Top 3 Christmas Videos To Make you Laugh, Dance and Sing

Top 3 Christmas Videos as Rated by the Chief Blonde!

Top 3 Christmas Videos.  How do you pick?  Well take a look at these 3 videos and see if you think I chose wisely.

#1  Pony Wish (Bet you will bust out LAUGHING)

How many of us have wanted that special gift at Christmas?  This 30 sec clip captures many children’s Christmas wish inside a parent’s nightmare!  You just have to laugh!

#2 Miracle on 42 Street  (Bet you will bust out  DANCING)

I have see a zillion dance videos in my day, and more Nutcracker performances  than you will ever ever know.  This is the best holiday dance video I have ever seen.  You have to watch it several times to catch ALL the hilarity!!!

#3 Home for the Holidays (Bet you will bust out SINGING)

Yes, this video IS a commercial.  And yet, it is STILL one of the TOP 3 Christmas Videos I have ever seen.  Light, airy, rocky, and easy to sing along.

WHICH of the Top 3 Christmas Videos  was YOUR FAVORITE?

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  1. Linda Kish says

    Okay, you made me watch the second one even though I hate the song. It’s much better muted and a lot funnier, too. I liked the third one most.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com