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Sweetworks Niagara Chocolate Champagne Bottles

[ 194 ] December 27, 2013 |

MASSIVE FLASH!  Mega Flashing Santa Sweetworks Chocolate Haul!

This Sweetworks post prize package is sponsored by

Flashing Santas 2013 Finale 2

 It’s a 7 winner chocolate champagne bottle and sweets giveaway package!

Readers–It’s THE FINALE of Flashing Santas for 2013!   Keenly Kristin &  I, as Team Flashing Santas have brought you a bucket load of temptingly delicious flash giveaways. Now we have reached the GRAND FINALE–and it’s MEGA! Sweetworks, makers of a Ovation Sticks and Niagara Chocolate Champagne bottles, is teaming with Flashing Santas to sponsor all the days with fab chocolate confections for you! Chocolate Champagne  Bottles, Croquettes and boxes full of Ovation chocolate sticks can be yours!

Toast the New Year’s

Niagara chocolates Chamagne bottle and crouquettes

Our first place winner will take home two bottles of bubbly: Niagara Chocolat Au Lait Champagne Bottle.  Our second place winners (2) will take home one bottle of the Chocolate Champange bottle bubbly and some Niagara Croquettes!  I just have to say that my anniversary is New Years Day.  I will have been married to the love of my life for 15 years!  Of course, I am toasting him with this perfect bottle of champagne…because only one thing can beat champagne and that’s chocolate!  This is such a fun gift for any occasion!  I wish they made splits too for wedding favors!

How will you pick your favorite flavor?  

For our third place prize: Four winners will receive all the Ovation Sticks flavors!

Sweetworks Ovation sticks

Wonder what Ovation Sticks are?

Ovation Sticks come in a 5 flavors including Mint chocolate, Irish Crème, Cappuccino, Caramel and Orange. The Ovations Sticks from Sweetworks come in sexy packages of two. Perfect for after dinner for those you don’t want a huge dessert but would like a little something sweet. ONE STICK HAS 16 calories. OMGoodness. These babies are all MINE!! Can’t you see Ovation Stick in everyone’s stockings?

ovation logo


Sweetworks  is the company that manufactures the Ovation Brand. Sweetworks provides sweets and chocolates from all over the world.You are probably familiar with Niagara Candy and Sixlets and Gumballs and so much more! That’s a lot of delicious candies!

Can’t Wait to Win it?

Buy these Ovation Sticks, Crouquettes, and Niagara Chocolat Au Lait Champagne Bottle at  Sweetworks on the Sweetwork’s website. Check out all the fun by following Sweetworks on FacebookTwitter, andPinterest. Sweetworks Ovation candies are available at Kroger, Smith’s, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Wakefern (ShopRite), TJMaxx, Home Goods, Rite Aid, Supervalu, Vistar (JoAnn). Niagara Champagne bottle is available at Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kroger.


This FLASH giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends Sunday, Dec. 29 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

THE PRIZE–Get EVERY entry for this $160 MEGA Flashing Santa Prize–7 Winners

  • 1st prize (1 Winner, $40 Value) 2 Niagara Chocolat Au Lait Champagne Bottle
  • 2nd Prize (2 Winners $30 value/winner, total $60) Niagara Chocolat Au Lait Champagne Bottle and Croquettes
  • 3rd Prize (4 winners, $15 value/winner, $60 total value) Ovation Chocolates sticks in 5 flavors

UPDATE:  The Sweetworks Niagara Chocolate Champagne Bottles Giveaway is over! The Rafflecopter entry device has been removed and had 5749 entries.  See Giveaway Winners! 


Mad for Plaid in Karina Penelope Dress #Dresstacular

[ 128 ] December 25, 2013 |

Plaid Dress as a Skirt

Blog Note: Whoot! I was provided a gorgeous Karina Penelope dress  for this review!  

Mad for Plaid

The Chief Blonde is wearing the Karina Penelope dress in purple plaid ($158), J. Crew Jacket (old, similar here), Loft Sweater (Old, similar), Jewelry (Rummage sale finds), Kelly and Katie Boots (similar).  

Sometimes You have to Make Do

Occasionally, you have to make do. Sometimes, that works out just fine. For example, I was running short of time but had to get pictures of this outfit taken. Walt and I squeezed in a quick 3 minute shoot while at Sam’s Club getting our tires rotated. Hey, they had holiday decor! I figure it worked.

mad for Plaid 3

It’s like this lovely Karina Penelope dress. It has a criss-cross v-front, small gathers on front and back bodice, waistband with pleated skirt, and pockets!!! I love how it is not a big flowy skirt, but a little more fitted. For this outfit, you would just assume it was a skirt unless I told you otherwise, right? I made “Do” to wear this as a skirt and ended up loving the look. I will be doing this a lot more often.

Karina Dresses are for Every “body”

Here’s a few of my friends in Karina dresses as well.

Penelope Karina Dress Mad for plaid

 Thanks to Jennifer from Makobi Scribe, Jennifer from Sweep Tight, and Makobi’s friend,Vovoa!

Love this Karina Dress?  Or any of the others I have recently worn?

Karina Dresses

In this post, the Chief Blonde is wearing the Penelope dress. Buy the Penelope dress.  In the picture above, the Chief Blonde sports 3 other Karina Dresses.  Left to right:  Sophie Dress Review or Buy it!  Meagan Dress Review or Buy it! Gala Dress Review or Buy it! 

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