Halo Couture Hair Extensions Cost and Wearability for Women over 45

Can Women over 45 Wear Hair Extensions?

Take a Look at these Lovely Ladies both Women over 45 wearing Halo Couture Hair Extensions

Vanessa Williams Halo Couture Hair Extensions

Vanessa Williams, 50, wearing Halo Couture Hair Extensions 


Jillian Reynolds Halo couture hair Extensions

 Jillian Reynolds, 46, wearing Halo Couture Hair Extentions

Okay, Women over 45 can ROCK hair extensions but I don’t want to damage my hair!

I found a new product, which I have not used myself called Halo Couture Hair Extensions.  I would love to try them though and will do my best to get my PR maven to arrange it for me so I can feature a non-celebrity woman here.

According to the company, the Halo Couture Hair Extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair, achieve heavenly hair in seconds with a remarkable, easy to use no clip, no glue and no weaving extension line delivering rich fullness and length with NO damageWatch video below showing how to wear Halo Couture Extensions.

I am Worried they will Fall off my Head and look Silly on a Women over 45!

These hair extensions are removable and custom fit pieces using a miracle wire which sits about 1-3 inches behind your hairline with the back of the hair extensions sliding down just under the occipital bone. Once on, gently pull hair out and over the miracle wire. The weight of your hair lying on top of the halo, will keep it secure and in place. It is just that simple.  Halo Couture Hair Extensions, since they are made of  100% Remy human hair, can be colored, heat styled, and blended just like your natural hair.  See the pictures above to relieve your concerns about the look of hair extensions on Women over 45!

Okay, but I’ll bet I can’t find Halo Couture Hair Extensions in my area!

With Halo Couture hair Extensions, you can visit a certified stylist/salon in your area (they have them all over the U.S.) to get color matched, spend 10 minutes getting fitted and another 30 minutes or less to have the stylist blend your Halo Couture Extensions and you are set! No costly maintenance fees for touchups. And you can wear your extensions over and over with no damage.

All Right these Extension look Easy Enough but can I Afford Them?

Here are the  retail prices:

12 inch $300
16 inch $350
20 inch $460
24 inch $540
Salons may vary in the pricing!

How do these Halo Couture Hair Extensions Prices Compare to other Hair Extension Costs?

Compared to Halo Couture Hair Extensions,  hair extensions that are glued or woven into your hair vary depending on if you get synthetic or human hair and that can vary more depending on the quality. Halo Couture uses the highest grade human hair so it is just like your own. Extension products that use glue or weaving require you to initially sit in a chair for 7 hours and require a substantial investment, only to have to return every 4 months for maintenance which is also costly. With Halo Couture Extensions, you visit the stylist to get color matched, spend 10 minutes getting fitted and another 30 minutes or less to have the stylist blend your Halo Couture Extensions and you are set! No costly maintenance fees! And you can wear your extensions over and over. You buy one and you are set.

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 Blog Note: The Chief Blonde was uncompensated for this post.  She knows that Women over 45 are very curious about Hair Extensions so she provided you this information!  The Chief Blonde would love to try this product herself!


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  1. says

    I have been thinking about these for a while and think I’m finally going to just try them . I lived in South Florida for many years and extensions were quite the norm . I have tried everything – sew in ( great look , a little painful application for the tender head … found it odd that once washed the cloth smelled like mildew . They came out quickly as a result but a friend told me you gotta make sure to blow dry the sew in piece …. Silly me ) I have tried hOt Heads( tape in ) and for the price not a bad option but you must always wear your hair down and hope a gust of wind does not blow and reveal your “tracks” …I have applied my own clip ins ( no thanks – I spend enough time on my make up ) and finally I have worn great lengths fusion and there was no extensions that compared !!! The time to put them in , up keep , and take out is beyond annoying but you will look like a Hollywood star easily .. Problem is ( cha Ching ) …… I would get a full head of hair . This was to the tune of 1300.. Consider you have to change them at least every few months ( I would make it stretch more than recommended time ) and what a boat load of cash my hair cost yearly . However not having to get it highlighted and cut over six months kinda balances it out ( this was how i justified it lol ) . I longer have the same sort of income I once had since I adopted my beautiful baby boy ( no extensions can ever replace that ) but have so missed the amazing hair my extensions once gave me . I think im finally going to try this and hope it makes me a believer and never think about my previous beautiful hair life with fusion .

  2. Shelley Wheeler says

    I’m thrilled to have found your site! I’m going to be 60 in May and I still love wearing my hair long, no matter what anyone else thinks! I have extensions put in (dream catchers) and I’m going to buy one of the couture halo pieces to make it even thicker. As far as I’m concerned there’s no such thing as too much hair or too high of hair! I love to tease mine as high as I can get it to go. I have heard rude comments before, which altho they hurt my feelings, I just ignore them and keep on wearing my hair the way I like it! I own more then a few topsecret haircessory pieces too. I’m not your typical 60 yr old woman, I’ve always beat to the tune of my own drummer and I’m not about to change now! Inside my head I think I’m still in my twenties, so why do I have to conform the way I dress and the way I wear to my hair to match the true number of years that I am?!! I know I’m going to love this site!

  3. Jade says

    I have thin fine hair and what I’m wondering is will the weight of my hair be heavy enough to keep the halo from slipping off…

  4. Penny says

    The only problem I have is I have fine thin blonde hair.I have to back comb to get my hair to adequately cover the band.I have had to fix my halo during a day at work because my band was showing–I have to check it many times per day. Probably works best for women with nice hair to begin with.

  5. Jessica says

    I have these extensions! I’m in love , I have tried every hair extension known to man, these are the best ! The quality of the hair is fabulous , they are a hefty price although nothing compared to fusion. Takes me about 1.5 minutes to put them in and bam I’m done and looking great !

  6. Kristin Arnold says

    My hair dresser just showed me these today. I tried one on and was amazed. My husband is always wanting me to grow my hair out longer, but I feel it doesn’t look as healthy past a certain length. Apparently this is no longer a problem, because I ordered one today.

  7. says

    No way! Those are actually hair extensions on those ladies? I wouldn’t have guessed. It looks beautiful. Now I don’t feel so bad about my hair never looking that perfect no matter how I try. Their hair isn’t real hair. lol.

  8. says

    I have never actually tried hair extensions as my hair is super long and super thick already. I do think it would be really fun to have some under the bottom of either a darker shade of red or blue or something just for fun, though. :) I hope you get to try out some really soon!

  9. Jenna Wood says

    I’ve admired Julian’s hair for years, and always wondered how she got it so textured and healthy. Halo Couture hair extensions are amazing, I can’t believe that’s their secret. I love that these are natural, human hair, pieces, and how quick the process it. No more waiting 10 hours to have glue set and weaves put in!

  10. says

    I have always feared hair extensions because they looked so complicated, and/or expensive. Those are two pretty ladies! They look amazing. Maybe it would be something to give a shot in the future.

  11. says

    I would say that hair extensions have come a long ways. After all, who wants to deal with long hair as you get older? This is the easy way around that!

  12. says

    Those look easy enough to use. I like those better than anything glued or woven. I would have been really scared of damaging my hair.

  13. Lisa Brown says

    The filament used to keep the hair on, looks like Fluorocarbon fly fishing line. Probably could make these yourself for much less money.

    • Didi says

      The lady that I bought my Halo couture extensions from actually told me to use fishing wire if I don’t want to come back every 3-5 months for a replacement wire.