Stuff I Don’t Need to See: Hillary Clinton in a Scrunchie?

Do Secretary of States and Former first Ladies wear Hair Scrunchies?



















I am not a huge fan of Secretary of State and Former First Lady, Hillary Clinton.  However, in this particular picture, I think she looks quite pretty!


A White Hair Scrunchie?  EWWWWW!!!

Are we living in the 80’s?


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  1. khariemendoza says

    I only wear scrunchies when I’m at home. By the way, I like her suit and she’s pretty even she has scrunchies in her hair. :)

  2. says

    Ok…nobody told me scrunchies went out of style. I have one in right now. I will admit…I don’t wear them if I’m dressed nice.

  3. Heather! says

    I wear scrunchies all the time! They’re better for your hair than regular ponytail holders and many other accessories to pull your hair back. I won’t wear the really big fluffy kind, but I do wear the smaller, less obtrusive kind a lot, especially to hold a messy bun. I honestly don’t get what the big deal is. I wouldn’t wear it when I’m dressed up, and won’t wear them to work (though I do keep one in my bag…just in case!), so I do agree that it doesn’t work on Hillary Clinton. But wow…who wrote these rules and where are they posted?!

    • says

      Heather–No rules, just the passing of time. Read the comments! A lot of people are in your camp. I had no idea that the scrunchie could create such debate. Lots of fun. THanks so much for your comments! The chief Blonde!

  4. says

    I definitely do not think a scrunchy should be in the possession of a SOS, period. Come on, folks. She’s a millionaire. This is silliness. When I worked at a prosecutor’s office, it would have been completely inappropriate for one of the prosecutors to wear a scrunchy. When you’re working out, sure. In the shower, or going to bed, OK. When you’re representing the US? Yeah, don’t think so. It also doesn’t go with a $1,000 suit. Sheesh.

  5. says

    LOL! Needed a good laugh tonite! My 19 year old daughter doesn’t even wear scrunchies anymore. Maybe when she doesn’t want to get her hair wet in the shower, but never in public. Wait…maybe Hillary came straight from her (or his) shower. NOT nice, sorry!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Rachel C says

    Yes, there’s a difference between clear ponytail holders and scrunchies. Scrunchies should not even exist anymore.

  7. says

    They make these wonderful things called ponytail holders. They sell them at Target and they’re rather cheap.

    Scrunchies are for when you’re dressed like a slob. Not when you’re wearing nice clothes.

  8. says

    OMG No Do Not Where Scrunchies when you are out of your teens and for sure not in your 40’s! Hilary pick up Glamour or In Style Magazine and update that look :-) She does look quite natural though!

  9. Christina UK says

    …Who exactly was it that decided older women should be limited in their clothing ,hair etc?
    My own inner modesty allows me to decide for myself…I know if I’m trying to be mutton dressed as lamb, don’t you feel Hilary does too? It’s a hair scrunchy for goodness sake!

  10. says

    I don’t think anyone with an age that starts with “2” should be wearing scrunchies when dressed up. I wear them to the gym (If I have nothing else) but I don’t even wear them to the hospital where I do have to wear my hair up. I pin it up, who wants their nurse to look like she is trying to be 12. It’s just not a professional look and TOTALLY throws off a surprisingly nice outfit. Hilary is usually a fashion “don’t” with outfits, this time it was the hair

  11. says

    Oh no she didn’t! Ha for some reason this reminds me of the Sex and the City episode about the scrunchie. Carrie got mad at Burger for saying that New Yorkers wear scrunchies. She said true New Yorkers don’t!

    Now isn’t Mrs. Clinton living in New York? But oh, she isn’t a true New Yorker!

    She has always had wardrobe issues!


  12. Linda Kish says

    She does look pretty. I wear scrunchies but usually just to put my hair on top of my head when I sleep. But what am I supposed to use for my far too long hair at my advanced age? I usually have a ponytail which is really not age-appropriate for me. But, I am not ready to go with short hair either. I will cut it once it is long enough to donate again. My DIL asked if I will get an old lady perm…

  13. anne hill says

    it looks like they do wear scrunchies! who knew? i like her blouse. she looks pretty – more so than in her usual navy blue pant suit.