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[ 14 ] January 2, 2014 |

Who wouldn’t love 6 new Karina Dresses?

Whoot! This is the 5th event of the fabulous Karina Dresses Dresstacular™ Giveaway. Each month until the middle of March, I will be bringing you amazing fashion giveaway highlighting Karina dresses! I am a lucky girl because Karina is providing me a different style of dress for each event so you can see how Karina Dresses are made for “Every Body”.

Karina Dresses Styles

 Choose from these Karina Dresses styles and more for this incredible giveaway

Karina Dresses is supplying a year’s worth of dresses — 6 to be exact from their splendid collection! (Retail $1000) Start the New Year off looking HOT! Here’s a few of the styles I have featured thus far:

Karina Dresses 3

In the picture above, the Chief Blonde sports 4 other Karina Dresses.  Left to right:  Sophie Dress Review or Buy it!  Meagan Dress Review or Buy it!  Gala Dress Review or Buy it! In the final picture, the Chief Blonde is wearing the Penelope dress as to look like a skirt. See my Penelope dress review or buy the Penelope dress.

I like the Meagan dress the best so far. Do you have a Karina? Which is your favorite?

Psst.  Make sure to sign up for newsletter to win!

Karina Dresses has a newsletter you will want to get in your inbox. Each weekly newsletter has a winner of a new dress selected from the email subscribers. You have to open the email to see if it is you! In addition to giveaways, The Karina Dresses newsletter also has flash sales with the hottest prints at almost 50% off! To make this newsletter even more desirable to join, if you sign up and confirm your subscription (or are already a subscriber and enter this giveaway) you will be entered into the sweepstakes for $1000 in Karina Dresses! Are you ready to join the Karina Nation? Subscribe here!

If you are a blogger and you would like to do a review of a Karina Dress, they choose their reviewers from their affiliates! You can sign up to be an affiliate here:

Can’t Wait to Win it?

Buy these dresses at Karina Dresses Website


Open to US and Canda 18+, ENDS Jan. 12, 2013 11:59 PM EST


6 Karina Dresses $1000

UPDATE:  This contest had 869 entrants!  See Giveaway Winners.

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  1. Caron Brooks says:

    I like the Gala dress on you! It’s lovely!

  2. Susan C. says:

    I LOVE #1 because you can pair it with leggings (like you did) or wear alone if you are so inclined.

  3. Gianna says:

    They all go so well with boots!

  4. So glad to discover Karina dresses. They’re lovely! :)

  5. Ashley Bustamante says:

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! You rock. Also thank you for introducing me to Karina dresses. I haven’t heard of them before, but I love their styles. They look like they flatter curves.

  6. Ashley Bustamante says:

    Ahh! I accidentally clicked that I followed on Instagram, but I can’t because I don’t have an Instagram account or a compatible device to sign up. I was trying to undo it but can’t figure out how. Is there a way to subtract one of my entries since I’m not actually following? Would if I could. :(

  7. Judy H says:

    Would like to win to Wear to weddings coming up.

  8. Patty says:

    I just love the way you style everything you wear. Your Karina wardrobe is gorgeous

  9. I love dress #2. Such a lovely color on you and the cut of the dress if very flattering.

  10. Lynne says:

    Hmm. I wonder if I was supposed to submit the +100 after I did each blogger? I only submitted it once. Ooops. I still have to comment on your blog, but will need to wait until tomorrow. Wait – no, I can’t, it ends tonight. bleh…..please “unsubmit” those entries for me, since I won’t make it here in time. I would love to win, but don’t want to cheat.

  11. debra dubois says:

    I’am so glad to discover Karina dresses.. This is a great sight to find amazing dresses :)

  12. katherine says:

    I love their dresses. They are so beautiful

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