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Universal Cup Sizing provides better bra choices for D+ women

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Universal Cup Sizing HerRoom

How Universal Cup Size (UCS) helps the D+ woman offers their exclusive Universal Cup Sizing™  to solve the problem of D+ bra manufacturers who don’t call the same cup size by the same letters. At HerRoom, once you know your Universal Cup Size™, you can find your correct bra size every time. UCS makes picking your D+ bra size simple. Your choices are greatly expanded and your bra will fit!

Top 5 D+ Bras Facts

Top 5 D+ Bras Facts

  1. The bra size of an average American woman has increased from 36 C to 36DD over the last decade
  2. Manufacturers have standardized cup sizing for A, B, and C cups but not D and above
  3. Women with cup sizes D and larger find manufacturers don’t call the same cup size by the same letters (observe the example, in the picture aat the top of this post)
  4. Many women D+ and above, are wearing the wrong bra size and cup size
  5. D+ Cup women often buy the same bra across all bra lines limiting their choices and ending up with ill-fitting bras

How to use Universal Cup Sizing

Visit the Universal Cup Chart at to find your Universal Cup Size.  Follow these super simple steps.

Step 1.  Choose the bra size that you know fits you in a particular brand.

Universal Cup Sizing HerRoom


Step 2.  In what brand do you wear that bra size?

Universal Cup Sizing HerRoom


3.  Discover your Universal Cup Size and click on the “Shop all” Link to find out what has available in your size.

Universal Cup Sizing HerRoom

4. In my chosen size, I have 1154 styles available to me!

When does THAT ever happen for D+ Girls?

Universal Cup Sizing HerRoom


About HerRoom

HerRoom was founded by Tomima Edmark in 1998. was created to give women a way to effortlessly purchase lingerie online. Today,  HerRoom offers not just bras, panties, thongs, and sexy lingerie but also swimwear, sleepwear, shapewear and hosiery and much more.

HerRoom has:

  • 200 name brands – from La Perla to Playtex, as well as Wacoal, Spanx and Vanity Fair
  • Bra sizes from 28A to 58J
  • Low prices, great sales and free shipping
  • Products feature a unique description and photographs  from several different angles.
  •  Customer Reviews for individual products

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  1. says

    I just bought new bras and I was measured at Nordstrom’s. I still feet they might be off this time, I wear Wacol and Cantele ( spelling is wrong). I will be back to this site and look for some new. Thanks for the help.

  2. Unhappy consumer says

    Herroom has a great website guiding women in purchasing bras, but I gotta say that I had the single worst experience with Herroom customer service I’ve ever had. It’s really important to be able to return bras you purchase online. I often order 2 sizes I think would fit and return the one that doesn’t.

    It turns out that Herroom has a 30 day return policy from the date of shipping, not when you actually get the package. Count on 6-8 business days for standard shipping, throw in a weekend or two, and you’re really up the creek when you call them and they tell you how they calculate their 30 days.

    I googled them (unfortunately after my horrible encounter) and found dozens of people who experienced pretty much an identical situation. I say use their useful guidelines and purchase elsewhere. I wouldn’t recommend Herroom to my worst enemy to shop at.

  3. says

    What a cool site. At first I thought it was only for larger sizes, but I am glad to learn HerRoom has all sizes to choose from and to help fit me properly. I have a friend who is a Double D. I will tell her about Her Room.

  4. Gianna says

    I have the hardest time finding a bra that fits. Some Ds are too small, some are too big and some I have to get in a DD.

  5. mel says

    Her Room looks awesome! I just went bra shopping today and it is pure misery! I have this post bookmarked for when I buy my next bra!

  6. Jenna Wood says

    As a full figured woman it is so frustrating shopping for a bra. I am in that average DD area, and can never find the same fit when I go shopping in a different brand. I think this HerRoom system is ingenious and definitely worth looking into for my next bra. I’m excited to know I’ll have the peace of mind of a comfortable fit across many brands, because I often don’t buy the same label for sports bras, or leisure bras, as I do for lingerie and fashion bras.

  7. says

    Oh HerRoom would be awesome the next pregnancy I have! I always get up into those sizes when I’m pregnant and breastfeeding and it is so hard to find a bra that actually fits! IT is such a frustration! I love this feature of the UCS!! That will take away a lot of frustration and headaches!

  8. says

    Thank you! It is about time someone figured that out.

    I hate shopping for bras because it so danged hard to get the right fit. This will make it easier!