YouCopia CoffeeStack and SpiceStack Review

YouCopia SpiceStack And CoffeeStack for Better Kitchen Organization
YouCopia Classic SpiceStack

YouCopia SpiceStack $29.99 

still blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks:

About the YouCopia

  • The SpiceStack turns a organized mess into an organized success. Three horizontal drawers in this unit  fits in all standard-sized kitchen cabinets.  You can easily retrieve and return all of your store-bought spices from te SpiceStack. Just pull the drawer out until it’s extended and lower it to resting position at eye-level. Because all the labels face out, it’s easy to select the spice of your choice. Saves both meal prep time and shopping time–know what you have!   
  • The CoffeeStack holds 40 K-Cups used in Keurig single-serve coffee machines, and is the only K-Cup holder designed specifically for the kitchen cabinet so the consumer can free up space on the counterop and stay organized. It measures less than 6″ wide with four drawers that fold down to display the K-Cups. Black and silver colors match the most popular coffee machine models and complement any decor. $29.99 SRP  A CafeStack is available for to house 60 Nespresso capsules, $29.99 SRP

I like it that these amazing little units fit right into your cabinets with no assembly required.  Because spices are often so messy, getting little bits everywhere, it’s nice that Youcopia organizers are made of easy-to-clean, high-quality plastic.   Below you will see a picture of how we used to store our k-cups and how we store our K-cups now.  A picture is worth a 1000 words isn’t it?  

youCopia Coffestack

Large Picture: YouCopia CoffeeStack.  Small Pictures, Top to Bottom: Previous method of storing K-cup, a cardboard box; K-cups stored in CoffeeStack; CoffeeStack Unit closed.  

YouCopia Video CoffeeStack® 40 K-Cup Coffee Organizer

Where to Buy it?

Find all the retailes at, including

UPDATE:  This was originally a giveaway as well, the giveaway is over and the rafflecopter entry form has been deleted.  The contest had 3888 entries.  See Giveaway Winners


Giveaway runs from Jan. 2, 2013 to Jan. 13, 2013 11:59 EST. Open to US ONLY


One Winner will take home $70 in YouCopia Products

1 YouCopia CoffeeStack ($29.99)

1 YouCopia SpiceStack ($39.99)


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  1. AungelecaNyabere says

    I would pick the Silver SpiceStack. I counted my current spice supply (Which is usually stored in a container on top of the fridge) and found 14 bottles so it would be able to accommodate my current spice supply and then some. I am also planning a DIY install of a grey and black backsplash in my kitchen and the Silver SpiceStack looks great and would coordinate perfectly. I am also petite so it would be great to bring the spices down into a cabinet within my reach because keeping all of our spices on the counter is not feasible.

  2. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I could use about 3 of the Medicine MiniStack.
    Between hubby and I 2 would not be enough and 3 of them just might do it. We have pill bottles all over. Might help organize them..ya think?

  3. Jessica says

    I like the Silver SpiceStack it matches in my kitchen. I have tons of spices in a cabinet and it would be neater using the Spicestack.

  4. Deborah says

    I would pick the Chef’s Edition Spice Stack because all of my spice jars are in a cabinet above the counter and not easy to find what I am looking for!

  5. meme says

    I would the Chef edition spice rack because I love that it holds the bigger spice bottles as well as the smaller spice bottles and since I use a lot of spices this would be great to be organized and have them in one place.

  6. Susan Moseley says

    The Medicine and Vitamins looks wonderful, we have vitamins and medicines in a basket that is not organized. This would make taking pills each morning so much easier, and certainly much better to look at a display like this. The spice racks look good, too.