What adjustment are you? Adlens Adjustables Review

Continuously Adjustable

adlens adjustable Review

Adlens Adjustables ($50)

still blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks: Can I just say that Adlens Adjustables are a phenomenal idea?  Alens Adjustables sent me a sample to review.  How many times have you, your children, or a parent lost their glasses?  Occasionally you find them or can find a place to replace them quickly but often that’s just not the case.

Adlens® Adjustables™ features a great looking frame, smooth adjusting mechanism and a comfortable one-size-fits-all fit. What I think is neat is that Adlens Adjustables are continuously adjustable, by turning the dial the two sections of each lens glide across each other until the optimum focus is achieved.

Adlens Adjustables, a pair in every home.

I found the concept of Adlens Adjustables glasses to be fascinating.  How cool is it to have a pair of glasses that:

  • You can adjust for near and far sight?
  • That you can use as a back-up pair of glasses?
  • Can be kept at work or in your home work area when your regular glasses are not available?
  • Everyone in the family can use them. I keep mine in the kitchen.
  • Share with your friends/family who are visiting?  Someone is always needing a pair of glasses for reading or looking at pictures or watching the TV!

Watch this video to understand just how Adlens Ajustables glasses work!

 Adlens® Adjustables™ uses Alvarez lens technology, a continuously adjustable solution for the correction of near, intermediate and distance vision. Each lens is adjusted independently to suit the wearer’s needs.  Plus I love all the fun colors that are available. 

adlens adjustable Review colors

Here’s a peek at how Adlens Adjustables look on a real person!

adlens adjustables Review

The Chief Blonde models Adlens Adjustables

 Can’t Wait to Win it?

Visit Adlens at their website.

UPDATE: This Giveaway is over.  See Giveaway Winners.


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  1. Melinda Stephens says

    I love that you can adjust each side differently. My mom’s vision changes throughout the day and one eye tends to be worse about it than the other. She really needs these.

  2. librarypat says

    What a great idea. Perfect to bring on our trips. If either one of us has a problem with our glasses, we can use these. As we age, that is so important.

  3. Sheri Ferguson says

    How cool are these? I love that they are adjustable. I would think that this would be perfect for people who don’t really need them all the time.