Michelle Obama Inauguration Dress, Which One should She Choose?

Michelle Obama Inauguration Dress will Debut Tomorrow

Michelle Obama Inaugural Dress trio

Michelle Obama has not revealed her dress design for the Inaugural Ball yet but everyone is guessing what the design might be.  If White House | Black Market, a popular dress boutique,  was given the opportunity to dress First Lady Michelle Obama in a gorgeous gown, they envision the exclusive dress designs ab0ve.

BTW, I like Dress #3!

Which one would you choose for our first Lady?

Controversy surrounds this Inauguration

It’s obvious to me that a great deal of emotion is behind this election.  When I asked this question on my Facebook Page “Which Inauguration Dress should Michelle Obama wear?” and I featured the above dresses, I had to delete about 1/4 of the remarks because they involved the words “Garbage Bag”, “Racist”, and “Monkey”.  I guess I am naive.  I didn’t realize that what the First Lady wears to her husband’s inauguration would hold so much emotion for so many.   I totally understand that many people are angry about the situation in our country (and isn’t some group always upset with the government?), but for me I can separate the two.  The First Lady’s dress and the country situation is separate for me.


What Dress would you wear to the Inaugural Ball if You Attended One?

Inauguration Dress

White House | Black Market introduced a limited-edition inaugural-inspired dress collection. This collection consists of nine dresses ranging from cocktail to beaded gowns that retail between $250-$300. These unique dresses are currently sold online and exclusively at four White House | Black Market boutiques including The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, Tyson’s Corner, Wisconsin Place, and Westfield Montgomery.

I think the first and second Dress are very elegant, but do you have your own preference?

Take our Survey and pick the dress you would choose


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  3. says

    Dress #1 I know she has great arms and shows them off often but I wish for me that it had some sort of sleeve. But I love the lines of the dress and everything else about it.

    I think it is sill that people could just choose a dress and had to get ugly. Good for you for deleting that ugliness and not allowing it to grow.

  4. says

    I like #3.

    I also posted on my FB page about Michelle Obama and it amazes me that some people have to go “there,” as you know what I mean…like about how much does her clothing cost the taxpayers, or why can’t she repurpose her clothing, etc.?

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Plus, I’m pretty sure that she gets an awful lot of clothes for free, since just being worn by the First Lady is the best thing that can happen to a designer…and they’re wealthy enough in their own right to purchase clothing from J. Crew with their own money. And, for crying out loud, let’s not make such a mountain out of a molehill. Sheesh.

    I think it’s fun. I don’t place a priority on the First Lady’s fashion (no, it’s not the most important issue in the country, of course!)…but it is fun.

  5. says

    I think 1 or 3 would be good for Mrs Obama. I have “mixed” feelings about her new hair style. I have seen some rather “unflattering” pictures of her – looking rather “stingy” and “in need of styling or re-cutting” but today it looked fresh and stylish.