Grocery Shopping 2013 with Google Technology Women over 45

[ 6 ] March 16, 2013 |

Grocery Shopping 2013: The latest approach

Grocery Shopping 2013


Are you Grocery Shopping 2013 with 1980s Grocery Shopping Techniques?

Grocery Shopping 2013:  Use Google Technology to Navigate the Store

Do you Grocery Shop with a list, a map of the store in your mind, nutritional info from the back of the food box and recommendations about the product as a shadowy memory?  It’s 2013 Ladies (and Gents!)!  While you can shop the 1980’s (or 1880’s)  way, if you have a smart phone there is no reason to take this approach any longer.

Grocery Shopping 2013

Your Google Technology enabled smart phone allows you to shop like a Jetzen!

On your smart phone you can now maintain your grocery list (via voice command no less), map the grocery store with your list (great for your husband), get reviews and nutritional information.  While processing  all of this you can message your girlfriend, check your calendar, and call your family to check on their grocery needs!  Women over 45,  we need to step up our game and get with it. This newest shopping technology is right at your fingertips…you just have to learn it, accept it, and ummm… oh yeah…

GET A SMARTPHONE with Google Technology!  HA!

ps. An iphone probably does all these tasks as well!

Grocery Shopping 2013 , Watch it in Action

Women over 45 (and all our younger friends), watch this Video Ad from Healthy Choice to see how you can incorporate Google Technology smartphone apps into your Grocery shopping 2013 experience, then take our poll:


Take our Grocery Shopping 2013 Poll:

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  1. Jenna Wood says:

    Can’t wait for Blog POP! Spring Fling. I think it is so neat you can shop with all of these Google Aids, I’d love a virtual map of the grocery store!

  2. Vicki Hale says:

    thanks for the info. I pinned it, so when I get a smart phone I’ll be all set to go!

  3. Sheila Bell says:

    Omg, I am so far behind! I have to admit I still use the old paper method with an ongoing list on the fridge :(

  4. Ruth Hill says:

    I have used lists on my phone, but my problem is that I don’t always get good connectivity while at the store. That can be a real bummer!

  5. What a cool way to go shopping! I guess I can add this to my list of ways having a smartphone would help me. But, at the moment, I’m stuck with a ‘dumbphone’.

  6. I just love how my smart phone enables me to save money by adding coupons and sales onto my grocery loyalty card.

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