Stuff I don’t need to see: Bagelheads, Health Aspects

Bagelheads 2

Bagelheads, Body Modification,  without a Cutting Edge? Yes, you are seeing it right.  Women over 45 and (our younger friends),  these fine upstanding youngsters  pictured are fondly called Bagelheads.  These uber-happening youths are part of a underground Body Modification scene  (Body-Mod)  … [Read more...]

FLASH FOLLOW EVENT GIVEAWAY Aug. 26! New Giveaway Every hour!

The Day that just keeps giving

WANT TO WIN SOME PRIZES?  HOURLY? The Day That Just Keeps Giving! Looking for some Friday Fun?  Tomorrow,  August 26th, we will be having a Flash Follow event!  You can head over to  Giveaway Blogdom, or Heavenly Savings to enter! 20 blogs have partnered to … [Read more...]

Kate Middleton Wedding Doll

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

British Designers are  featured on the NEW Wedding Doll of  Princess Catherine (Kate Middleton) The toy company, Arklu, who presented the  behind the highly acclaimed Princess Kate Middleton Engagement Doll... has launched a Princess Kate Middleton Wedding Doll. Is the newest doll … [Read more...]

Triberr Chief: Let Tribe members choose their settings Manual versus Automatic

This is my current philosophy as Chief of my Mixed interest Triberr tribe My  current tribe is a handful of fashion, some Mommy bloggers, some craft blogs, and some review bloggers. The thing about being in a "mixed" tribe is that you have different interests so you will not always want to tweet … [Read more...]

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers

Button Spa4Ma2

Want Get your Closet Organized like a Spa and Relax at the Same Time?   .. Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers Clean It Up! Set 72-pack ($72.00) & Joy Mangano Comfort and Joy Luxury Robe ($79.80) Once again, we have some great Prizes by Joy Mangano for HSN!  Joy is a luscious Woman over … [Read more...]

Template Example Pitch Letters, How to Pitch your Blog

Example Pitch Letters

Contacting and Pitching to PR (Public Relation) Firms and Companies  can be Tricky Here are 3 example Pitch Letters that you can use when pitching to PR companies.  These template will  help you better formulate a template for your own letters: Example Pitch Letter #1 --Pitching for an … [Read more...]

Dei Fratelli Tomato Products Gift Basket Review


What's better than a Basketful of Goodness? A Basketful of Dei Fratelli Tomato Products! At Dei Fratelli--the key ingredient is family!  Four generations of family love goes into each of their products! They believe YOU put that level of attention into the meals that you prepare for your family! … [Read more...]