Problems Posting Links In Facebook? Why Won’t my URLS post on Facebook?

Are you having Problems Posting Links in Facebook?  URLS just won’t work?

Problems-posting-links-in-facebookWhat I do when I have Problems Posting links in Facebook

Quick Tip to TRY to fix your Problems Posting Links in Facebook!

1) Paste the link into your comment or status

2.)  Put the link into  brackets or parenthesis  like this <link>

3.  Hit Enter.  Refresh to make sure it posts

4.  Viola!  90% of the time, this will fix your Problems Posting Links in Facebook!

I have had problems posting links in Facebook.  It won’t post my links unless I put my words inside of brackets, or parenthesis or arrows.  See picture above.   I like to use the arrows as I imagine in my mind that people like to find out where arrows are pointing.  I know there is probably some REALLY big techie explanation for why this solves the Facebook problem.  WHO CARES?  It solves my problems posting links in Facebook and gets me on my merry little way! Actually, Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income suggested this to me in a Facebook post and I have used it ever since.  Thanks Pat!

WAHHHH!  My Link still won’t post!!!  Sometimes URLs just won’t post to Facebook.  Why?

1.)  You have posted a link too many times in too short of a timeframe

2.)  You are in Facebook “Prison” because for some reason Facebook thinks you are spammy.  If offered Captcha–make sure to complete

3)   It’s not you, it’s Facebook.  I have found that sometimes just waiting  few days or hours clears up a lot of Facebook problems.

4.)  As a last resort, you may need to follow through with Facebook to discover the problem.  Good luck, they are notoriously hard to get in touch with!

Oh, if you have other Facebook problems you may want to check out my other simple Facebook tips!

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    For some time, my blog links were singled out as “spam”. It was right after I switched to my own domain. It was strange. My posts automatically posted to facebook, but if one of my readers or I tried to post them, it was reported as spam. I did report to facebook, and after about a month, it righted itself.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the words of encouragement today! You don’t even know how much I needed to hear them. I have spoken to my mom about you many times in the last month, and I decided it was high time that I placed your blog button in a special place on my blog. You are one of only two blogs that are on my sidebar. All the rest are “down below.” And what I said about you is true. You are my inspiration. God used you so specially in my life–I needed so to hear it!! Thank you.

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    Since the “new” way of posting links on FB is the only way I’ve ever been able to do it on my iPad, everything works fine for me. Here’s the trick I use – after I paste the link I hit space. FB then recognizes it as a link and retrives it from my blog to auto-poulate the box where the excerpt is displayed. Then I can delete the actual URL from the post if I want.