Win It for a Survivor Giveaway, Travalo Review, Breast Cancer Awareness

Travalo Review touch

 Travalo Review and Giveaway--Please enter for yourself as a survivor or anyone that you know that has been affected by Breast Cancer!  We will gladly donate your winning to a survivor or someone who has been affected by Breast Cancer if you want us to…Just let us know!     Travalo … [Read more...]

Top Seven Halloween Costumes for Boys

Beam N Read Hands Free Light

Share some Care this Halloween! Halloween or Not --the Chief Blonde's son loved to Dress UP! My children loved to dress up for Halloween, especially my son,  Ben.  Pretty much any day of the year, you could find him roaming our house in a costume.  He would always be figuring out what he … [Read more...]

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar Cleaning Computer Screen and Blinds

Heinz Cleansing Vinegar computer cleaning

Vinegar Cleaning Computer Screen Recipe (for Blinds too!) Keep your Ipad free of finger prints with affordable Vinegar and Distilled Water (Recipe below)  I have to get ready for massive amounts of company coming up over the next 2 months.   We will probably have Thanksgiving for at least one side … [Read more...]

Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style Book!

Fashion the Definitive History of Costume and Style

Giveaway for Fashion The Definitive History of Costume and Style  Are you crazy for Timeless Fashion?  Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style, the new beautifully illustrated book outlines  over 3,000 years of the chronology of costume and style by Smithsonian and DK Publishing. … [Read more...]

Penny Wise Office Supplies Review


Penny Wise Office Supplies for the SMART office! Shop Online at The Chief Blonde Remarks:  Women over 45, I am  taking a temporary departure from fashion to present a less glamorous, but extremely helpful pre-holiday giveaway. In the weeks ahead (yes, weeks! Eek!) we will be … [Read more...]

Beam N Read Review, Women over 45

Beam N Read Review, Personal light anywhere

Beam and Read Review, Personal Light Anywhere! Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light, $29.95  The Chief Blonde Remarks:  This Beam N Read Review is one of my favorite reviewed products in 2012!  Why?  Confession...I have trouble reading or  sewing in low light.  Anything up close, with low … [Read more...]

Fall Fashionista Events, Web’s largest Fashion giveaway ENDS TONIGHT

Fall Fashionista 200

2012 FALL Fashionista Giveaway Event – the Largest All Fashion giveaway the web has ever seen! Sign up for SPRING 2013 NOW! Fall Fashionista Events Giveaway is almost over and it's got bloggers and fashion lovers excited. After all, how can you not be thrilled about $25,000+ worth of fashion … [Read more...]

Reminder! Fall Fashionista Events Ends Tonight!

Fall Fashionista 200

Ends Soon! Fall Fashionista event! Have you entered to win any of the 25,000+ in prizes during the Fall Fashionista Events? Go Here to Start Entering for the Grand Prize! ! Are you looking for something specific? Here is a list that shows you which blogs are offering which items. That makes … [Read more...]