Imprint Comfort Mat Review, Introducing English Fern

Packing Lunches?  Washing Sports Clothes? Soften the Back-to-School Grind with Imprint Comfort Mats

English fern series Imprint comfort Mat

The English Fern Style from Imprint Comfort Mats

Benefits of the Imprint Comfort Mat

Women over 45 (and all our younger friends) no matter what you have ahead for with your kids for this school year, if you have an imprint comfort mat at your feet,  you’ll be a SUPER parent.  What can Imprint comfort mats do for you?

Imprint comfort Mat Benefits

The Imprint Anti-Fatigue comfort mats have been shown to have the above benefits according to a in-depth  study conducted by a major University School of Ergonomics. You will find that all areas of the body can be aided by the Imprint Comfort Mats including the feet, the thighs, the upper and lower back, and buttocks.

Still Blonde small  Chief Blonde Remarks:  Imprint Comfort Mats are a favorite product of ours and most Women over 45 (and our younger friends).  We have previously done a review and giveaway with them :  Imprint Comfort Mat giveaway  I was sent a sample to review of their new English Fern pattern.  It’s a very subtle pattern, great in a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. I like how many different shades in comes in including the super Cocoa Metallic that I got mine in.  I have a ton of tile in my house, so I appreciate that the Imprint Comfort Mat reduces fatigue and pain when standing hard surfaces.  Whenever I am in my house, I wear a special pair of “almost orthotic shoes” to support my arches, the imprint comfort mat aids in alleviating   my foot discomfort especially when I cooking.  The coolest visual aspect is how it comforms to the shape of your shoe or bare feet–leaving “Imprints” on the mat.  You just know its cushioning your body by the Imprints that you can see, of course these imprints aren’t lasting so the mat always looks brand new.  I just wipe it up with sudsy water when I spill  things on it,  and find I don’t have to get out my floor steamer near as much!  Highly recommend…but you already knew that!  Imprint comfort Mats  MSRP $70–160.


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A $150 Island runner in the New English Fern Pattern

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  1. Carol L says

    I love that it’s abrasion resistant, and stain resistant!And that having such a bad hip and back problems that this wold help alleviate a lot of discomfort.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com