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Stuff I don’t need to see: Bagelheads, Health Aspects

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Bagelheads, Body Modification,  without a Cutting Edge?


Yes, you are seeing it right.  Women over 45 and (our younger friends),  these fine upstanding youngsters  pictured are fondly called Bagelheads.  These uber-happening youths are part of a underground Body Modification scene  (Body-Mod)  that inject medical grade saline into their  foreheads.  The whole process can take up to two hours, with the bagel effect created by pressing your thumb into the mound of saline.  GROSSED OUT YET????


It only lasts one night…yeah that’s right.  After that the saline absorbs back into the skin, usually by the next morning…kinda like a werewolf?  Reportly, the forehead is not the only place that peole are injecting..but I can’t even go there, so just use your imagination…or don’t, I don’t blame you.

Bagelheads 2

Bagelhead…Just what every Mommy wishes for..

But it’s harmless right?  I mean it’s just saline and it absorbs by morning!  People use saline  for their contact lenses for goodness sake!

Top Plastic Surgeon comments on Bagelheads and Medical Concerns

Medically speaking Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS, a renowned  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from New Jersey/New York  City Area comments:

The procedure, of creating a “Bagelhead” is theoretically medically safe–providing that medical grade STERILE  saline solution is utilized.  But certain protocols must be followed and risks must always be considered.

  • Sterile Medical grade  saline is indeed a MUST.   Really essential salt water,   Saline is used in standard IV fluid as the most common element.  You also will find, many people use Sterile Saline to wet their contact lense.  It is a safe substance to inject into your skin but precautions are a must!
  • Utilize Proper Injection Techniques.  Anytime, a substance is injected into your body by a person with insufficient medical training their is always the risk of damage to the underlying skin structures.  Medical injections should only be done by a medical professional.    You must always consider if you are causing harm to the the blood vessels, nerves, and muscles when injecting ANYTHING into the skin.  Improper injections can lead to dangerous injuries, infections or permanent damage.
  • Long term effects of continued use:  Overexpanding the skin to this extent, resulting in a Bagelhead, can lead irreparable harm  to the forehed in the soft tissues and skin.  It could result in sagging, loosening, and even thinning.  The damage may not be readily apparent but long term effects might  be seen years down the ROAD.


This is something I DEFINITELY DO NOT NEED TO SEE.   See More “Stuff I don’t need to See

What do you think of the BodyMod, Bagelhead movement?

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Blog Note:  The Chief Blonde felt that you would find this article interesting or gross or both.  She was not compensated for this post.

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Golden Door Cookbook

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At exactly 4:00pm (EST)  today–You can win this $40 book right here!



We have previously reviewed this fantastic book,  GOLDEN DOOR COOKS AT HOME–2010 1st Quarter Book Review.  We also featured a fantastic recipe from the book Garden Vegetable Soup with Pistou and we produced a YOUTube video that you might enjoy, Garden Vegetable soups with Pistou! You bet

Okay, on to the Giveaway!

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The Day that just keeps giving

The Day That Just Keeps Giving!

Looking for some Friday Fun?  Tomorrow,  August 26th, we will be having a Flash Follow event!  You can head over to  Giveaway Blogdom, or Heavenly Savings to enter! 20 blogs have partnered to present “The Day That Just Keeps Giving”. Yep, twenty Flash contests sponsored by the bloggers themselves with $100′s in prizes!!!!


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Kate Middleton Wedding Doll

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British Designers are  featured on the NEW Wedding Doll of  Princess Catherine (Kate Middleton)

Kate Middleton Wedding doll

The toy company, Arklu, who presented the  behind the highly acclaimed Princess Kate Middleton Engagement Doll…

Kate Middleton's a Engagment doll

has launched a Princess Kate Middleton Wedding Doll. Is the newest doll wearing Sheer Pantyhose, the newest trend, like in >these pictures< of Kate Middleton? No, it appears the doll is wearing a host of British Designers but not the Sheer Pantyhose trend that Kate inspired herself! It is is reported that Queen Elizabeth insists all Royals wear pantyhose.

The Kate Middleton Wedding  doll from Arklu, features a  slew of British Designers, including shoes designed by none other than Aruna Seth!

Kate Middleton's a Wedding doll head shot

The very top end British designers have to come together to create the clothing and accessories for the Arklu Princess Catherine (Kate Middleton) Wedding doll.   The original designer of Kate’s Wedding dress was Susan Barton for Alexander McQueen Apparently for the doll, Arklu’s design pays homage to the original McQueen dress, we featured multiple shots of Kate’s Dress–See Catherine “Kate” Middleton’s Dress from Every Angle, Royal Wedding  and discussed the lace for the dress here:   Lacemaker Sophie Hallette provided the Lace for Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress.   


Earrings: The Wedding Doll features the inspirational ear-rings  similar to those created by Robinson Pelham for Catherine’s Wedding Day–we featured the Royal Wedding Earrings here:  Catherine “Kate” Middleton’s Earrings, Royal Wedding April 29, 2011     Tiara:  In 1936,Cartier, designed the tiara which Middleton wore on her wedding day, it is referred to as the Cartier ‘Halo’ Tiara.  For the Wedding Doll, Dower and Hall, designers of exquisite British jewelry, were inspired by the original tiara.


Engagement ring:  We all know that  Kate Middleton’s  received an 18ct sapphire and diamond engagement ring from William , which was originally given to Princess Diana, William’s Mother, by Prince Charles.  Upon her death, Diana left the ring to her son, William.    For the Wedding Doll, Babbette Wasserman, acclaimed British Jewelry Designer, created  used a replica purple  Amethyst for the central stone surrounded by 24 diamante cubic zirconias.


Bridal bouquet: Shane Connolly was the designer of Princess Katherine’s Wedding bouquet which included myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet william (as a nod to her husband-to-be)  and hyacinth.  For the Princess Catherine Wedding Doll, British Florist  Judith Blacklock was the designer.


‘Something Blue’ knickers: While the designer of the actual Wedding Lingerie remains a much talked about secret–and we wouldn’t dare post such a picture here,  Gilda & Pearl created the  vintage-inspired knickers for the  Princess Catherine Wedding Doll.


Shoes: Sara Barton for Alexander McQueen designed custom wedding shoes for Kate Middleton’s wedding day .  For the Wedding Doll,  luxury British shoe designer Aruna Seth has designed the shoes she would have preferred to see the princess wear had she been the Royal Wedding shoe designer.  Fit for a princess, replica crystal-embellished sling backs,  were the finishing touch that Aruna Seth added to the doll.

You can find the Princess Catherine Wedding Doll along with her groom  at Harrods and

Blog Note:  The chief Blonde posted this information for her readers no compensation was provided.

Check out all our news on Kate and William

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