How to Pick Tea Leaves with Cindi Bigelow + Bigelow Tea Back to School

Picking Tea Leaves and Choosing Better Beverages for Back to School


Cindi Bigelow demonstrates how to pick tea

Picking Tea Leaves with Cindi Bigelow 4

Cindi Bigelow  picking tea at America’s only tea garden, the Charleston Tea Plantation.  Photos Courtesy of Olsonography

As your children head back to school, they are going to need fresh resources for the many reports that they will need to write.  Why not have them write about “How to pick tea leaves?”  I had a chance to learn tea leaf picking when I won a trip  from Bigelow Tea to Charleson, SC, for writing “Around Grandma’s Table.“ I was fortunate enough to visit with Cindi Bigelow, President of Biglow tea and her parents David and Eunice Bigelow, Co-Chairman and Co-CEOs. The Bigelow’s three generation commitment  to their brand is one of the many reason I prefer Bigelow tea.

David, Eunice, and Cindi Bigelow Charleston Tea Plantation #AmericasTea #Shop

David and Eunice Bigelow, Cindi Bigelow

These are tea bushes:

#AmericasTea #shop Charelston Tea Plantation Tea Bushes

Aren’t you surprised how low and orderly they are?  I was expecting big bushes.

Tea does not normally grow in the US.  Tea grows in mountainous areas like China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and Taiwan (Formosa). The Charleston Tea Plantation is the only tea garden in US.  Its grounds include 127 acres of Camellia Sinensis tea plants, a working Tea Factory and a charming Plantation Gift Shoppe.

This is the part on the Camellia Sinensis tea plant that is picked and processed into tea:

#AmericasTea #shop Picking Tea Leaves with Cindi Bigelow 3

Cindi Bigelow shows us the portion of the tea bush that needs to be picked to ensure proper tea quality

Two leaves and a bud.  That’s what is needed.  Pickers  just snap off a 2 leaves and a bud. It seems like a breeze. But watch as Cindi Bigelow describes in the video the process of tea picking and plucking.

**Having video issues.  Video coming shortly***

Returning to School with Bigelow Tea

As parents and children start back for this new school year, let’s take a look at why it makes sense to choose tea as a beverage over soda.

#AmericasTea #Shop Tea versus Pop Nutrition Facts 2

Bigelow tea is a great alternative to soda and can be incorporated into every facet of your day.  At breakfast,  reach for a nice warm cup of Earl Grey or Constant Comment tea, maybe the kids would like a Vanilla Caramel tea instead?  At snack time a nice Green tea with Pomegranate can be a flavorful treat.  For lunch, an unsweetened ice tea provides cool refreshment.  Iced tea is also a great solution when playing afternoon sports.  Herbal teas taste great with dinner, dessert or right before bed.


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  1. Jenna Wood says

    I love that tea helps bring out the palette and enhance subtle flavors, but being calorie free is also great too! I would have loved to go on a tea picking tour with Cindi Bigelow, so jealous!

  2. says

    i refuse to drink any soda its just plain terrible for your body and health! i love drinking herbal teas and use many as remedies like peppermint tea when my stomach is upset.

  3. says

    Teas are such a better alternative for kids and with all the great flavors that are becoming available I think it is a win win situation. I had no clue that tea was grown here in the US and loved the photos of The Charleston Tea Plantation. Thanks for the additional information on how to pick tea. I love learning about things like this.

  4. says

    I am a tea drinker too and have stopped drinking soda for almost a year now. Tea is my go to drink whenever I am feeling sluggish or sick, it perks me up!

    And to see the comparison between tea and soda, I am glad I stopped drinking soda.

  5. says

    I seriously LOVE bigelow herbal Tea!! I use it all the time for stress relief and for herbal treatments of colds, allergies and stuff like that. I had no idea they grew so much in the US. That is very cool!

    And those stats between tea and soda! WOW! Definitely Bigelow tea is the better choice for your health. Especially for hydration! It is so true that Soda dehydrates and tea hydrates. SO very important.