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Completely Cute — Vionic Footwear

airlie Vionic Footwear orthoheel

Vionic Footwear Airlie (on sale now for $58.99)

Vionic! Of Course!

I had the opportunity to test drive a pair of Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Airlie Slip-on Mules. Of course, I said yes. Who doesn’t want to try all the shoes? And I didn’t have to buy all the shoes to do it. Complete fabulous win!

My first impression of the Airlie from the Vionic Footwear website was, “Leather. Well-made. Casual. But a little meh on the style.”  Then I saw them in person and realized I was wrong. They are completely cute. Mine are pewter, a soft metallic, with silver studs that look especially great with jeans.

airlie Vionic Footwear orthoheel

Airlie could also be paired with hand-knit, super excellent, specialty socks and a skirt for those with the legs for it. That’s not me, but I know it would look fabulous!

There are four other colors–bronze metallic, black, navy and wineberry (purple)—so the options for styling this mule are endless as long as you aren’t thinking evening gown or cocktail dress.

Normally, I’m an 8.5-9, but an 8 is perfect, so they run big and are in whole sizes. The velcroed strap accommodates my high instep. While cute is the first thing I saw about this mule, it wasn’t the only thing. For me, shoes must be comfortable. Some women can wear shoes that look great even if they don’t feel great. I’m not one of those women, not even in my 20’s. Now that I’m not 20 anymore, well, I still don’t compromise on comfort., even a little.

Putting on the Airlie was like stepping onto a pillow. I love to be barefoot, but this actually feels better than barefoot because I get arch support. Some may think walking on a cloud is better, but clouds have no substance, so I’m sticking with my pillow metaphor. These mules are incredibly comfortable.

airlie Vionic Footwear orthoheel

This is exactly what the founder of Orthaheel intended with the shoes. Comfort, pain relief, and cute. Well, the Orthaheel website doesn’t use the word cute–that’s mine–but I am pretty sure Orthaheel founder, Dr. Phillip J. Vasyli, didn’t want not-cute shoes.

I’m not the only one that finds these Airlies comfortable. Through a delivery mix up, the secretary at my children’s elementary school actually received the shoes and didn’t know why. She really liked them, so after I wore them to work and appreciated their comfort—yay—I gave them to her to do her own test drive. She also gave Airlie high scores in cuteness and comfort, but she wasn’t a fan of the flip-flopping of a mule. My friend works on a carpeted concrete floor, and she has trouble with leg cramps at night because of it. But the night of her Airlie day, she had no cramps and slept the whole night, waking rested and content. I’m thrilled for her.

Since she doesn’t dig the mule, she could pick another style with help from a Vionic Product Specialist. I think she’ll go with Mary Janes. Maybe flats. She’s definitely a fan of Orthaheel or maybe some of these new-for-spring Vionic styles:

Vionic Footwear orthoheel


Me? I’m a fan of Vionic with Orthaheel Technology and the Airlie.

The Vionic Footwear Airlie Slip-on Mules with Orthaheel technology were reviewed by Marie Morley, Fabulous Single Mom, a single mom blogger over 45.

Just so you know:

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology offers the only sandals recommended by both the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and renowned integrative medicine doctor, Andrew Weil, MD. Vionic. Vionic is also endorsed by celebrity fitness trainer Juliet Kaska’s (clients includes Kerry Washington, Ali Larter, Stacy Keibler, Pink, Kate Walsh and more).

Here are a few other Vionic Shoes I love…Click on the shoe and see what you think!

Vionic with Orthaheel 'Eve' Toe Post Sandal Vionic with Orthaheel 'Tide II' Flip Flop Vionic with Orthaheel 'Maggie' Geometric Cutout Wedge Sandal Image Map

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