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Stuff We Learned Along the Way, (3-30-2012 edition), Menopause quotes

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You get Wiser as you Go Along!


Menopause Quotes–Stuff We Learned along the Way!  A New Feature.

It seems when you become one of the group of Women over 45, you become a sage.  All of a sudden, people seem to be asking your advice.  It’s all very weird.  But we have learned something (hopefully a ton) along the way…so we should pass on that knowledge right?  Here’s a handful of Menopause Quotes, Menopause Jokes and Menopausal Quotes to shed a little of that wisdom your way.   So…that you can be as wise as me!  Teehee!

You have to believe in SOMETHING…

Audrey Hepburn I believe



You just have to keep GOING…

Go as Far Marsden




Julia Child : What I am Reading Now!

I have recently been reading books about Julia Child.  She is truly an inspirational woman.  As a woman, who started her most noteworthy career after the age of 40, Julia Child is to be admired.  Women over 45 and women of all ages can realize that you can always have a second act!  (Or a third or fourth if need be!)   I think its important for women to study other women so we can realize their knowledge and intelligence.  Here’s the Julia Child books, both biographies and autobiographies, that I have read thus far:

My Life in France by Julia Child

Backstage with Julia: My Years with Julia Child by Nancy Verde Barr

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell

Julia Child: A Life  by Laura Shapiro

And to  be read soon:   Appetite for Life by Noel Riley Fitch; Mastering the Art of French Cooking (I&II) by Julia Child, Loisette Bertholle, and Simone Beck
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What Piece of Wisdom have you learned along the Way?

Stuff We Learned Along the Way (3-23-2012), Menopause Quotes

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Did You Learn ANYTHING?


We are introducing a New Blog feature Today called “Stuff We Learned Along the Way”.  We’ll try to do it on Friday to wrap-up for the Week.  Most of these quotes will apply to all of you, but they are especially chosen for Women over 45 and can serve as Menopause Quotes, Menopausal Quotes or Menopause Jokes.  Depending on how I feel…cuz hey…I am Menopausal and can do whatever I WANT TOO!!  RIGHT???  (Oops, did I say that Outloud? )





nutrition-Thomas- Edison-Menopause-quotes

GO AHEAD AND PIN THESE!  You know you want to!!


This Post is Dedicated to my Awesome Brother, who’s Birthday is Today.  He is REALLY OLD–and I’ll bet he could give us a TON of advice but he’s not Menopausal or a Woman over 45….So this Picture and a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD COOT” will have to do!

The Chief Blonde Brother

The Chief Blonde is wearing a Jessica Steele Apron and is posing with her OLDER Brother and a Turkey.  You figure out which is which!

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