Stuff We Learned Along the Way, (3-30-2012 edition), Menopause quotes

Audrey Hepburn I believe

You get Wiser as you Go Along! Source Menopause Quotes–Stuff We Learned along the Way!  A New Feature. It seems when you become one of the group of Women over 45, you become a sage.  All of a sudden, people seem to be asking your advice.  It’s all very weird.  But we have learned something […]

Stuff We Learned Along the Way (3-23-2012), Menopause Quotes

The Chief Blonde Brother

Did You Learn ANYTHING? We are introducing a New Blog feature Today called “Stuff We Learned Along the Way”.  We’ll try to do it on Friday to wrap-up for the Week.  Most of these quotes will apply to all of you, but they are especially chosen for Women over 45 and can serve as Menopause […]

Waterpik SinuSense Water Pulsator , Help for your Spring Allergies


A sensible way to Healthier Sinuses Introducing the New and Improved Waterpik SinuSense How SinuSense by Waterpik can help YOU with your Spring Allergies! Waterpik is featuring their New and Improved SinuSense which is used to reduce the risk of allergy and sinus symptoms like: Post-nasal Drip and congestion that affects you during the spring […]

ULINX Magnetic Jewelry Review

Still Blonde by Ulinx

ULINX Magnetic Jewelry –Discover the Magnetic Appeal   This Bracelet is the “Still Blonde”, designed in the ULINX app ULINX Magnetic Jewelry–Now you can design your own with the ULINX NEW APP See the Nifty ULinx Bracelet above?  Isn’t it divine?  I designed it myself on the ULINX Modular Jewelry website with their new Design […]

Waterpik Ultra Water flosser Review, Alternative Dental Floss Method

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

WaterPik Ultra Water Flosser, LESS PAIN ..MORE GAIN Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser  –Are your Teeth or Gums Irritated? My husband gets food caught under a crown in his tooth constantly.  I have several teeth that have a wide gap where food just LOVES to collect!  Sound familar? I know its  a little gross personal to discuss […]

Giveaway Sign Up for Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop


Searching for a Event  for at the Last Minute Giveaway sign up? I have been swamped lately, so I didn’t get signed up for all the events I wanted to!  Women over 45!  Imagine my relief when searching for a last minute giveaway event to find the Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop, March 21-27  brought to you […]

Ladies Fashion Tips for Mother’s Day

ladies Fashion

Use Mother’s Day as an excuse to treat yourself to a new look this March When Mother’s Day arrives on March 18 (UK date), over £50 million will have been spent on greetings cards and over five million bouquets of flowers will have been ordered. It’s estimated that a further £55 million will be spent on chocolate […]