a high quality tee (cut beautifully, nice long length for tucking or hiding, beautiful graphics, the price tag attached with an “Iris” bracelet, and made in USA!)  with one that supports causes– always– wherever it is sold?  Want to do good for breast cancer or world hunger?  Project Iris is produced to support the cause.

Pieces of Me by Veronica Neave

Pieces of Me

Could you do it?  Could you face the choices that Veronica Neave faced and make the choices that she felt compelled to make?  Veronica Neave when confronted with the reality of having the BBCA2 gene mutation (80% chance of getting breast cancer) must decide if she will remove her healthy breasts and also her ovaries.  In her book Pieces of Me, Neave contemplates these overwhelming choices as well as facing well meaning “advice” from others, along with her own beliefs on body image, sexuality, and lost identity.  (Bonneville Books, $13.99, Advance Copy)

stillblonde3 smallThe Chief Blonde Remarks:  I can find this book so shocking!  How can someone begin to grapple with the choices that Neave had to face?  Her honesty and openness might just get the next person through that has to face these incredible choices.

Finding you Way Back to Life (and Love) after Breast Cancer 

This book by Gina M. Maisano, a two time Breast Cancer Survivor, will help you put the cancer behind you and get you back to yourself!  Part One of Intimacy After Breast Cancer will help you gain control of your spirit and body.  Book Two will help you find your sexual self. Life, Love and Intimacy DO NOT have to end after Breast Cancer.  (Square one Publishers, $16.95)

stillblonde3 smallThe Cheif Blonde Remarks:  I was faced with some of these same issues after a hysterectomy.  I know that I worried how I would feel.  Would I still be me?  Would my husband still love me?  Could I ever get my Mojo back?  And no doctor ever discussed ANY of this with me.  I never read any material on it.  I am quite sure that Breast Cancer survivors struggles are even worse and more heartfelt.  In the literature provided with the book, one reviewer noted that it’s a book that fills a gap in the Breast Cancer Awareness literature.  I agree.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways:

October 30-Nov. 5, 2011 11:59 EST


$240 total Value, 8 Winners!

  • One  $40 Shoe Credit to ShoeDazzle. ($40)
  • Two  Pink Ribbon t-shirts provided by Project Iris. ($50/shirt)
  • Three  tubes of Motives® Collagen Core Lipstick in “Inspired” –3 tubes ($22.50/lipstick)
  • One  book on BBCA2 Gene Mutation by Veronica Neave called Pieces of Me. (Advance Copy $13.99)
  • One book by Gina M. Maisano entitled Finding your Way Back to Life (and Love) after Breast Cancer. ($17.95)

This Giveaway has ended.  The Rafflecopter form has been removed.  The Giveaway had 1393 entries.  See Giveaway Winners!

still Blonde after all these YEARS

OKA b. Footwear Review, Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways

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Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways & OKA b. Footwear–What a great way to raise Awareness!


Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways

OKA b. footwear is teaming up with the American Cancer Society for the “Our Greatest Feat “.

Many Cancer patients need something a little special while they are going through their battle with cancer.   OKA b., a forefront U.S. producer of eco-chic footwear  is collaborating with the American Cancer Society to provide its soothing spa shoes for cancer patients during their treatment.  The Goal of Our Greatest Feat is to ensure donation of 50,000 OKA b. shoes in 60 day time period.  Whenever a pair of shoes is sold on OKA b. webite during the months of September and October, OKA b. will then match that purchase  and donate a pair of their shoes to an individual struggling with cancer!  Already this year, OKA b. has donated 5000 pairs of its shoes to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.

stillblonde3 small The Chief Blonde Remarks:

Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways have been featured all month on our blog.  We are proud to bring all the efforts of these wonderful companies that are making a difference for breast cancer awareness AND Cancer in general.  We really think the efforts on the part of OKA b. are admirable.  The OKA b. footwear line is so cute and comfortable, I just can’t think of anything more beautiful and soothing for someone to receive to pick them up when they are feeling low!  A pair of shoe are not a cure,  but certainly a gentle reminder that many many people care and share in the cancer survivors ongoing struggles.

We have previously featured OKA b.  and provided reviews of their cute spa footwear.  But today we are so pleased to highlight all their efforts with the American Cancer Society!   Something  I have not mentioned yet is that, OKA b. has designed  a Limited Edition of their Madison slide shoe which is pictured above.  Every time you purchase this shoe, $10 will be donated directly to Cancer research at the ACS!  To purchase the Limited Edition Madison or to learn more,  please visit!



The OKA B. Footwear Giveaway Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways  runs from Oct. 27 10:00PM to Nov. 2 at 11:59 PM. EST


OKA b. has graciously agreed to provide 2 winners with any pair of Sandals from their fall line AND another pair of OKA b. shoes will be donated in your name to a person battling cancer to highlight their Our Greatest Feat initiative with the American Cancer Society!    Isn’t that amazing!  $160 Value!  ($40 max value/pair of shoes )

The Giveaway is OVER!  See OKA b. Winners.  The Linky and Rafflecopter forms have been deleted.  THIS GIVEAWAY had 2383 ENTRIES!!!!

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Penny Wise PINK Giveaway Package Office Products

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Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways, Pretty Stylish Office Products for an important cause!

Blog Note: This Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways is part of the LARGE Spooktacular Giveway Hop.  

Penny Wise Flyer


Penny Wise  has gone PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Not only can you get affordable discounted office products BUT you can also find a multitude of items that support Breast Cancer Awareness–the cause for the Pink month of October.   Thinking of writing a book?  These office supplies will keep you organized while you write that great American Novel.  Want to read a great book instead?  Use these supplies to keep your life organized so you can get through that great book!

Kathryn Morley, the Owner and President,  Penny Wise Office Products, feels it’s important to add beauty and wonderful style to everyone’s workplace.  “Really,”  Kathryn exclaims, “We spend at least 1/3 of our weekday at work, we should fill our space with office items we love.”  And why not, at the same time time make these office items PINK and support a cause that affects so many?

Penny Wise  also addresses the needs of busy mom who works in the home too.  Kathryn notes that Penny Wise can help a busy mom organize her home too, helping moms get control of school paperwork and household bill paying.  Want to figure out what PINK items that you can order to support Breast Cancer Awareness?  Penny Wise offers a fun and totally FREE “big-book” catalog, packed  with over 25,000 office products. You can also get a flyer which highlights ALL PINK Breast Cancer Awareness office supplies.  To get  your copy, call 1-800-942-3311 or visit Penny Wise offers over 50 Pink Ribbon Products!  Here’s a Tiny Sample:

Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways

The Rolodex Pink-Leather Padfolio ($54.50) :  In a  wonderful  “rosy” pink, this leather  padfolio contains numerous slots for arranging papers, business cards plus more. The padfolio even includes a notepad and is refillable. Perfect for jounaling, meetings and note taking.

Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways

EcoSmart Pink Binder This pink binder surely will make your work space brignt.  Great for archiving!

Victor Pencil CupaVictor’s Pink Pencil Holder ($22.00). You can now holdy your pens and pencils in style. Holds pens and pencils with style. The Pencil holder a digital display which includes a clock, thermometer, calendar and alarm. A well designed  addition to your desk.

Uni-ball 207 Gel Pink Ribbon Pen 150Bic Wite-out 150

Fiskars Special Edition Pink Scissors ($8.10) are the pair of Scissors that you will always want to grab and keep in your Pink Office Supplies.  The Uni-ball 207 Gel Pen (MSRP $2.25) comes in a many bright  colors choices. The special Pink Pens  have a special ink formula that helps protect against check fraud!  Also, because I am Blonde and always making mistakes–I really like  Bic’s Wite Out Correction Tape (MSRP $4.00). Not only great for fixing goof ups but useful for  craft projects, as well!

stillblonde3 smallThe Chief Blonde Remarks:  As you know, each October, I try to feature as many products as possible that highlight Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Research.  Penny Wise is an office supply company that cares about women and women’s causes.   I think it’s fantastic that they have over 50 Pink Ribbon Products for their clients to choose between.  Hey, You have to order Office supplies-why not buy those that support such a fantastic cause?  At Penny Wise, you can get them all in the same place!

The Breast Cancer Awareness GIVEAWAYs:

Giveaway lasts from Oct. 24- Oct. 31, 2011


One Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways winner will take home a $100 PINK Giveaway Package including all the items noted above:  Fiskars Special Edition Pink Scissors ($8.10), Bic’s Wite Out Correction Tape (MSRP $4.00), The Uni-ball 207 Gel Pen (MSRP $2.25), Victor’s Pink Pencil Holder ($22.00), EcoSmart Pink Binder, and The Rolodex Pink Leather Padfolio ($54.50)

This giveaway is now closed.   Penny wise Giveaway Winner   The Rafflecopter and Master Linky have been deleted.  The contest had 938 entries!

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Miche Bag Review, Breast Cancer Awareness

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HOPE Miche Bag Giveaway



Prima Base Miche Bag ($44.95) + Miche Hope Shell  ($49.95)


The Miche Hope Bag

Miche Bag, the revolutionary handbag company, is featuring their “Hope” Shell to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness with a portion of every sales going to Breast Cancer Research.  What you will notice about the “Hope” Design from Miche bags is the design features actual quotes from cancer survivors and metavivors.  Even more moving, when you purchase the “Hope” Shell, you will see an attached tag which features a picture of a cancer survivor and their personal quote.  When you first see them, you notice the designs for the various Hope Shells focus on actual quotes collected from many individuals who have been through the fight against cancer. When you purchase one, you see a tag attached to your Hope Shell containing a picture and personalized quote by a very special person who has fought and won their own personal battle against this disease.
Petite Miche Base Kayla Shell


Are you familiar with Miche Bag?  You can buy the Miche bag online (, speciality retail stores or via home-based “Miche Parties” hosted by an independent Miche representative!  (You can even become a Miche Bag entrepreneur–signup by visiting their website!)  What makes them unique is that you can change up your handbag in 3 seconds to match your outfit. more messy switching of all your items. How could that be?  As you will note in the picture above:  you start with a “Base Bag”, you change your look by switching the outer “Shell” which firmly attaches to the base bag with magnets.
Custom Miche Bag
stillblonde3 small
The Chief Blonde Remarks :  I simply can’t say enough about how much I adore Miche Bags–I am afraid I will go on and on and sound like a company representative.  These bags are just so…RIGHT!  The selection and size variations are endless, with 5 base bags (currently) and a constant ever changing, increasing selection of  “Shells”…it’s like having a magic bag.  Just switch the Shell..and in three seconds..POOF!  you have a whole new look in a handbag.  At first, I thought the whole “attach it firmly to the base bag with magnets” thing was going to be really lame.  When I actually put the shell on…it really does take about 3 seconds..I couldn’t even tell where it was attached once in place…it just fits perfectly.  The Hope Bag was so inspiring to me.  I love how each bag has the quotes but also has a tag that features a real cancer warrior and their personal cancer philosophy.  If you are a handbag lover, Miche bag is the solution for you on a number of levels–ease of  storage, variety of looks without the expense, affordability (base bags range from $32.95 to $44.95, Shells range from $17.95–49.95) , and size selections.  For a limited time, you can even make your own custom shell, like I did (pictured above)–can’t wait to buy this for myself! Women over 45–can you imagine the possibilities?    HIGHLY RECOMMEND Miche Bag!


Contest Runs from Oct. 21-24, 2011. (Ends 11:59 PM EST)


The winner of the giveaway will take home a Large Base bag with corresponding Hope shell (value of $90USD) + a Still Blonde Pin ($20 MSRP–compliments of ME!)  = $110

Linky and Rafflecopter Deleted. This Giveaway is Over. See the Giveaway Winners  The $110 Miche Bag Giveaway had 3085 entries!

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