Furniture stuck in the 90s? Visit the Sears Furniture Collection

1990 was 24 years ago, don’t you think it’s time?

This Sears Furniture Collection post is a sponsored post through the Social Media Chicks influencer network.  I am a Sears Holding Corporation blogger, though all opinions are my own.

Stuck in the 90s

 Hunter Green Leather Sofa–Now THAT’s HOT!

Back in the 90’s

Back in the mid 90’s, before my husband and I were married, he told me he was replacing the “Pit” sofa he had at his house with a leather sofa. We went to the furniture store to pick it out. When I left the store, I thought Walt was going to buy a nice brown leather sofa (that’s what we saw in the store). Imagine my horror, when he called me to come over to his house and see the new sofa. When I walked in, I saw a couch and love seat in HUNTER GREEN…and in UPGRADED leather. EEK!

Fast forward a few years, just after being married and building a new house, imagine my face when Walt tells me this wonderful ensemble was going IN THE GREAT ROOM of our new home. I’ll wait for that to sink in…Did I mention the UPGRADED LEATHER…this couch never ever wore out. The picture above was taken in 2010, and the couch looked just as new as the day Walt bought it. In his defense, Hunter Green was a very “IN” color at the time.

Some things do go out of style

The 1990’s called, they want their couch back. If that sentence rings true for you, it’s time to plan for a décor upgrade in 2014. Forget the pricey interior designer, Sears’ Furniture Collection can help turn your living room from drab to style magazine-worthy in no time. From traditional to modern, Sears’ furniture collection has something for everyone.

Sears Furniture Collection

You have the option to mix and match pieces from each collection to suit your taste or shop the entire collection for a matching look. Still need help making a décor decision? Follow these easy tips:

  • – Find color inspiration from a favorite wall color or painting. This will be the focus of your design choices
  • – When shopping for the living room, don’t overstuff the room. Plan for ample walking room between furniture pieces
  • – Tie the room together with matching pillows, a rug and other accessories

Lastly, upgrade your room in small payments using FREE Sears Layaway (no service fee) through 3/24, valid on new Layaway contracts only. After it’s all said & done, your friends will be begging for your designer’s phone number.



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  1. says

    I did not know that Sears had a layaway and as it would happen I’m looking for a new couch, not one in Hunter’s Green, so please don’t box it and send it to me :). What a timely post and I will have to go check out the selection at my local Sears and see what I can find.

    • says

      HI GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been missing you. I would gladly carry that HUNTER GREEN couch to you on my back. But I know once I got there you would just stand at the door and laugh! Shelley