Summer Style Secrets: Video Featuring The Chief Blonde, WHOA Network

What summer style secrets should Women over 45 incorporate?

Women over 45 of the WHOA! Network got together via a Google Hangout to discuss Summer Style Secrets.  The Chief Blonde along with 4 other panelists and WHOA! co-hosts covered a wide variety of summer issues. Watch the Video below!

Topics covered by the panelists include:

Hats–Why wear them in the summer?

Summer Shorts— Are these appropriate for Women over 45? What styles?

Capris—  Should we wear them?  How?

Summer Tops and Camis- Exposed bra straps, strapless bras

Bathing suit— Cover ups, bikinis,

Tanners —Tan or pale?

Wedding wear for summer— Dresses

Panelists include:


Shelley Zurek, Creator of Still Blonde After All These Years





Deb_Boland-300x200Deborah Boland, Creator of Fabulous After 40®







Oceana 300 x 200Oceana Lott, Creator of Oceana’s Canvas







sylvia-202x300Sylvia van de Logt, Creator of 40 + Style










Better after 50Felice Shapiro, Founder of Better After 50





The Chief Blonde’s 3 summer style suggestions:

Summer Style Secret #1. Wear a Hat!

Summer Style Secrets Wear a Hat!

 Remember PALE is the new TAN!  Let’s prevent Melanoma this summer!!

Summer Style Secret #2 If you must wear capris, wear a heel

I think most capri pants are pretty ugly.  That being said, I also understand why many women wear them.  If you wear capris, I recommend wearing them with a heel.  Now not 4″ heels maybe,  but an espadrille or sandal.  A higher shoe creates a much better line. PLEASE DON”T WEAR WITH TENNIS SHOES AND SOCKS!!!!  Also, a dark flat just makes you look squatty.  If you must wear a flat stick with a skin color shoe.  Personally, I hate capris but I show a better way to wear them.

Summer Style Secrets If you must wear Capris

The Chief Blonde contrasts capris with and without a heel.  

Summer Style Secret #3 –If you must wear a t-shirt, especially a men’s or graphic T, dress it up.  Look feminine!

As a rule, I hate men’s t-shirts on women.  They are all wrong for a woman’s body.  No matter what your shape, a woman’s t-shirt is so much better of a choice.  Yet, in the summer there are many situations where you must wear a men’s or graphic T-shirt.  If you do, try to add feminine details like a necklace or a belt to soften the lines.

Summer Style with a Men's tshirtjpg

The Chief Blonde adds a belt to a “Bigelow Tea Shirt”

What Summer Style Questions do you have?

Ask away in the comments below.


Blog Note:  The Chief Blonde was uncompensated for her appearance and this post.  But you know how much she loves to offer her opinion…



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  1. Betty says

    I only wear capri’s for casual outdoor situations where late afternoon/evening brings out mosquitos. Seriously – I protect a lot of vulnerable leg and wear them with low sandals or sneakers. Too hot for long pants and those capris give so much more skin coverage from insect bites. And when I’m on uneven grass, wedges are not a safe choice.

  2. says

    I am awful with fashion and what looks good on me. I do wear capris sometimes, but never with sneakers. usually flip flops. I would never have seen the difference in the shoes if it wasn’t for the picture of you wearing both.

  3. says

    Some great tips here- I always wear a belt or underlayer (and tie it up), when wearing a t-shirt. I also love the tip to wear heels with capris, that’s a must! My question would be….What are the best hairstyles to stay styled but beat the summer heat and frizz?

    • says

      Hairstyles so much depend on hair length and thickness. So to recommend one without that knowledge is hard to say. Usually a ponytail is a go to for many women. I personally like a half up, half down. Also, a great alternative is a hat!

  4. says

    Really? I never even thought about people hating capris! I wear them all the time to work because we’re not allowed to wear shorts (or jeans) but capris feel a bit more relaxed. I’ll have to rethink my style. I agree that they heels look way better than the flats!

  5. says

    I love hats. I always have but I have a teeny, tiny head and most of them drown me but I found one on a trip to Italy (winter which is good since I live in Montana) that I wear all the time.

    I’ve never really understood capris….

  6. says

    Oh my goodness! I had no idea how much wearing a heel with Capris affects the look! Dang that is a huge difference! I love the heeled look! So cute on you BTW! :)

  7. says

    I really like hats – I think they are great! However, I have never been one to wear them. They seem to look great on other people, but not me! lol Maybe it is just a matter of finding the right hat. I love my capri’s. :-) Although, the one’s I own are cotton, beige or khaki in color. Then I wear them with a cute shirt and my Chaco flip-flops. I am not a t-shirt wearer. :-)

    Love this show you do, so fun to watch. Great information and feedback on true concerns women have who are over 45.

  8. says

    I agree that capris for most are absolutely horrible. I understand the reason for them and like your suggestions of not wearing them tennis shoes. Some women can pull them off but I can not.