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Win It for a Survivor Giveaway, Travalo Review, Breast Cancer Awareness

[ 206 ] October 31, 2012 |

 Travalo Review and Giveaway–Please enter for yourself as a survivor or anyone that you know that has been affected by Breast Cancer!  We will gladly donate your winning to a survivor or someone who has been affected by Breast Cancer if you want us to…Just let us know!  

Travalo Review touch Breast Cancer Awareness


Travalo Touch ($24.99 from


The Travalo Pink Touch  is a 5 mL refillable fragrance wand with rollerball technology and can hold up to 50 applications so your favorite cologne or perfume is always available. Travalo Touch’s rollerball technology allows you to apply your favorite fragrance directly to your skin, which results in less waste and a more effective fragrance. What is more, the new rollerball by Travalo is a discreet way to apply your favorite perfume or cologne without affecting anyone around you.

still blondeThe Chief Blonde Remarks: 

I like the Travalo Pink for a number of reasons, the main reason is that when I buy it, $1 of the purchase price will be donated to Breast Cancer Research through the Lynn Sage Foundation on Global Giving.  This foundation provide Scholars an opportunity to do preliminary research and acquire larger grants.

When you use Travalo pink you don’t need a funnel to refill it.  You simply place it on top of your perfume bottle and press down to fill. I think the no spill rollerball design is very smart because who want to waste expensive perfume spraying it? Another real plus is that its Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  approved for flying.  Travalo Review is easy to do because this is such a useful product that any Woman over 45 (or our younger friends will be sure to love.)

Can’t Wait to Win it?

Travalo is available for purchase at select retailers in the US and Canada at


Begins November 1 at 12:01am and Ends November 15 at 11:59pm.


$100 total Prize Value– 2 Winners will win 2 Travalos, one for a cancer survivor that they recommend and one for themselves (or another Cancer Survivor if they choose)

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Top Seven Halloween Costumes for Boys

[ 22 ] October 30, 2012 |

Share some Care this Halloween!

top 7 Halloween Costumes for Boys

Halloween or Not –the Chief Blonde’s son loved to Dress UP!

My children loved to dress up for Halloween, especially my son,  Ben.  Pretty much any day of the year, you could find him roaming our house in a costume.  He would always be figuring out what he could be next!  But when it came to Halloween, he would plan his costume for days!

What are the Top Seven Halloween Costumes Are Best for Boys?

All my sons loved choosing costumes. The Top Seven choices for Halloween Costumes for boys include:

1. Super Heroes (Power Rangers, Mutant Ninja Turtles and Classic Super-heroes like Superman)

2. Funny Characters (Cave Men, Babies, Fred Flintstone)

3.  Real Life (Vikings, Indians, Cowboys, Fireman)

4.  Movie Characters (Freddie Krueger, Jack Sparrow, The Joker, Darth Maul, Darth Vader)

5. Animals (Cows, Dogs)

6. Disney Characters (Buzz Lightyear, Woody)

7. Scary Characters (Vampires, Ghouls, Scary Rubber Masks )

Find these Top Seven costume ideas for boys and everyone else at  and

Halloween Giving, Sharing during Halloween


Every year our Church does Trunk-or-Treating.  All the cars park in a circle, and the kids treat-or-treat (Trunk-or-Treat) out of the back of everyone’s decorated car trunks.  It’s really quite fun and the kids get a monster kick out of it.  Because this event is always in addition to “Regular” trick or treating, our church encourages the kids to come inside after the Trunk-or-Treating and donate all or a portion of their candy to a the Whaley Children’s  Center  in Flint, MI  or to the Baldwin Center in Pontiac, MI.  Our kids were sometimes a little hesitant to donate but once reminded that they would get more candy when trick-or-treating, they quickly got in the spirit.



Share with Someone this Halloween

Caring is Sharing KleenexCares

Sharing a Kleenex Care Pack and some Peeps Treats With My Son! 

Working On Halloween Night, Caring for Others

Halloween Giving

My son, the one in the pictures at the top, is training to be a Pharmacist.  Even though he loves Halloween and dressing up for the holiday, he is working at his pharmacy on Halloween night so the others in the pharmacy who have little children can take their kids Trick-or-Treating.  So to make him feel special about his choices, I am giving him some Halloween candy and a Kleenex Care Pack. I want him to know that I think his caring for his fellow workers is really special!







The Chief Blonde with her son, the Pharmacist-in-Training


You can learn more by visiting the Kleenex website to learn about the Softness Worth Sharing initiative. Upon purchasing a Kleenex Brand Care Pack, you may redeem your  code at this site in order to send a care pack to someone special.  Learn more at the Kleenex Facebook page as well.

kleenex cares

I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Kleenex brand and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar Cleaning Computer Screen and Blinds

[ 22 ] October 29, 2012 |

Vinegar Cleaning Computer Screen Recipe (for Blinds too!)

Heinz Cleansing Vinegar computer cleaning

Keep your Ipad free of finger prints with affordable Vinegar and Distilled Water (Recipe below) 

still Blonde after all these YEARSI have to get ready for massive amounts of company coming up over the next 2 months.   We will probably have Thanksgiving for at least one side of the family, relatives over after my son’s wedding in December, and then we will be hosting Christmas for both sides of the family.  GAHHH!!!  But the very first large party I have to focus on is in early November,  I will be hosting a bridal shower for my son’s fiance (with 25 guests)!

Vinegar computer cleansing tips bridal shower

Less than two weeks and counting

Get The House Clean

I need to get my house clean for all these events! The first thing I want to focus on is cleaning all my computer screens, tv screens and blinds, but I hate using all those chemicals all over the house.  Also, cleaning supplies are so expensive!  I checked on Amazon an electronic screen cleaner with a mere 2.2 oz of liquid is $9.34!  What?  I can’t afford that for all my cleaning.  So I discovered that I could make my own COMPUTER screen safe spray for Heinz Cleaning Vinegar and Distilled Water.

4.9 from 8 reviews
Heinz Cleaning Vinegar Cleaning Computer Screen
Prep time
Total time
This recipe utilizes Heinz Cleaning Vinegar and Distilled Water to clean your Computer Screens. Extremely economical when compared with fancy computer screen cleaning solutions. ($.03 versus $4.25/oz)
Recipe type: Household
  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 1 cup Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
  • Heinz Cleansing Vinegar
  1. Measure out ingredients
  2. Mix ingredients together
  3. Place in clean spray bottle
  4. Label bottle clearly
To Use
  1. Spray on to a clean cotton cloth (old t-shirt or handkerchief), lightly wipe screens.
  1. You can use this solution on Ipads, laptops, desk tops, or any LCD monitor Screen.
  2. Do not apply pressure when wiping screens
  3. Do not spray cleaner directly on screen of computer
  4. Do not use tissues, toilet paper or towels to clean screen. These will scratch your screen.
  5. Turn off your monitor when cleaning so you can see fingerprints, cough sprays, etc
  6. Do not prepare this solution with tap water or mineral water, this will result in white spots/streaks on your screen
  7. Do not use any solutions that contain Acetone, ethyl alcohol, toluene, ethyl acid, ammonia, or methyl chloride

 Other Tips for Cleaning with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

When I was young, my Grandma used Heinz Vinegar to rinse my hair after it was shampooed.  She also used it to clean windows.  I guess she was ahead of her time.  My mom used Heinz Vinegar for removing water rings (combine with 1:1 with Olive Oil) and she added it to the 1/2 cup of vinegar to the wash to brighten clothes. If you Google “Cleaning with Vinegar” you will find many articles that will point you toward more ways to use this all natural product.

Heinz Cleansing Vinegar Compute cleaning solution

Your vinegar cleaning mixture stores nicely in a spray bottle, be sure to properly label it!

Vinegar provides economy for Cleaning Projects

Women over 45 (and all our younger friends)–This solution shown in the recipe above  is so economical when compared with store brands.  Store brands run $4.25/0z versus if you use the recipe above with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar it will fun you $00.03/oz .

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

Small spray bottles work great for travel

I carry a small bottle of the solution and scrap of soft cotton rag with me in my computer bag.  I find when I travel that my Ipad and laptop seem to pick up all kinds of debris. This solution quickly cleans both of them up and I don’t die of embarrassment when I show my computer screen to my clients.

Heinz Cleansing Vinegar blind cleaning

Clean your blinds with Heinz Vinegar and Distilled Water Solution (1:1) as well.

I also discovered that I can clean my blinds with the same #HeinzVinegar solution that I used for my computer screen.  How awesome is that?  I don’t need a bunch of separate cleaners, I can just use this one mixture for several of my cleaning purposes.  With as much as I have going on in the next few months, any time saving or cost savings in the cleaning area will be beneficial!

View my Shopping experience for #HeinzVinegar on my Google + Story album.


“I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and HEINZ #CBias #SocialFabric” All Opinions and text are my own.

Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style Book!

[ 47 ] October 27, 2012 |

Giveaway for Fashion The Definitive History of Costume and Style

Fashion the Definitive History of Costume and Style Are you crazy for Timeless Fashion?  Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style, the new beautifully illustrated book outlines  over 3,000 years of the chronology of costume and style by Smithsonian and DK Publishing.  Fashion is dream book for any Fashionista this holiday season.

You’ll be thrilled to know that we are have a copy of Fashion: The Definitive History of Style and Costume ($50 value) for you to WIN!  WIN IT RIGHT HERE!

Also , your mandatory entry will allow you to head over to the Grand Prize Drawing to enter for your chance to win Daily Front Row’s $1000 Fashion Shopping Spree to FORWARD by Elyse Walker! The grand prize winner will receive a $1000 gift card to FORWARD by Elyse Walker (, luxury high end fashion with an edge, plus a copy of Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style!  Women over 45 will adore this book as many of they styles they wore during the 60s, 70s and 80s are highlighted!


Fashion The Definitive History of Costume and Style  is packed with:

  • Over 1,500 costumes from around the world
  •  Illustrated with a dazzling mix of original fashion plates, archive images and commissioned photography.
  •  Photographic spreads of gorgeous classic pieces
  • Designers highlighted include Thierry Mugler, Alexander McQueen
  • Famous pieces from historical figures including Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette, Twiggy

For more information on Fashion, please visit:


Giveaway ends Nov. 1, 11:59 PM EST.  Open only to legal residents of contiguous Continental US (except RI). 18 years or older


One Winner will win $50 Fashion The Definitive History of Costume and Style

UPDATE:  The giveaway had 1549 entries.  The Rafflecopter Entry device has been removed. See Giveaway Winners.

Blog Note: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Fashionista Events hosted by Still Blonde after all these Years and Modly Chic for Fashion: The Definitive History of Style and Costume. I received products and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Fashionista Event bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes.

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