New Facebook Group Banner Dimensions? Uses? Advantages

Facebook Group Banner–How to make it Fit? Dimensions and Customizing

Facebook group Banner Dimensions
Facebook group Banner Dimensions

UPDATED APRIL 16, 2012 : Dimensions for new Facebook Group Banner are 802  x 255.  It will look like there is white space when you upload but there is not..this is where facebook inserts the tabs for the group.

How to Make a Custom Facebook Banner?

In any Graphics Program, make a picture that is 802 x 255.  I used PAINT, the super simple, been around forever program that comes with your computer.  Pasted in some images.  BINGO!  Done.

Using the Facebook Banner to Your Advantage!

Think of the Uses of the Banner:

  • You can change everyday!
  • You can make Group Announcements!
  • You can feature products or group Members!
  • You can combine Graphics and Text!
  • Always wanted to have something Stickied at the TOP of the Group???  Now you can!

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for the information on the banner dimensions…
    And congratulations on your awesome blog!
    Let´s keep in touch…
    Perhaps we can talk about advertising or joint ventures…
    Great work!

  2. says

    Thanks for the info. Very helpful. Do you know if they’re going to start having this for pages? I don’t know why they’re not allowing this or at least cover images for pages. The current look is so unattractive and I have four Facebook pages.