Let Legwear take you into Spring ! Outfits Modeled by Women over 45


The Chief Blonde is Ready For Spring!

Hanes legwear Outfits modeled by Women over 45

After saying Bye Bye to Winter, The Chief Blonde sheds her coat and adds some Hanes Legwear

Finally!  Winter is heading out the door and I can get ready for spring. In Michigan, the first thing we do is ditch our coats..but it’s still plenty cold here.  You can’t just start running around in summer dresses and flip flops just yet. Many women over 45, like to start wearing dresses or fancy shoes that you just can’t wear in the winter months.  But you can’t just let your bare legs hang out!  Brr..it’s too cold yet. My solution?  I wear Legwear! Knee highs, thigh highs, tights and pantyhose are my choices.  In this outfit post, all my products are from Hanes.

Hanes Legwear Outfits modeled by Women over 45

The Chief Blonde is wearing Safari Jacket — Sam’s Club,  Pants — The Loft,  Ann Taylor Shoes, and Hanes Control Top Silky Sheer Pantyhose in Nude (under $6).

Hanes Legwear Outfits modeled by Women over 45

Heading off to a blogging event the Chief Blonde is wearing a  DKNY beaded pointelle sweater (old), Eshakit dress ($89), Bally of Switzerland Shoes (vintage), and Hanes Control Top Silky Sheer Pantyhose in Sun Beige (under $6). 

Hanes Legwear Outfits modeled by Women over 45

 Heading off to a dinner with her wonderful Husband Walt, the Chief Blonde sports a glittery top from Old Navy ($19). Vintage Vest from Salvation Army ($1),  handmade leather belt, Skirt –the Loft,  Boots — the Loft, Tattoo Steel Bracelet c/o Emma Parker ($89), Vintage Turquoise Pins,  and Hanes Lace Thigh High  Hoisery in Jet Black(under $6)  

I adore Hanes Legwear and Pantyhose and have wore them elsewhere on my blog >>Here<<.  Hanes Legwear is affordable (all styles under $6), with a huge selection of style option and shades.  I tried the styles and colors mentioned above in the outfits and also Hane’s seamless tights.  I can rave about the tights too but I didn’t get a picture of them (we were late for church!)   Plus, Hanes legwear doesn’t roll at my “Muffin Top waist”–in fact the pantyhose controls it.  I also never get ankle sag with Hanes Legwear.   I have scary white alabaster skin  so I pretty much wear legwear all through the year except for summertime.  Hanes is my go to brand!  How about you?

Do you wear Legwear as a transitional Spring Piece?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  1. michelle says

    I love my pantyhose and tights year round. Pantyhose in the summer are good for keeping my legs warm at work because of the air conditioning is never just right. And they are also great for a night on the town. Yo never know what the next bar or club might be like. They also refine my look by hiding any imperfections. In the winter Ohio can go from one extreme to the other and tights help me stay warm when it’s cold and comfortable as it warms up. Plus I love the way the right pair of pantyhose or tights feel on my legs.

  2. Toni Porter says

    I don’t tend to wear pantyhose, as I’m typically a jeans or dress pants kind of gal. I think the last time I wore any was at Christmas a couple of years ago–and it was still too cold here at 45 degrees N that hose didn’t make a difference.

  3. cassandra (rab pom) says

    I love your outfits! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous. I am a huge fan of maroon colors since my hair is that color. love to match my hair lol.

  4. Amber Conaway says

    I love wearing long shorts/short pants to transition winter/spring/summer. I can’t go straight from sweat pants to shorts or I’d feel naked LOL

  5. Mippy says

    I have to agree with a few responses. I don’t care for pantyhose but when I *Do* wear them I want them to be comfortable and not rip or snag easily. I have not tried Hanes hosiery before…guess I should give them a shot! 😀

  6. Hannah C says

    You look so gorgeous! Those outfits look great on you and the shoes are cute too! I love those boots! I do like to wear legwear!

  7. says

    LOVE the pics of you girl! You are rocking it, im much younger and your in better shape and look so confident. you GO girl, no really go.. your making me look bad. lol! <3

  8. Sandy V. says

    No, I don’t wear legwear during the spring. I pretty much go right to shorts as soon as I’m off work .