Clarkston Michigan Downtown Shopping, Shop Small Business Saturday

Clarkston Michigan Downtown Shopping–Hometown Shopping Brings the Community Together!

I am shopping locally in Clarkston Michigan Downtown for Small Business Saturday!  I have laid out my shopping path and I am ready to go! Hover over any part of the Interactive image below to see my path I have mapped out! Just hover over the picture and click on the links! (if you are viewing this in an email or reader, come over to the site and check it out!)

INTERACTIVE PICTURE of Clarkston Michigan Downtown!  

How Shopping Locally in Clarkston Michigan Makes me Feel

Downtown Clarkston

Photo Credit: Downtown Clarkston by By Steve.D.Hammond

I have always loved Clarkston, my hometown.  I grew up in a small town up the road from Clarkston, but I always adored it,  whenever we drove through.  Clarkston is very historic, with most of the building being built in the late 1800s.  We still have a millpond (non-functioning of course) and a charming downtown area for shopping and eating.

If you hover over the map above, you will note the local eateries, what-not shops, grocery, and clothing stores.   Local shopping brings so many feelings:

  • When I walk through the town, I feel the sense of others who have passed before me.
  • I see my neighbors and friends, and feel like “Everybody knows my name”.
  • A sense of community is embeded in shopping small businesses and locally.  The merchant is personally invested in the service he provides each day.
  • I can find unique goods, often local, which give my holidays and home that special touch.
  • I get better after the sales service, because the merchant wants me to return as a happy customer.

What Services can you shop locally that you can’t find on the Internet

  • Tradesman and Repair Services
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Bakery and Bread goods–made fresh that day
  • Locally unique items like local honey, berries, and wine
  • Craft Items unique to a certain area
  • Great Hometown Restaurants

The Importance of Shopping Small

Small Business Saturday is November 24th.  Small Businesses have a big impact on our communities.

  • Small Businesses pay 44% of Total US private Payroll
  • 89% of Consumers say that Small Businesses contribute positively to their  communities
  • Small Businesses created 65% of net new jobs over a 17 year period
  • Communities with “Support Local” initiatives have significantly higher revenue growth
To learn more about Small Business Saturday, visit

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  1. Stephanie O says

    Clarkston, Michigan…. so cool. I didn’t realize you were in Michigan. I lived in Waterford for 15 months… (grew up in West Michigan). You should go for lunch at Fino’s! I loved shopping in Clarkston too. Enjoy. I need to create a Small Business Saturday plan too.

  2. says

    I am so in love with this idea! I plan to do Small Business Saturday this year and I hope that I see a bunch of other people doing it too! There is nothing I can think of that is better!

  3. Jenna Wood says

    I love Small Business Saturday, we have such a great time connecting with local artisans and uncovering wonderful gifts!

  4. Beth Hill says

    I am from Brighton, so glad I found your blog! I am also a huge fan of shop local especially when all the big box stores are moving in! We still have a very old hardware right downtown that my husband will shop, my Dad owned a local hardware in Flat Rock all my life so I know how important that business is!
    Thanks for the blog, I really enjoy it.
    I am a very very late 40’ish mom of 2 teenage boys, love to see your styles for us women!