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Savemore Daily Deals Site Scam

[ 3 ] December 26, 2011 |

UPDATE:  This Article was revised due to Savemore Daily Deals Scamming Ways

savemore log0

Apparently, SaveMore made off with a lot of people’s money.  They are a daily Deal Site.  I had written about the deals that I obtained.  I too was scammed and never received my $10 Burger King Card that I purchased for $5.  Lesson learned.  Sticking with trusted sites like Ebates that have been around a long time!  Thanks to Clever Housewife for informing us!

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New Years Eve Budget Party Ideas $50 Menu Planning

[ 8 ] December 26, 2011 |

New Years Eve Budget Party Ideas–  $50 Menu Planning

Wedding picture small

The Chief Blonde’s Wedding  Anniversary is New Year’s Eve

Walt and my wedding anniversary is New Year’s eve.  We had a big party and then were married at the stroke of midnight. We were married in a historic hotel in a town near us. George Bush Sr, his wife Barbara and some of his staff actually had dinner in the same room where we were married!  It was a beautiful evening.

As a result, all of our friends expect us to have a New Year’s eve party every year!  While we are happy to oblige it does get very expensive.  Even if you ask them bring a dish to pass and some of their own alcohol…as the hosts we still try to have some main dishes, appetizers, beer, wine, pop, coffee, and champagne on hand.  With party hats, decorations, ice and other party can quickly get yourself up to a $200-300 party!  Whew…that’s just not possible this year with 4 kids in college!  So…

When Aldi’s challenged us to take a look at their  new line-up of award winning international exclusive wines and their other party food to pair with it…I was excited but never imagined we could get enough food and drink to easily entertain all of our friends for New Year’s eve for a mere $50.  Take a look at all we were able to obtain for $50 and get some New Years eve budget Party ideas of your own:

New years eve budget party ideas

New Years Eve Budget Party Ideas $50 Aldi’s Menu Planning:

1.  Walker Napa Valley Red Wine-California– 2011 World Value Wine Competition Score: 88 points, Silver medal.  Tastes of blackberry, black pepper, raspberry, dark cherry and vanilla  lend itself to a blend of Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  $7.99

2. Burlwood Merlot $4.99

3. Vina Decana Tempranillo–Spain– 2011 World Value Wine Competition Score: 88 Points, Silver Medal.  Wine has a pleasingly dry taste composed of notes of red cherries, vanilla and finishing with subtle hints of oak.  $4.99

4.  Gonafalone Chianti (Italy) — Italy –2011 World Value Wine Competiton Score: 85 Points  Pronounced ruby color, brilliant bouquet and dry!  Well rounded flavor.  $5.99

5.  Hand rolled Blueberry and Goat Cheese Log– $2.99  (oh my goodness, I would have paid $10 for this…just scrumptious)

6. Brie Cheese Round — $2.99

7. X-Sharp White Cheddar–$2.69  (Once again, a product far that would sell for at least double in a gourmet store!)

8. Saltines — $.89

9. Black Pepper — $1.99

10. Thin Spaghetti — $.99

11. Holiday Tortilla Chips–$1.49

12. Wernsesgruner Beer — $5.99

13. Barbecue Kettle Chips — $1.99  (These chips were every bit as good as competitive chips and were half the price..really really yummy!)

14. Skim Milk — $2.29

15. Ground Black Pepper — $1.99

16. 6 in 1 Holiday Sprinkles–$2.99

Grand Total $53.65!!!!

Can you say Wow!

New Years eve budget party ideas

The Chief Blonde choosing among wines from Aldi’s Line up of Award Winning International Wines

stillblonde3 smallThe Chief Blonde Remarks: I was simply shocked at the line up of Award Winning International Wines that Aldi has available for this holiday season.  I normally shop at Costco for Value wines where I consider a value wine a bottle priced under $10!  Most of the Aldi Wines were priced at $4.99 with a few priced slightly above at $7.99!  I really enjoyed all the wines I tried, you will note I chose all reds!  My hands down favorites were Burlwood Merlot at $4.99 and the  the Gonafalone Chianti (Italy).  I would have never of guessed the Chianti was such an affordable  wine at a mere $5.99…my guess for this wine would have been $12.99 or above.  It was rich,  full bodied and enjoyable!  I will be back for more.  Just as shocking was the value that I obtained for my $50 when shopping at Aldi.  As you can see, I found everything I needed to make a lovely cheese pasta, appetizers of chips and cheese, and wine and beer to go with it!  Now, I know I can have my friends and family over to celebrate New Year’s eve and our Anniversary and not break the bank!  What Fun!  Find out more about the fine award winning wines by visiting Aldi’s!  

New Years Eve Budget Party Ideas

The Chief Blonde chooses Gonafalone Chianti (Italy) $5.99

Are you on a tight Budget this New Year’s Eve?  Would you try Aldi’s Value award winning wines?

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ALDI and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.”

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ila Personal Alarm Review

[ 164 ] December 26, 2011 |

130 Decibels of Screeching Ear Splitting Protection

ila Dusk Pebble Wedge

ila Wedge $19.99                           ila Pebble  $14.99                                          ila Dusk  $24.99

 ila Personal Alarm Review

Have you ever been in an unfamiliar place, at night, walking to your car or destination..alone or with another not so savvy companion and wished you had a little something to protect you?  This ila Personal Alarm Review highlights three devices that will bring you piece of mind in these situations and may just save your life by scaring an attacker away or give you time to run.

Ila Personal Alarm Review–The ila Wedge

The Ila Wedge can be utilized in your hotel room, apartment or anywhere to alert you when someone is trying to open your door.  You simply shove the Ila Wedge under the door, set it and go to sleep in peace.  Did you know criminals say a wedge is one of the BEST security devices to keep them out? Why? Because you must actually break a door down in order to get past a wedge! Add to that the Ila Wedge screeches at a loud 130 db as pressure is placed upon it when someone is trying to force the door..well you have some mighty protection there right?  I like the fact my daughter could take it to college with her or on a internship in a big city!

ila Personal Alarm Review–The ila Pebble

We think this darling little device is so cute AND so useful.  The ila pebble is smaller than an car key fob but so convenientl! At a 130 dB it’s with you where ever you have your keys.  It so small that there is no excuse for every being without this screeching protection.  Watch the video to see how it works!  We think all Women over 45 (and our younger friends) should have the ila Personal Alarm!


ila Personal Alarm Review–the ila Dusk

We have previously reviewed the Dusk earlier this year.  Visit the  ila Personal Alarm Review of the ila Dusk reviewed by Still Blonde after all these YEARS early this year.

Women over 45 (and our Younger Friends) Want to Win one..get all the Details below!  Can’t wait to Win?  Need one for Christmas? Or the Holidays?  ila tells you where you can buy one


Giveaway ENDS Dec. 30, 2011 11:59 PM EST


1st prize–the winner will receive an ila Dusk and ila Pebble (Value– $40)

2nd prize–the winner will receive an ila Wedge and an ila Pebble (Value–$35)


The ila Personal Alarm Review and Giveaway is over.  The Giveaway had 2 winners with 2038 entries via a Rafflecopter.  Thanks for entering. SEE GIVEAWAY WINNERS! 

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Expectations versus Reality: Christmas Cookies

[ 34 ] December 25, 2011 |

What you THINK your Christmas Cookies Look Like:

Expectations versus Reality


What your Christmas Cookies ACTUALLY Look Like:

expectations versus Reality 2

stillblonde3 smallMerry Christmas!  May Your Expectations of Our Savior’s Birth MEET your Realities!  Love, the Chief Blonde!