Beatles Stories DVD Review

Beatles Stories DVD Review

Beatles Stories DVD Review of a a Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip $19.99 ringin in the new year buttonstill blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks: Welcome to the Beatles Stories DVD Review Giveaway which is part of Ringin in the New Year Giveaway Hop  hosted by Simply Sassy Media.  My daughter and I watched this DVD together from start to end.  FASCINATING.  I was 3 when the Beatles debuted on the Ed Sullivan so obviously I wasn’t old enough to appreciate in the peak of the Beatles wave. Yet, who could grow up in the Beatles era without being affected in your own personal way?  I remember watching all the Beatles movies on TV over and over.  I loved the “Keystone” cop nature of HELP the most.  I also remember going to see the Beatles music inspired “Sargent Peppers Lonely Heats Club Band” (1978) in my junior year of high school..I went to see it at least 10 times.  While not “The Beatles” per se, it turned me on to their music all over again. I think that’s the point of this documentary “Beatles Stories”.  The fascination of this group and their music creates and holds memories for all who experienced it.  The people interviewed for this documentary share their first hand memories with all the rest of us who are a bit more distance from the source.  Yet we are hungry, for the morsels that make these FAB Four into real life talent and real people. BEATLES STORIES: A FAB FOUR FAN’S ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP  

Seen on, VH1, and nationally syndicated radio show “Breakfast with the Beatles”

 About the DVD Beatles Stories

Songwriter Seth Swirsky grew up in the 1960s idolizing the Beatles –their songs, their sound and their style. In 2004, he set out, video camera in hand, to talk to people who had crossed paths with his heroes. From Sir Ben Kingsley to Sir George Martin, and Beach Boy Brian Wilson to astronomer Brian Skiff, Swirsky filmed hundreds of personal recollections from people who knew them well to those who just had an unforgettable encounter. Swirsky found stories in unexpected places getting Beatles intimates to open up–neighbors, tour mates, business associates, even former girlfriends–all telling stories you’ve never heard before! Longtime Beatles friend and personal assistant Tony Bramwell calls Beatles Stories, “A Magical Mystery Tour de Force!

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  1. Kris says

    I’d love to hear what Ben Kingsley has to say…he always seems so formal – I have a hard time imagining him listening to the Beatles.

  2. Ellen Thompson says

    I would love to hear what Brian Wilson has to say. He would know what it was like for the Beatles since he worked in the same business during the same era and would maybe have a unique perspective.

  3. kelly nicholson says

    Watch the Video above or visit the website and tell us which famous persons impressions you want to hear about AND WHY

    henry winkler..because hes the fonz..HEEEEEEEEY!