Triberr Explained: What is it? How do I use it? Tweet Multiplier for Twitter Review

Triberr can help your Blog Traffic Explode!


What is Triberr?  Briefly:

Note: Updated September 6, 2011

Triberr ( is a tweet multiplier! For any blog post you do or anyone in the tribe does, a tweet is generated in the stream. You can set your stream for auto or manual. (Most tribe members set on auto) You can look at your stream at any time and you can pause or delete any of the tribe’ s tweets that your readers may find irrelevant or inappropriate. When it says REACH, it means that the members of the tribe all added together have that many followers or reach. So right now, if I tweet something, and everyone lets it go through their stream, I will “Potentially” be seen by 580,00  twitter followers! Make sense? Very powerful.  The more tribes you belong to, the more “Reach” you have.

triberr explained

Tribber Home DashBoard

 Tribes: Explained Briefly

triberr tribes image

I can see all my tribes by clicking the tribes button

Tribes are groups of liked minded tweeters who come together under a common purpose.  You can find the TRIBES you belong to by clicking on the TRIBES tab once signed into Triberr.  I have a tribe for my Fashionista Giveaway Events.  I belong to a tribe for Blog Boosting and I am blessed to be in a tribe with the 3 BIGGEST tribe members on Triberr (what were they thinking when they invited me?? )   As a Chief, you start out with 3 tribes with 7 member slots.  Your three tribes all have ridiculous names as named by Triberr (like The Sabbath Bloody Twilight)…you can rename them.  At this time, you can only be the chief of 3 tribes.  You can only join one additional tribe UNLESS that new tribe inviting you has INBREEDING(explained below).  A tribe can be as big as it wants to be (possible limit of 150?), but it must always be EXPANDED beyond the initial 7 members by using BONES (explained below).  You populate your tribe by inviting people who have never joined triberr before, I think this is the most difficult part of Triberr.

What are Tiberr Bones?

Triberr Bones image

I can see how many bones I have by looking under the BONES tab

At this time, when you join Triberr you are given 100 bones.  Bones are currency on Triberr.  As of this writing, bones allow you to get into certain tribes, expand the tribe, and trigger inbreeding.  It takes 50 bones to join a group if you are not one of the initial 7.   It takes 30 bones to expand the tribe.  You can get more bones by giving “Karma”–the “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs Down” you will find on your STREAM on the home page tab.  Sometimes you get lots of bones for Karma, sometimes you just get one!


Inbreeding on Triberr allows you to add current members of Triberr to your tribe.  Inbreeding can start once you have 5 members in a tribe in addition to yourself (the Chief).  Inbreeding costs 60 bones to add to your tribe–well worth it!

Karma on Triberr

Triberr karma image

I can give positive karma by clicking on the thumbs up tab, I can’t understand why you want to thumbs down a fellow tribes member.

At this point, it just seems to me to be a way to get more bones.  Also, it’s a great way to keep track of what tweets you have already reviewed and decided not to delete.

What is REACH on Triberr?

Triberr REACH image

Your Reach for all your tribes can be found on your home tab, Reach for a particular tribe is found on that tribes page.

Reach is the number of twitter followers of all the tribe members combined.  You can see your tribes reach or your overall reach for all the tribes to which you belong on your Home Tab.

How can I control the Tweets that go out to my followers?

Triberr pausing your own tweet image

Pausing your own tweet in your “My stream” from your home tab (fig a)

Triberr pausing your own tweet  image

Deleting an individual tweet in your “tribal stream” from you Home screen (fig b)

Triberr setting a member to manual  image

Setting a tribe member to Manual can be done in your Tribes tab, on the tribes members screen (fig.c.)

Every tribe should have an agreement on what they allow to go out as a tweet.  My tribe pauses their own tweets that are out of date, adult related, and inappropriate (fig. a.) for tweeter followers who are not their readers.  You can also go in and manually delete tweets out your stream that are not appropriate for your readers (fig b.)   For example, if you have a blog for Women over 45–your followers may not care about pregnancy or breast feeding tweets.  As well, you can decide to set an individual tribes member to manual and determine for each individual tweet if you will retweet it (fig. c.) Those tweets will be pink in your tribal stream along with tweets that are too close together.

How do I communicate with my Tribe?

You can communicate with your tribe right on the the tribe’s page.


Triberr has many other features and seems to be adding more all the time.  So far, I have seen NOTHING but good come from it for my blog.  I highly recommend it.  Triberr also has a blog which provides answers to many other questions

Any Triberr questions?  Will you be joining soon?

Need to understand how to set a tribe Philosophy?  See Triberr Chief: Let Tribe choose their settings

Blog Note:  I did this post for my reader’s and my Facebook groups information. I was not asked to do this review nor did I get compensation for it.

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  1. says

    How did you know I so desperately needed this information? This post has been bookmarked and Triberr is now at the top of my to do list for this week! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. says

    Hi! I have a tribe of my own, but don’t have inbreeding yet. My computer speakers are non-existent, so I can’t listen to the tutorial video they have at about inbreeding. So, I have to get 5 members to my tribe… Is thus including me? They have to be new members who aren’t part of Triberr already, right?

  3. says

    I just signed up for Triberr but am still a little confused on how many tribes you can join. I know that there’s the original one that invites you, and you can run 3 of your own. But can you join multiple other tribes as long as they allow inbreeding?

  4. says

    I am already signed up for a couple of events for Oct. Unless I win a lottery or something like that…I can’t afford to sign up for any more right now. I would have already signed up for this one otherwise.

    Now If I get rich in the next month and there are still openings…I’ll be back.

    Thank you!

  5. says

    I’m not sure I have the energy for something else right now. How difficult is this stuff? How long does it take? How smart would I have to be??? And if the answers to all that are good…how would I go about joining?

    I need a nap. Really.