Showing Gratitude: Cold and Flu Season affects Hairstylists

Showing Gratitude to your Hair Stylist!

Showing Gratitude Kleenex Cares

The Chief Blonde showing gratitude to Alyssa B. her Fab Stylist!  She works at Andrew Marc Salon in Rochester Hill, MI

A Great Stylist deserves your Gratitude

When I was little, my mom used to take me to the beauty salon and get my uber-thick hair cut like this:

 kleenex cares

Now I love my mom but I hated my hair. It made feel UGLY. As a result of these short haircuts, I also developed a very negative feeling toward hairstylists. I am afraid of getting my haircut like most people are about going to the DENTIST.  It’s INTENSE.  As you can imagine, I really need to trust my Hairstylist. Especially when my blog name is “Still Blonde after all these YEARS”!

Alyssa has been cutting my hair now for about six months and I really love the styles she creates and the color she achieves in my hair:

Hairstyles for Women over 45

I am so grateful for her and her hairstyling skills.  She is a very important part of my team.  She even went with me to Blogher 12 this summer!

Showing Gratefulness

I am very close to Alyssa.  Not only is she my hairstylist but she is my son’s girlfriend of 5 years!  She is very funny, pretty and hardworking.  She is very kind to others especially to her grandfather who has cancer, her dad who is dealing with health issues, and her fellow worker who has just suffered brain cancer.

Gratitude is something that I wanted to show her, especially during cold and flu season. She is exposed to so many people each day as she cuts and colors her hair.  I worry about her getting sick easier with all that exposure.  I was able to give her a Kleenex Share Pack as a token of my appreciation.  It was a perfect gesture that she appreciated.  The care pack contains a personal pack of Kleenex, Kleenex Moisturizing  Hand Sanitizer, Kleenex Lip Balm and coupons for Kleenex products.  Perfect for a hairstylist during cold and flu season, don’t you think?

SOftness worth Sharing

You Can Be Grateful to Important People in your Life TOO!

My momma always told thankful to those around you.  She always was sending me back into a party, church or school to thank someone.  Did your Mom do that?

You can head over to the Kleenex website and learn about the Softness Worth Sharing initiative. Once you purchase a Kleenex Brand Care Pack, you can redeem the code at this Kleenex site in order to send a carepack (like the one I shared above)  to someone special.  Also check out the Kleenex Facebook page for more details.

Blog Note: “I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Kleenex brand and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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  1. Alyssa B. (Cheif blonde's hairstylist) says

    Thank you so much! This was a wonderful gift that I use constantly! I always keep it in my station.
    If you are looking for a new stylist and are located in the Rochester area, please call (248) 601-8808 to make an appointment with me! I work at Andrew Marke Salon Rochester MI. Mention this post on Still Blonde After all these years and receive %15 off!


  2. says

    We were raised to be polite and I have to say I’m the one quizzing my grand children saying “Did you say thank you?” I think it is important to let others know you appreciate them. I love your hair and she does a great job.