Top 5 Trends for Fall 2013, Women over 45 & Sears Fashion

Longing to Find Top 5 Trends for Fall 2013?


Top Trends for Fall 2013 #ThisIsStyle Sears #shop

Sears Fashion can help you create the top 5 trends for fall 2013! Black Louise Paris Faux Leather Jacket ($60, sale: $34.99); Bongo Women’s Short Fashion Boot Alex-Black ($40.00, sale $29.99); Bongo Junior’s Crochet Lace Top –Floral ($26.00, sale: $7.59); Studio S Bracelet Wooden Jesus Mary ($16.00, sale: $6.99); 8 1/2″ Genuine Black Leather Bracelet ($69.99); Big Hair: Chief Blonde’s own. 

Top 5 trends for fall 2013 with affordable fashions

For every season, I love to identify the top 5-10 trends and create at least one or two great outfits that I can wear that feature those trends.  Sometimes, I am lucky and already have some of the pieces in my wardrobe. Other times, I have to got out and grab a few items to update my wardrobe!  Here’s the Top 5 Trends for Fall 2013 (IMO) and you can create these affordable fashions, as well.  I found great examples of all these trends when I shopped online at Sears:

  1. Moto Jackets
  2. Boots especially Booties and Moto Boots
  3. Lace Anything
  4. Grunge Jewelry
  5. Big Hair (not necessarily available from Sears…teehee)

Shopping the mannequin to “Shop Your Way”

Top Trends for Fall 2013 #ThisIsStyle Sears #shop

Inspiration outfit (left); My Oufit:  Moto Jacket and Lace Top from Sears;  Sunglasses, pants, boots, belt, earrings and bracelets are the Chief Blonde’s own. 

I am often inspired by whole outfits that I see on a company’s blog or on a store’s mannequin.  I call it “Shopping the Mannequin” and it’s one of my fastest ways to shop. Do you ever do that? I found the look on the left on the Sear’s website. I immediately knew it was my inspiration outfit to showcase my top 5 trends for fall 2013. Visit my Google+ album, to see my whole on-line shopping trip. You will be shocked how much I saved with my Shop Your Way Rewards. How do you think I did?

Mustang Shelley

I wore this outfit for a dinner date with my husband and a friend. From there we went on to a play, The King and I. I had great fun wearing this rather “bad-ass” outfit. I wasn’t sure a Woman over 45 could pull it off, but I felt comfortable and sexy in the outfit, so it must have worked. Take a peek! Trend #5 (Big Hair) can’t be missed here.

Top 5 Trends for Fall #ThisIsStyle Sears 5 Top Trends for Fall 2013 #ThisIsStyle Sears #shop

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a car nut. I worked for GM for years, in marketing, so I know most older cars (80s and before) by name and year. It’s hard to beat a Mustang convertible. Pretty convenient how I found TWO that match my cute Sears outfit right? See Trend #1 (Moto Jacket) and Trend #3 (Lace Anything) featured below.

Top 5 Trends for Fall #ThisIsStyle Sears 8 Top Trends for Fall 2013 #ThisIsStyle Sears #shop

Top 5 Trends for Fall #ThisIsStyle Sears 6 Top Trends for Fall 2013 #ThisIsStyle Sears #shop

Now let’s get a close-up on trend #2 (Moto Booties)  and #4 (Grunge Jewelry)!

Top 5 Trends for Fall #ThisIsStyle Sears

Get social with Sears to incorporate these top 5 trends for fall

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  • Sears Facebook page

Rockin’ the fall trends one more time!

Top 5 Fall Trends #ThisIsStyle Sears #shop


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  1. Debbie says

    Love that coat!! I’m also loving the idea of a jacket worn in a sexy “what is she wearing under that” kind of way. . There’s a video about it on YouTube at and I’m looking forward to rocking my new coat this fall!

      • says

        Actually I love both! I would totally cycle through them both this Autumn. I love the red flair your outfit gives, but I seriously have an obsession with black jeans too. But you have to have that red shirt to brighten it up for the Sears Outfit. Otherwise..too much black and at least in my area, people start to think you are going goth. I love the splash of red with the black.

  2. says

    I love your look! I always stop by here to see what the latest fashions will be for the coming season. Love those boots and jewelry especially. If ‘big hair’ is going to be in for Fall I better grow some so I can be in style. :)

  3. says

    Look at you pretty lady Shelley, rockin’ out the Fall fashion! I for one would be petrified to wear those bright pink (or red?) jeans, so in my eyes, you’re fearless and fabulous! :)

  4. Jenna Wood says

    I am gaga over this look- I think I am going out to SEARS tonight and putting a copycat look together. You are just too hot for 40+, and that hair, Sandy would be jealous! I love the jacket and those Moto boots, you can come dress me any day Shelley!