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Ugly Christmas Sweaters Bonanza– Show Off your UGLY!  Ugly Christmas Sweater Bonanza


Ugly Christmas Sweaters is another Fashionista Event hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS!  We are featuring the ugliest Christmas sweaters from around the Web, your family, YOU, and any other relations that you want to feature in this horror!  Nothing says ugly like an ugly sweater.  Nothing says Ugly Sweater like an Ugly Christmas Sweater.  FA-LA-LA.  Link it up baby!  The only requirement is your post/picture must be PG and contain an UGLY Christmas Sweater!  Yes, you may link up more than one post (if you really want to win that bad).

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

UPDATE: WINNER of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters==>!

1st Place: #9  Little Cavaliers–Prize: an Ugly Christmas Sweater and the Honor of being the Ugly Christmas Sweaters Grand poo Bah for a whole year!

2nd Place: #4 Socialites Closet  –Prize–Nothing.  But her sweaters sure were UGLY!

Many THanks to all our participants!

Whoever has the ugliest Christmas sweater, collection of Ugly Christmas sweaters, stupid Ugly Christmas sweaters song, Ugly Christmas sweaters poem, animal in an Ugly Christmas sweater will be the winner.  They will reign supreme for a whole year as the GRAND POO BAH of Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  I will even send you an UGLY Christmas Sweater as a Prize–if you want it..teehee!  Value of PRIZE?  Priceless!

Here’s the Linky :  Enter away!

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The Great Gadget Giveaway Announcement on Kobiso .com

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Gadget Giveaway–Please Say Still Blonde after all these YEARS referred you!


It is a perfect time to showcase your favorite Tech Gadgets in the Great Gadget Giveaway hosted by  Kobiso and Madame Deals who are proud to present the Great Gadget Giveaway Event from Jan 23 12:01 PM EST to Feb 06  at 12:01 PM EST They are now accepting signups now.  Please say you were referred by Still Blonde after all these YEARS!

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New Year’s Eve: Outfits Modeled by Women over 45

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New Year’s Eve or Mother of the Bride?  Find it at David’s Bridal


New Years's Eve Outfits modeled by Women over 45..New Years's Eve Outfits modeled by Women over 45 2

Dark Plum, Taffeta  ($49,99 on Sale)        Multi-color Pink/Plum Floral ($49.99 on Sale)
By David’s Bridal                                                By David’s Bridal

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit David’s Bridal in East Lansing (Meridian Towne Centre, 4940 Marsh Rd., Okemos, MI 48864) and shop for New Year’s Eve Dresses!  My wedding anniversary is New Year’s Eve and I like to look special.  I had such an incredible time while I was there.  I tried on dresses for an hour and half  straight!  I was assisted by a wonderful salesperson named Ann.  She was so understanding and sweet.  She laughed, took pictures and video all through the appointment, and left me feeling like a princess.  I was fortunate too, in that she was close to me in age, so she could be sympathetic to problems that Women over 45 might experience (ghastly pale legs, saggy boobs, scary arms, etc.)  and suggest fashions which were cute, surprising AND most importantly age appropriate.

Outfits modeled by Women over 45 New Year's ever..david's Bridal #9

Red Chiffon (On Sale $29)                         by David’s Bridal
by David’s Bridal

The David’s Bridal Store in East Lansing was welcoming from the moment I walked in.  I was greeted by the Assistant manager, Lisa and assigned my very own salesperson, Ann.  The dressing room was well lite and clean (a real plus in my book!)  I chose some styles myself and Ann chose a few more for me, as well.  I needed the right kind of shoes and Ann brought out these stunning Vera Wangs.  I also didn’t have all the right shapewear and she helped me out there as well!

Outfits Modeled by WOmen over 45 New Year's Eve  Outfits Modeled by WOmen over 45 New Year's Eve

Black Stretch Satin ($139.99)                   Ruched Pewter stretch Taffeta $168
By David’s Bridal                                             by David’s Bridal

I was quite surprised by the selection of cocktail dresses and New Year’s eve outfits for Women over 45 available at David’s Bridal.  What I found the most shocking were the prices.  Most dresses were under $150 and a nice selection of sale dresses were sale priced at  $29-$49  (yes, you read that right). As you can see by the pictures here, they had many styles, colors, fabrics and sizes of dresses as well, for Women over 45!  No matter what look you were trying to capture for a special day, I felt that I could easily find something that would suit my needs.  I actually loved 2-3 of the 10 dresses I tried on so much, that I had an extremely hard time narrowing my choices down!

Outfits Modeled by WOmen over 45 New Year's Eve..Outfits Modeled by WOmen over 45 New Year's Eve

Black Tulle over champagne Body ($139)    Gold Metallic Crepe ($149)
by David’s Bridal                                                       By David’s Bridal

There were a few dresses from David’s Bridal that were just a little too sexy for me but they did fit nicely, one that I couldn’t zip up in the back (fat back) and there wasn’t a larger size,  a few that were too demure  (we Blondes like to have FLASH).   But overall, I was shocked to find the variety of lengths, styles, and fabrics that I had.  My consultant got to know my body and style as I went along and even grabbed a few selections for me that she felt would be figure flattering–and she was dead on.

Outfits Modeled by WOmen over 45 New Year's Eve  Outfits Modeled by WOmen over 45 New Year's Eve


Satin two-tone Crumbcatcher ($158)    (Sale $49)
Vera Wang White Collection                      By David’s Bridal

In the end, I did make a very tough choice from the huge selection at David’s Bridal.  Ann assured me that the dress was just right.  I was rung up quickly, my dressed was wrapped appropriately and I was on my way.  I may never have such a fun assignment again…but I will treasure my “Queen for a Day” experience at David’s Bridal for a long long time.


Take a guess and Watch the video above to see which one was the winner from David’s Bridal! The dress I chose is right before the SURPRISE dress at the end!

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I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of David’s Bridal and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.

I linked up this Outfit post at Not Dead yet style!

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Make the Bread Buy the Butter Review Jennifer Reese

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Make the bread buy the Butter  ..

Quick!  What Should you Make?  What should you Buy?  What Works either Way?

Group A

Hot dog buns
Chocolate cake
Eggs benedict
Dill Pickles
Cured Meats
Whipped Cream
Braised Beef

Group B
Steak Tartare
Hamburger Buns
Hot Dogs
Coffee Liqueur
Rice Pudding
Corn dogs
English muffins
Ice cream cones

Group C
Turkish Delight
Roasted chicken
Cream cheese
Onion Rings
Graham Crackers

Jennifer Reese, author of Make the Bread Buy the Butter, lost her job with Entertainment Weekly, what to do? Instead of sitting around and whining, she dove head first into an crazy, often head shaking, culinary journey. Jennifer decided to evaluate–Is “doing it yourself” always the best approach? Cheaper?  Jennifer set out to find out!  In her debut book, which has been featured recently on Good Morning America and is being reviewed today in People Magazine, Jennifer Reese evaluates, through a crazy series of kitchen and backyard experiences the best waves to cure prosciutto, develop those crannies in an English muffin, and buy goats to be a better cheesemaker. Jennifer Reese’s kitchen-related adventures  are chronicled in MAKE THE BREAD, BUY THE BUTTER (Free Press; October 18; $24).

stillblonde3 smallThe Chief Blonde Remarks:  I read Make the Bread Buy the Butter  Review in one weekend while riding in the car on the way to an adventure weekend at Mackinaw Island with my husband.  All the way to the Island and back, I was reading my husband the hilarious stories of Jennifer’s adventures as she gets herself into gut-busting situations of chicken, duck, goat and turkey purchasing.  We laughed all the way as we read story after story that endeavored to evaluate–so Should I Buy it or Make it?  I had never read a book written in this fashion, with stories and recipes entwined together and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I found myself giggling (a lot) at all her silly adventures as she details how her family coped, how she was able to execute age-old tasks in a 21 Century World, and the art of raising livestock by the VERY non-agriculturally educated!  What she finds will genuinely surprise you. I loved this book and give it a hearty two thumbs up!


Giveaway runs from November 25 through Dec. 6, 2011 11:59 PM EST.


3 hardcover book package (1) Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese (2) BAKING WITH THE CAKE BOSS by Buddy Valastro  and (3) HORSES NEVER LIE ABOUT LOVE by Jana Harris. This giveaway is courtesy of Free Press the publisher of Make the Bread, Buy the Butter Jennifer Reese. Total retail value roughly $78. Giveaway for US and Canada only.

UPDATE: The Make the Bread Buy the Butter Review Giveaway is over.  The Rafflecopter Entry device has been removed.  See Giveaway Winners.