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Infant meningitis, Death 48 hours? Protect Infants Now Meningococcal disease

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crying Baby

Infant Meningitis can Look like the FLU

Meningitis in Infants (also called Meningococcal disease) can come on suddenly and a healthy child who catches meningitis can be dead in 24-48 hours.  Many mistake meningitis for the flu because it mimics flu symptoms.  The risk of meningitis death is much higher (three to seven times) in infants younger than one year of age because their immune systems are less sophisticated. It is possible to prevent Infant Meningitis via vaccines but the vaccine is not universally recommended as of yet.




  • Meningitis in infants is highly preventable with a vaccine.
  • 1/16 children who contract Meningitis will die from it
  • Children are currently immunized for mumps, measles, rubella and rotovirus–but more children die from meningitis than any of these diseases.
  • Of the infants who survive meningitis, many will have paralysis, limb amputations, strokes, seizures, severe scarring, hearing loss, brain and organ damage, and more.

WHAT CAN BE DONE to prevent Infant Menigitis?

Sign the Petition to Protect Infants Now (PIN) to encourage the CDC to include the Meningitis Vaccine in their recommended list of vaccines for infants.

Watch this meaningful video so you are clear on the message to Protect Infants now.  A mother who lost her child to Meningococcal Disease shares her story:

Blog Note: WE participated in this Meningitis campaign on behalf of Mom Central & Meningitis Angels. This Meningitis campaign is made possible, partially through the support provided by Novartis Vaccines.  As well, a small donation to the  charity of my choosing was made via my name by Mom Central to thank me for my participation. As usual, all the opinions for this posting are one hundred percent my own.

Fashionista Events


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You CAN have Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Little Blue Bag?  Little Blue Box?  Yes, every girl has dreamt of receiving that special BLUE package and white satiny bow at one time in her life.  It probably Audrey Hepburn’s fault or that silly “Breakfast at Tiffany” Movie..well who knows?  But no one will EVER argue with a present from Tiffany! To help you out  with Valentine’s Day in 2012, some blogger friends and I thought you needed the ultimate treat…Tiffany_Giftcard


Open to US and Canada only (Canadians please see note below). Void where prohibited. Ends February 7 at 11:59pm EST.


$200 Tiffany Card (WHAT???? Isn’t that FAB!)  **Note: If the winner is a US resident, the prize is a $200 GC. Canadians, due to Gift Card restrictions, the prize if the winner is Canadian is a Return to Tiffany Double Heart Tag Pendant like the one pictured below, approximate value $200 USD

Tiffanys Necklace


UPDATE:  The Tiffany Gift Card Giveaway is Over.  The Chief Blonde was not compensated for this post.  She paid to be in the giveaway.  See Giveaway Winners

Dogs are Better! Pinterest Throwdown

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Dogs are Better Than Cats!  Pinterest Throw Down between Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Simply Stacie


This is Question Dog, she answers questions on our Facebook.  Now can you imagine a CAT doing that?

Question Dog Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Fame gave us permission to use his dog.   Simply Stacie and I are having a Throw Down  to determine if Dogs are Better or Cats are Better ?  Simply Stacie is taking the side of Cats, you can visit her post Cats are Better.  Once you have looked at our posts and maybe even “Pinned” a few on Pinterest,  take the mini-poll that you will find at the bottom of both of our posts.  Remember, secretly you know….DOGS ARE BETTER!!!  Game on Stacie!!

How could a Cat ever be this cute?




Do they ever call CATS man’s best friend?




Are CATS this glad to see you  when you get home?  I think not!




Sometimes Dogs Get into a little bit of a Mess, it’s True!




And Dogs are So Honest!




We all know about Guide Dogs and what heros they are!  Have you ever heard of a Guide Cat?  REALLY!



In the END, Dogs are Better! Don’t you Think!!


Take our Poll and remember–>>The Blonde is saying THAT DOGS ARE BETTER!! Fashionista Events

Pink Vintage Dresses (Jan. 2012)

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A Beautiful Pink Vintage Dress

Pink 1950 Vintage Dress

1950′s Pink Vintage Dress, Prom Dress, From the Chief Blonde’s own Collection, Pink Satin Swirls sewn over lace, over tulle then over satin. No Label.  


I Need a shot of this dress with a crinoline! 

Pink Vintage Dresses are just the best confection around.  Does anything say “Sandra Dee”  like a big stiff skirted prom dress, especially when they are Pink Vintage Dresses?

Yeah, Go ahead make my day– PIN IT!!!