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  1. These are all great suggestions and so on the money. I know over the years that I’ve found many wonderful sites online that I thought had whimsically funny and clever names and would get frustrated when I could remember them later when I wanted to return to that page to poke around (especially if I hadn’t thought to bookmark the page or sign up for their newsletter). And googling what you CAN remember of the blog name doesn’t always help you find it again. 🙂

  2. I feel like I must have read this befoe I started, but that’s impossible! However, as I read, I realized these were the steps I had taken when I started. It just took me longer to land on something because I didn’t have the handy list! I can tick off each “box” , and I’m never sorry I chose what I did. Take heed, if you’re reading this and haven’t started your blog yet!

  3. Can u believe I never realized ur blog name and the song were connected lol. To be honest ur name is one that is really different and dies stand our in my head maybe because I just turned 53 lol. Some good tips there and tho most probably didn’t research their name it’s a shame bc I can’t kp track of the similar ones

  4. I run into so many blogs that have one name on their header, another name in the url and a completely other one on facebook. It makes me crazy!

  5. These are great idea and tips for blog names. If I ever get the nerve up to start one I’m referring back to this.

  6. there are some domain names that i just look at and wonder what they were thinking. you need something good. great tips.

  7. I had to try a few names before I found the right one for my blog. It was so stressful but I am glad I took my time.

  8. My blog definitely violates the “don’t make it too long” rule. But I figure, when you are referring to a family of 8, you can afford to have a longer name. 🙂

  9. This is a great post for my Sister. She is just starting out with her blog and is deciding on a name. I will have to share this with her.

  10. I had a tough time choosing my blog name. I am glad I took the time to decide and that it was available when I finally chose.

  11. Choosing my blog name took me a long time. I tried to put a lot of thought into it, but it is a very hard decision! I am amazed at some of the creative blog names I see!

  12. These are great tips! I often wish I had not added saving to my blog name, but at the end of the day I don’t want to rebrand because my blog name is who we are.